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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(I am torn as which way to go; so, I am going to live dangerously and have The Dice Roller choose…)

Merrick will: d3: 1


(Funny… that is what Shades said I should do!)

“Ahhh, see, a piece of sage wisdom! Clearly, I should spend some more time in your company, so I avoid making a complete fool of myself!” Merrick motions to the other squire and tells him to get some wine.

He spends the time speaking with Lady Sebrina sipping on wine and pointing out various Ladies of the court and asking her of her opinion of them and seeing what she has to say. Whenever she says something positive about the Lady in question, he tries to spin it around to compliment her instead in an attempt to flirt with her.


Merrick Flirt 15 with Lady Sebrina:
d20: 6


Strange, no matter who Sir Merrick points out, Lady Sebrina thinks he can easily do better! (She Flirts Back)


(Huh, imagine that! He gets a flirt back without being drunk… He is bucking against Family Tradition!)


I’m pretty sure we’re ready for the last round?

If so, the Earl takes his place on his chair and one by one, petitioners make their family and love related requests, while the servants bring mugs of mead to the guests


(Would now be the time to bring the Earl his gift from Owain?)


It would be the perfect time!


Then that will be Owain’s action for the Round.


Sir Elad takes Owain’s ‘request’ - or not in this case - in advance, so as to ensure the Earl doesn’t have to embarrass any knight by turning him down in public, though none of the Ladies requesting betrothal to young Robert are screened out, though the Earl denies all of their requests and the boy’s face glows red and he doesn’t know where to look.

Next up is Owain!


Owain will bow low to Earl Roderick. “My Lord, you did me a great service this last year, standing by me at no little risk to your position. As a small measure of my gratitude, please accept this gift.” He passes over the documents written and illustrated by Friar Budic.

“These are maps and notes pertaining to Terrabil Castle. Although the castle is currently held by Logres, it was not so long ago we were encamped outside the walls. By documenting the design of the fortifications, we may gain an advantage if ever we have to participate in a siege at that castle, knowing the weaknesses and strengths as both a defender and an attacker. Also, there maybe lessons we can learn to help improve the defences here at Sarum."

"There are also records of the armour that has been designed according to the knowledge passed on by Sir Angaz. I have yet to ascertain whether this design is any better than our current mail, but these notes will help to capture and secure this knowledge.“

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The Earl stands and claps his hands “Sir Owain, this is priceless! Thank-you!”

Owain, you find yourself invited often to Sarum Castle to dine with the Earl so you can discuss the findings, the Earl is particularly interested in ridding Salisbury’s castles of it’s wooden gatehouse foundations in favour of stone.


Ryia steps up and kneels before Earl Roderick.

“A training sword for Robert. I hope you’ll excuse me bringing a gift for your son Earl Roderick, but I’ve spent so much time with my nieces lately I felt like he deserved something for making it through his paging so young. It can be sharpened once he’s ready to wield it in battle but will serve for now.”

Her eyes dance with mirth as she adds, “I won’t ask for his hand in marriage this year. But I understand why the Ladies of court are unable to resist themselves.”

She rises and kisses the boy on the cheek, finally laughing aloud as he manages to turn a deeper shade of red.


The Earl delights in the gentle teasing of his son, but thanks Ryia for her gift, handing it to Robert.

(( You and Owain can both roll courtesy, no repercussions for failures or fumbles, but a tick for passing as usual at feasts ))


What does Merrick do in this final round of the feast? Does he have a request, or is it cards, flirting, gaming, gossip or indulging?


Ryia courtesy d20: 5 vs 10 + 3


Owain rolling Courtesy
d20: 10 vs 11 +6 Geniality (?)


(Oh, he has a one track mind. Final Round is Flirt.)

As the Ladies line up and ask to be betrothed to the Earl’s son, Merrick leans over to Lady Sebrina with a full mug of mead and quietly asks, “Do you have any requests you wish to make of the Earl? Or am I free to make my request?”

Without waiting for a response he whispers in her ear, “The only request I have to make this evening is to you… I would like to speak with you more, but somewhere more private…”

He knows he is pushing his luck and mentally prepares for the inevitable slap in the face…
Flirt 15
d20: 6


That’s going to be a courtesy roll for Merrick, no need for any further flirting - which is as far as letting someone know you are interested - she knows! - but courtesy is the one to put words to action in this case. The 6 stands bu it’s against courtesy, let us know if that’s a pass!


(Ahhh man, I did not realize that. Would have played things a little differently if I would have known it was going to be vs Courtesy… Would have definitely tried to eke in an additional point with the Glory modifier w/ RP. But, alas, here comes the slap in the face!)

:man_facepalming: Merrick: Courtesy 5 vs 6 (The Dice Roller knew all along it was going to be vs Courtesy!)