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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


In the background a knight can be heard spluttering, Sir De whacks Sir Much very hard on the back…

Balen pauses.

“I’m sorry? That family?”


(I imagine the musicians stalling to a halt, and everyone turning to watch…)


Ryia slumps into her chair and takes a long drink as she resigns herself to the fact that this fight is inevitable.


Sir Merrick, at that moment, realizes Lady Sebrina is distracted by something closer to the dais. The musicians have stopped playing and tension fills the hall. He turns around to see a group gathering around two knights who seem to be having a disagreement.

“But… Perhaps first though, we try and get closer to see what the fuss is all about? Only if you want to of course.”


“Yes. That family.” She says with venom in her voice. “The family that cost my brother his life on the beaches of Pevensey. Only you lot could grasp a failure from the jaws of a successful campaign, and who paid the price? My brother, and many other young knights like him.”


“That Family.”

“That family who leads from the front, that stood alongside all those on that beach, who paid for those who were ransomed, that stood toe to toe with the elite of Octas army, that furnished our King with the wine he used to mourn his child, to furnish him with the sword he smites the Saxons with.”

He turns.

“A family who never walks away from a battle half won. Not something you would understand.”


(I’ve already got a tick to cruel.)


“Reparations for those taken hostage” she half laughs, and half cries. “Maybe for those who came to you and begged, but did you actually seek any family out who lost someone that day, to see if you could help? No. Or maybe we just slipped your minds. Never you mind it, Sir, you can repay us, tomorrow, noon. Let the Gods and skill in combat decide who is in the right of it. First blood. If I win, your family shall pay the expenses I was burdened with.”


Balen nods.



The band starts playing again


(Indulgent tests for Balen and Merrick, then Round 3?)


Indulgent vs 7 for Balen d20: 13


Balen wishes to keep his head clear for tomorrow’s adventure…


New thing I’ve learnt…

You can’t quote the post directly above you.




… if you created both posts…


(Kinda curious about my Intrigue pass as well… for my Round 2 action)
Indulgent 7
d20: 14


“Well… that was interesting…” Merrick states, focusing his attention back towards Lady Sebrina.

He notices another round of drink making its way around the room. He says to the servant when offered more ale, “No, thank you… I am too interested in what the Lady has to say to be bothered with more drink at the present…”

(Shocking, was for sure that was going to be a Crit…)


“Well” she starts “I am myself! There’s nothing much more to it. I have no brothers or sisters, and so I thought it only natural I could become a knight as yourself.” she motions to her short hair “I was never really very ladylike, but my father is very traditional. He doesn’t approve of women fighting. Don’t worry, I long forgave him, there is really no cause in arguing once it’s too late.”


“Very wise and perceptive of you going to where the demand is. Must be widely known news Salisbury is short on knights… We have even had to start recruiting from the commoners,” Merrick gestures towards his newest squire, “Personally, I have no issues with female knights. As a squire I had encountered several more than capable wielding a spear or sword; and besides, I have a cousin who would beat me bloody if I thought otherwise! Currently, I am looking after some of her lands while she is at the King’s most recently captured prize, Terrabil. You should stop by sometime, it is quite the place, just on the other side of the border in Silchester.”

“How long have you been in Salisbury, and where do you call home? Maybe sometime we could train together.”