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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Tanwyn grimaces at Kelnyn’s attempt to do… something. Admittedly these aren’t knights, but that makes a mockery of combat between two individuals.

Although the same could be said for the falconry contest; hardly a proper way to fly hawks and a rather stupid way to risk ruining the birds. If she wins this contest she promises to give Balen a harsh word about that.


Whilst we await for Will to tell me how badly I fell on my backside, I will publicly declare I went for exchange blows.


I don’t think you fell at all, but as Tanwyn thought, it just came across as highly inappropriate and incredibly disrespectful.


Lady Stefana looks on at Lady Kelnyn’s awkward display. And for a moment is taken aback by it. She thinks to herself: She makes a mockery of me, the event, and herself… What on earth is she trying to do?

She then remembers she is in a fight and tries to recover her focus and strike at Lady Kelnyn, but does not throw her full strength into it as she had with Sir Tanwyn. (Exchange blows and pulling back for further reduced damage?)


Lady Stefana Spear 9
d20: 20


:woman_facepalming: ( I knew I should have gone to bed and waited till morning…)

Lady Kelnyn’s awkward display completely throws her for a loop and she completely misses her opponent driving the spear into the ground and snapping it in half in the process, completely leaving herself vulnerable to Lady Kelnyn’s attack…

(I think that would work on a fumble?)


(The spear definitely breaks with a fumble)


Lady Kelnyn spear vs 9 d20: 13


A miss!


Kelnyn pauses.

“I will wait for your axe my lady.”


Whatever annoyances Lady Stefana had been feeling about Lady Kelnyn fade away at the gesture. Slightly red-faced with embarrassment for missing her target so profoundly, she replies, “Thank you. That is kind of you to allow that…”

She walks over to the edge of the arena where there is a squire holding her axe and, almost in anticipation she would break her weapon, a fresh rebated spear. Lady Stefana takes the spear in hand and returns to her position and says with a polite smile, “In return for your kindness, I will continue with the spear. Besides, it would be unfair to change weapons in the middle of a fight. I am ready to continue when you are…”

(PM sent to Will.)


I have both declarations!


Lady Stefana readies herself and prepares to exchange blows with her opponent, spear in hand… (Exchange Blows, Blow pulled).

Spear 9
d20: 8


Want to roll damage as well?


And as time slows down, Kelnyn moves forward, seeking to use her opponents embarrassment as an advantage, bringing her spear over her own head and charging with all of her might, putting danger aside to launch a relentless, uncontrolled attack.

Surely now is her time…


Lady Stefana
5d6: 5 + 3 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 15 damage: halved for rebate and halved for pulled blow


Let’s play out the entire round, but one of you has just been bloodied


Kelnyn vs spear 19 d20: 7


(Is this a knockdown?)


(Sorry to be daft, but was my first roll the undefended attack and the second roll is my “exchange blows”?
Also, does knockdown come before or after the rebate and pulled blow? Just asking for future knowledge.)