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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


She laughs, “Coming to Salisbury, Sir, I know you don’t spend much time in court but surely you know Salisbury’s nobility? Besides which the commoner squires you mentioned will never be knighted, their mercantile fathers paid for them to page and now have paid for them to squire, but their blood is not noble, only their money keeps them where they are right now. They will almost all become esquires, but it keeps the peace to give them that. I will never be a knight, how could I? While the pages were learning to care for armour, I learnt to apply makeup. While the squires were learning swordplay and war, I learnt to speak to a gentleman such that I don’t make him feel inferior, a skill I never did master” she winks.

“No, I shall never be a knight, no matter where I travel, unless you would have one who has never worn armour or held a sword standing shoulder to shoulder against the Saxons with you. I think long before we train together, we should train up your skills in court otherwise how will you impress any ladies who might catch your eye?”


Let’s move on to round 3:

A flight of birds is released, most amusingly from a fake pie and hawks are sent to hunt them. Meanwhile, Jellied eels, venison in frumenty and meats with mustard are served


Let’s try and gain a bit more geniality for next round. Cards for Owain please.


Cards for Balen please (Who is now at 4 geniality?) 2d154: 85 + 25 = 110


Yes, Balen is at 4, Owain is on 3, Ryia is on 2 and Merrick is on 0.

Balen’s Cards:

Owain, I need your rolls for cards please


Drink and manners, the theme of this feast it seems!


3d154: 63 + 104 + 22 = 189 for Owain’s cards

(Isn’t Balen also on 3 geniality?
2 for each Round; 1 gained in Round 1; net of 0 in Round 2 for failing the roll?)


Yep, Balen is on 3, you’re correct, I forgot the deduction!

Owain’s Cards:


Great Deeds
d20: 13 vs 9 Modest
d20: 5 vs 11 Proud


d20: 15 vs 10 Orate (does Geniality add to Orate skill? If so, roll is vs 13)


It does count yes, but didn’t help on this occasion!


Oh well, no extra Glory, but no fumble and loss of Genialty either.

Owain’s story of his fight with the manticore fails to impress. A lot of the young knights have no idea who Sir Angaz is, and the fact that the manticore wasn’t killed is disappointing. (What they really wanted was a first hand account of Merlin’s kidnapping of the Prince…)


Did I not gain one geniality for drawing the card that then led me to a loss of one geniality?


Yep - In Round 1 you got:

+1 Seating
+0 Drawing More Drink
+0 Drawing A Faux Pas
+1 Card Result Cruel Wins

In Round 2 you got:

+1 Seating
+1 Drawing Insult to a Lady
+0 Drawing Insult to a Serving Girl
-1 Result of card

= 1 +1 +1 +1 -1 = 3


Balen will go for sip of one please.

(What was the decision on adding glory modifiers to courtly skills in feasts?)


If you roleplay it, and ask (because I will forget :confused:) then you can have it, but if you don’t roleplay it, you don’t get it!


Who is Balen toasting?


Ryia (we’ll try for 1 final card I guess) d154: 36


Actually, I’d like to cancel that if possible. It’s fine if I have to keep it.


I’m reasonably sure you don’t know how I’ve ordered the cards, :wink: go ahead and ret con that!