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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Let’s introduce a third Lady who has always desired to become a knight shall we - what could it mean?

Balen, you are toasting Lady Stefana, who wears armour and carries a sword, and none dare take it from her, for it is rumoured she is more giant than Saxon. It’s her birthday!


Balens orate is 5. +3 for geniality.




Balen is always willing to share a drink, and one with a woman of his own stature is always an honour.

“The lady Stefana! Never distracted from our lifelong duty to defend Salisbury. May we all get our chance to prove our mettle!”

Orate vs 8 d20: 10


(Totally forgot to rp in the glory bonus! Oops! No take backs.)


In this instance, Lady Stefana has never been impressed by courtly manners and she rolls her eyes as you do your best to stick to etiquette!


Ryia glances around the room, so much ego in one place. She has her own reasons for attending today’s festivities and confident there are few who know her, she begins to gather information on anything that sounds interesting. The previous round of drinks she passed out gave her insight on some conversations which might bear fruit more than others, and she works her way onto their chat or within hearing.

Intrigue d20: 7 vs 10 + 2 geniality


Was there any intrigue in particular that Sir Ryia is interested in?


She’s specifically looking for embarrassing or scandalous information of anyone important. I’ll allow you to decide what important means.


In that case, Ryia hears that Octa and Eosa have marched South, back into Malahaut, and the Centurian King was so weak that he did not oppose them. They sit in the South of Malahaut, but they do not even bother to defend against the knights of Eburacum who are so scared they are of the Saxon army thanks to their weakened state. The Saxons eye Logres. War torn Malahaut is slim pickings.


(Always the sunny outlook from @SleepyWill)


(( Summer is coming? ))


This is what I get for going after the difficult ones… I should really go easier on myself! Merrick thinks as he regards the remains of his 1L ceramic mug, It does not help to have drunk so much so soon… Perhaps, I have approached this the wrong way… It has been a long while since I have been in a court setting…

After finishing off his drink, he motions to his squire, Crendor. He hands off his mug, straightens himself up, and bows slightly saying, “I must apologize, where are my manners! I forgot to properly introduce myself… I am Sir Merrick, brother to Sir Ullin who holds our family home at Burcombe. But, you may have already guessed or known that… It has been a long time since I have been to court and I am truly rusty. As a squire, we rarely left the lands along the Ambrosius Dike and probably the farthest south ventured the last several years, until my temporary posting at Foxcotte, was Collingbourne Wood. As a second son, I always figured a short life on the battlefield was in store for me, so I did not spend much time studying up on who was who. Perhaps, under your tutelage, I might become more presentable in court…”

Straightening up and turning more serious he continues, “You are quite right, the commoners will never be knights, but the fact we have to bolster our numbers with them is a sad state of affairs for Salisbury and Logres. If we lose many more knights of noble blood, who knows what we will have to resort to next.”

Pausing briefly he softens up his posture and asks, “If you are willing, maybe we could engage in our first lesson? Would you care to dance? Perhaps we can discover if I have forgotten how to in all these years away from the court?”

(Sorry for the delay. Round 3 action Dancing. Oops, totally missed this post!)


She laughs in a good natured way “You need a good drink! I don’t want to dance whist they are playing with their falcons, you don’t want to know what drops from the sky landing on your clothes whilst they fly, trust me! Come, pour me a wine, and yourself one too, then you can point out which lady has taken your fancy the most and I shall use my wiles to snare her for you, after that is, she’s passed my approval.”

(( Activities at a feast are: Drawing a card, Gaming, Indulging, Flirting, Gossiping or any special activity I have said is taking place that round - last round the activity was dancing, but this round it is falconry. She has asked if you and her can indulge, or maybe it was an invitation to more flirting, I’ll leave that up to you! ))


(When choosing to Indulge, I roll against Temperant or Indulgent, and on a fumble, end up getting drunk. What happens if you just fail the roll? This is an option which I don’t think we have really played much…)


That depends on whether you choose temperate or indulgent:


Crit - Tick to Temperate
Success - Tick to Temperate
Fail - Nothing
Fumble - Roll on the Drunkenness Table


Crit - Tick to Indulgence
Success - Tick to Indulgence
Fail - Roll on the Drunkenness Table
Fumble - Roll on the Drunkenness Table

Reminder that rolling on the drunkenness table can be a very good thing, or a very bad thing, depending on what you want to do at the feast!


(Being drunk helps with Flirting right?)


Flirting, Orate, Reckless, Lustful, Indulgent and Valorous all get +5, everything else gets -5.

Roaring drunk (Critical on the drunkenness table) gets you +10 to Lustful, Reckless, Indulgent and Valorous, -10 to everything else,

But also, a fumble means you don’t have to roll one for the rest of the feast, meaning you can take part in other activities without risking being drunk later in the feast.


(Also, I believe you have to roll Energetic if you are below 16 in that trait ever round after becoming roaring drunk, correct?)


Correct, drunk and roaring drunk to see if you sober up or pass out - if your lazy is above 16, you automatically pass out!