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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Let us know who Merrick flirts with and go ahead and roll it!


(I am more than happy to invent a person, but just out of curiosity, are there any known NPC Ladies who have not been married off yet?)


Balen goes faux pas


The list is a decade out of date, if those eligible ladies aren’t married by now, so here’s a fresh one:

Lady Ellie, 24 who is interested in politics
Lady Calandra, 22 who everyone thinks is boring
Lady Sebrina, 20 who seems very reserved

Lady Vivien (Part of the @Abubu dynasty)


Balen vs merciful 11 d20: 16
Balen vs cruel 9 d20: 3


I’m starting to dislike this card…


Well, tell us who its out of place and who Balen is laughing with!


A young knight from Silchester, clearly very green behind the ears, (As are many knights this year.) He shares his pleasure with the other house knights of Salisbury.


Ryia constitution d20: 5 vs 14


(Is it +1 courtesy from being near the salt each turn?)


Geniality +1 near the salt, 0 below the salt.


Yes, your geniality bonus is per round


Feast Round 2!

Let me know what you spend the next hour doing, the entertainment is Dancing


How many rounds in total?


Four rounds total


Cards for Balen!

2d154: 72 + 72 = 144


Weird! rolling a spare d154: 71


Ryia will also draw once more d154: 97


Balen Cards:


Ryia Card:

(I sense a theme :wink: )