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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(I forget do we rule this as everyone must roll or only those 16+?)


All players have to roll, the mandatory instruction is saying that if Ryia was drawing more than one card, she would have to play this one if her indulgent was 16+


(Ah, I’ll let Balen choose first for reasons :^) )


Oh. Balen is going to stand up for a lady. Unless a knight wishes to duel him…


(Damn, well, I’ll roll then)

Ryia indulgent d20: 3 vs 10


Balen vs honour 15 d20: 17


(I assume somewhere in the background Sir Much suddenly has a flashback to Sir Balen standing at the end of Linsey and pours himself another large drink.)


Ooo, you should add Lady Vivien (23) to this list.


I should imagine she picked up a fair few admirers in her travels this year!


Balen, Sir Bersaba is chastising her sister, Lady Kelnyn. “You know why you’ll never be a knight” you overhear her saying “It’s because wanting to be a knight isn’t enough, father said that only one of us could be and I worked hard whilst you would daydream. Well, now you’re a lady and a useless one at that!”


(If dancing is the entertainment, can Owain just join in as an alternative action?)


Of course! Generally if I mention an event for the round, it’s because it’s an additional option - go ahead and make a dance roll


(Sorry, was busy. Hangover from Round One!)

Merrick looks around the hall. His prospects rather low being seated where he is, he thinks to himself: Well, might as well give it a shot. Don’t know if you don’t ask… He lifts his ceramic mug and drains it.

He stands up, grabs a glass of wine, and approaches Lady Sebrina who is not far away. He speaks to her in a honeyed and confident tone, offering her a glass of wine, “Clearly, a vision such as yourself has no business being seated so far from the dais; however, I do appreciate your radiance gracing us lesser known knights. But then again, some of the more interesting people tend to be seated farther away from the Earl…”

He aims to disarm her reserved attitude…

Flirt 15
d20: 11


Owain rolling against Dancing
d20: 5 vs 16 (+1 If geniality is also added)


Nope, it’s me who should apologise!

Lady Sebrina looks Sir Merrick up and down, and if anything seems a little put out by his approach, but he makes her smile despite herself and she retorts “Well, this may be true, but in my experience, only the most interestingly fragrant knights are seated so far from his Lordship, and his sensitive nose.”


Owain, a fine dance, and a tick to the skill!


Balen puts his hand on the table. “Sir, this is not the time or place for such a sharp tongue.”



Remember to pull your blows!


Uncontrolled attacks all the way


(Or not…)