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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(Court is part of Winter phase yes?)

(Step 6.1 of the new flowchart)



Correct, yes


(Are we doing cards and everything?)


Yep - a Feast rather than just a feast.


(Hmm. Need to build up some courtesy bonuses. Balen has 3000 plus glory. That would be 2 cards?)


Yes. If I recall correctly, 1 card for over 1,000 Glory, 2 cards for over 2,000 and 3 cards for over 4,000.


After the games and festivities come to a close, Earl Roderick leads prayers and opens the feasting.

The first course is Custard with dried fruit, Stuffed Boar and Roasted Pigeon while musicians play favoured pagan festival songs to an upbeat melody.

How will you each occupy your time?


Cards for Owain please
3d154: 89 + 39 + 95 = 223


Owain’s Cards:


Christian Blessing - next year’s Winter Phase is going to be tough, so an extra £1 cannot be ignored!


(( Could you also all remind me of your Glory totals going in, thanks! ))


Owain is at 4280.


Balen at 3228

2d154: 93 + 128 = 221


Ryia is at 1428

She will draw a single card d154: 111


Merrick has 1180… But… There is a Chaste roll he has to pass in order to not flirt if I am not mistaken…

Chaste 4
d20: 8


(Lmao, oh, if that’s the case Cynian should have been doing that the whole time he had 16 lustful)


Rules from the first Feast with cards.

(I noticed it when I was trying to figure out what to do with the links in the top of the discussion thread. This new update shredded the appearance of it awfully… I honestly had forgotten about it because none of my knights had 16+ Lustful or Indulgent.)


Probably, yes, it’s only on the first round of the feast, so not so bad, same with Indulge and Indulgent


Balen’s Cards:

Ryia’s card: