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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Lady Stefana shares only one common attribute with the Saxons, her size - but apart from that, she is very clearly not a Saxon.


((I thought it was a fair attempt to articulate how someone with a very high Hate (Saxons) passion might react to the size and axe combination - that level of Hate doesn’t necessarily require rationality. Anyway, I’m ready to reveal declarations when Ullin is))


Sensing a level of discomfort, in an effort to put her competitor at ease, Lady Stefana makes a magnanimous gesture, “Would you prefer me to use the spear? I will put the choice up to you.”


“Sometimes we tread an edge with our passions, especially those we feel strongly about.” Tanwayn shrugs in an unconcerned manner. “Use whatever weapon you favour best. I will not take a cheap advantage over you by demanding you use one or the other.”


For her to make the choice…
Valorous: 18
d20: 12
Something starts with S: 16
d20: 14
Something starts with C: 5
d20: 1


(Well, that muddied the waters…)

Lady Stefana walks to the edge of the arena, sets down the axe and picks up the spear. When she comes back she replies, “I prefer a challenge anyway… Also, if I beat you using my weaker skills. It will be more impressive to the judges…”

She circles around Sir Tanwayn, keeping her guard up and seeing if she can get an idea of the knight’s skill, looking for an openning…

(First Round: Defensive)


Lady Stefana:

Spear Expertise 9 +10 defensive=19
d20: 2




Well Tanwyn’s declaration was a feint (pending GM permission)

Tanwyn locks eyes with Stefana, staring up at her much taller opponent. Being somewhat small, she remembers Jiam drilling her on the dangers of fighting a taller opponent, since the vast majority of anyone she faces in combat will have a height advantage.

The taller fighter has longer arms, which equates to a longer reach, thus can strike before a shorter fighter can get in range. The bigger the foe, the more they are used to exploiting this, and using their size to intimidate a smaller fighter. They expect smaller fighters to try and keep back and be wary of their greater reach.

But the longer arms mean they are less effective at fighting someone up close…

Tanwyn fakes a backward step to draw Stefana forward, then quickly springs at her, hoping to surprise her and to get within her guard.


(That would be opposed DEX rolls for either an unopposed attack or an advantage next round if Will permits the move).


Yep, allowed - essentially Tanwin has declared an evasion - hence the DEX roll combined with a move to a position of advantage, one Stefana cannot react too in time because the movement happens this round, and Stefana did not declare a movement.

We’ve developed a shorthand to describe this very specific combined action, which hasn’t been used often, hence the protracted explanation, we have been referring to it as a feint, but it is not a house rule, simply vanilla.

if Tanwyn wins the opposed DEX then she gets a +5 to her attack next round while imposing a -5 to Stefana. However because this is a combined action, she takes a -5 penalty to her DEX roll while giving Stefana a +5 bonus - high risk, high reward.

If she does not win the DEX roll, then Stefana’s attack would be unopposed, however, Stefana went defensive, so no attack to go through.


Tanwyn rolling DEX 16 -5
d20: 16 vs 11


(( Oooh… the second worst roll it could have been! ))


(Oh for the shame of negative modifiers!)


No need for Stefana to roll, a fumble is the same as a fail for the character being evaded, so can only draw at worst… next round please!


Stefana going on the defensive foiled Tanwyn’s ploy, which relied on the other fighter wanting to attack. She plants her feet and grins wolfishly at the Lady.


Lady Stefana grins back and thinks to herself: Perhaps this is going to be a good bout after all!

(PM sent to Will)


Tanwyn chooses to exchange blows
d20: 7 vs 15 Sword


Lady Kelnyn emerges.

“I am ready for round 2.”


Lady Stefana Grits her teeth and watches Sir Tanwyn movements. Before, she unsuccessfully tried to outmanoeuvre the Lady, but now appears to go for a strike. Lady Stefana returns in kind and tries to strike Sir Tanwyn before she can land a blow against her. (Exchange blows as well…)

Spear 9
d20: 1