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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“Sir Balen, nice of you to join our private family conversation.” Sir Bersaba glares at him “and if you heard my sister’s foolishness, you would have a sharp tongue too. The fool thinks to steal arms and armour and run off to fight the Saxons in Malahaut, so desperate she is to be the knight she has not the skill or dedication to be.”

Lady Kelnyn tries to speak but is shushed by her sister “You’ll speak when I allow it!”


(I cannot remember. Am I allowed a response or would that be a second round action?)


Yes, you can respond, it’s a good hour of flirting! Normally I limit it to just a few representative sentences for brevity, but feel free to add more, or save if for a future round, whatever you prefer!


Raising an eyebrow at Lady Sebrina, Merrick pretends to give himself a quick sniff and chuckles jokingly, “Well, it is a good thing I am not one of those knights. But only a fair Lady, such as yourself, can be the true judge of that… Hopefully, I am presentable enough to stay in your company?”

He flashes her his most charming smile while giving her a slight bow.

If this does not put her off, he spends the rest of the course commenting her and listening to what she has to say…

(If I wanted to know any details about her, that would be a round of intrigue, correct?)


Anything that she doesn’t want to tell you, yes!


(Before I forget, Owain’s Indulgent test from Riya’s card)
d20: 15 vs 8


(Before I do my Round 2 action and get Merrick hammered, as is the tradition with his family; is it possible to get a little background on Lady Sebrina to know if Merrick is going to stick around or move on? :grinning: )


Give me a recognise roll, -5 as she is not a knight


Merrick Recognise 10 -5=5
d20: 6




She comes from a wealthy family, but because they do not live in Salisbury, you do not know any more.


Balen looks around. “And yet here we stand drafting commoners as squires our numbers are so thin. If the lady wishes to talk to me, I see no reason why you should stop her.”


“Sir Balen, I am not seeing a compelling reason why I should allow her to speak with you, Good day Sir.”


“And I see no compelling reason why you should control her tongue.”


The knights around you start to pay attention, Balen has just espoused some seriously barbaric ideals.

“Since the death of my father, Sir Balen, I am head of my family. Now, for the last time, take your dishonourable behaviour away with you and leave me to continue my private conversation with my sister. Good. Day.”


(I think I’ve pushed enough to accommodate the honour faliure.)

Balen shrugs and turns to walk away…


Ryia, seeing tensions rise, brings around another round of drinks for the entire table, placing them down with a smile and saying, “Boys, boys, this is a feast for our Earl let’s try to put our differences aside shall we?”


Round 2 (Now I am officially caught back up!) Gossip!

A small smirk crosses his face as they flirt. Merrick is curious to learn more about Lady Sebrina. He can tell by how she is dressed, she is from a well to do family. He thinks she looks familiar for some reason, but cannot put his finger on it. He wonders to himself: If she was from Salisbury… I would know more about her and who she is… Clearly, she is from somewhere else… I wonder where… She is an enigma to him and his curiosity is piqued.

“Forgive my forwardness, and hopefully this does not disrupt our conversation… but do you mind telling me more about yourself? Someone as beautiful and alluring as yourself, must be very interesting…”

Intrigue 10
d20: 1


(Oh, I know.)


“Don’t you go giving him mooneyes” she continues to berate her sister “You think I’d ever let you marry into that family…”