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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2



(Where in the hell where these low dice rolls when I needed them in the Cross Country event!)

I assume @Scribbs rolls for damage?


Tanwyn rolling damage
4d6: 3 + 6 + 2 + 1 = 12 halved; needs to be greater than 6 as Stefana made a partial success so gets her shield


Not sufficient to hurt or cause a knockdown.


Lady Stefana’s blow glances lightly off of Sir Tanwyn’s shield barely making an impact. However, the blow from Sir Tanwyn squarely strikes Lady Stefana’s shield. The impact is forceful, but does not cause any injury and prevents the blow from landing.

Lady Stefana smiles broadly and thinks to herself, Yes, indeed this is going to be a good bout!

(PM sent to Will for Round Three.)


Tanwyn presses the attack.
(Exchange blows again)
d20: 16 vs 15


Lady Stefana readies herself as she senses a certain level of eagerness from Sir Tanwyn. She sees the strike coming in and tries to land one of her own… (Exchange blows again as well.)

Spear 9
d20: 1


That’s a win for Stefana; no partial success for Tanwyn, so no armour.
Roll that damage.


Lady Stefana’s blow deals…

5d6: 6 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 5 = 21 damage


(Divided in half… Ouch… 11 damage… Sorry!)


(Nope, those be the rules!)
d20: 6 vs DEX16 for knockdown


Tanwyn just about keeps her feet after taking a very clumsy but mighty whack from Stefana.

d20: 15 vs 14 First Aid;
d3: 2 if required


Seeing the spear on display, Kelnyn calls for her own. Stefana seems a worthy opponent.


Tanwyn cedes the bout with a nod of respect to Lady Stefana. Inwardly she is embarrassed to have been beaten by an inferior fighter, and to such a poor strike as well. Although she does hit like a mule Tanwyn mentally concedes, the stinging wound causing her to wince as she flexes her sword arm to assess the damage.


Lady Stefana tried to anticipate Tanwyn’s movements and got a lucky hit in, albeit with a bit more force than she thought she exerted. She dodged Tanwyn’s blow, but only just.

Lady Stefana afterwards approach’s Sir Tanwyn and see if she is OK and shares a private word.


( @RossM does Kelnyn want to fight Stefana or the Mystery entrant next?)


Stefana is fine!


Stefana cleans off her spear and approaches the arena seeing that Lady Kelnyn is ready to fight. She looks at her opponent and then at her axe, but choosing to leave it behind.

She enters the arena with spear and shield in hand. Holding her shield close the her and using her spear to balance her, she courtesies to Lady Kelnyn and says, “We may be fighting with weapons, but we still are Ladies of the court… And the spear is an elegant weapon, is it not? In consideration of the damage inflicted upon Sir Tanwyn, I will be holding back my full strength, as you have been injured previously and this is not a contest to maim but of skill. Choose to do so yourself only of your our volition…”

(PM sent)


Kelnyn ignores her opponents kindness, dancing into the ring with spear and shield in an attempt to turn the tide of public opinion…


Dancing vs 15 d20: 20