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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2




Merrick Seating APP 10 +1=11
d20: 12


Since there have been some unfortunate mishaps at Tisbury this year ((because the dice roller hates me)), Owain cannot afford any new clothes, and the suit worn at the trial represents his best outfit. The new squire Kadylon has polished the agate pommel of Owian’s sword to an impressive gleam, so there is little in Owain’s outward appearance to show the difficulties of the winter. The young squire also carries a carefully wrapped present for the Earl, with Wella keeping a strict eye on his junior companion.

(App 10 + 5 suit + 2 sword = 17)

d20: 5 vs 17


Ryia spends £1 to purchase a new outfit and £1 to buy a training sword for the Earl’s son

d20: 8 vs 17app + 1 outfit

Cynian’s daughters in the chicken hunt

d20: 3 vs 13
d20: 10 vs 13

(also, glad the site is back up)


Oops forgot to do this as well

Cynian’s new daughter, Ysara survival roll
d20: 6

Edric’s son, Edwyn survival roll
d20: 20


So can Hogarth roll for young Alain?

d20: 10 vs 12


Balen APP 10 +1 (Cothing)

d20: 5


((Aside for Ullin (as he’s already said no), is anyone thinking of sending a knight to the Royal Court?))


I have Merrick below the salt, and all others close to the salt, pending your royal court answers, we are ready to begin!


(I was going to send Edric before the site went down, but he doesn’t have the funds to go haha)


Valens will head to the Royal Court, dressed in his Ordo robes. He carries a soft pouch containing of a pair of unset diamonds as a gift for Uther (cost £2).


None of my knights can afford to go


In that case, Valens, the King is barely seen or heard from at Royal Court, however, you are gifted 4 carved bone buttons by the Queen. They each depict a horse galloping, and thanks to the fine work they are worth 15s each, and count as jewellery to the value of £3.

Tell us the sort of thing you do at court, and make the corresponding courtly skill roll.


Since he is dressed in the colours of the Ordo, Valens seeks to act with decorum and try to use formal manners to impress the other guests, and hopefully win over some of them to his presence, allowing him to hear any news first hand.

As to what news in particular, Valens is somewhat surprised by the absence of the King and that the Queen is holding court instead. Bearing in mind the events with Merlin earlier in the year, he would have thought that the Queen would be the one retiring from the occasion, not Uther. He will listen for news as to why this might be, in addition to seeking any information on plans to combat the Saxons in the south. These incursions are likely forefront on the minds of Silchester knights.

(Going for Courtesy if allowed?)


Yep, courtesy is allowed!


d20: 14 vs Courtesy 15


No real news on the King or the Queen, not with a courteous approach but Duke Ulfius’ bodyguard tells Valens that “King Claudius of the Franks won a great battle last year against the Alemanni, his greatest opponents. He promised his wife and his Bishop that he would become Christian if he won, and now they are pressing to hold him to that promise”.

Furthermore, Valens learns from Sir Brastius that “Sir Angaz has been slain by the Questing Beast. He laid a trap that has been a decade in the making and it worked, only the beast slew him. King Pellinore has abandoned his kingdom in response, though he held not the Frog Knight dear to his heart, and has sworn an oath to pursue that creature to the ends of the Earth. It is as if he is under a spell of magic”.

Finally, Geoffry of Monmouth sends word to the Royal court that the two northern Saxon Kings, Octa and Eosa have escaped from their prison. Reports come in of rejoicing among the Saxons, and many volunteers making their way to the escaped Kings’ strongholds.


Valens knows that Owain spoke fondly of his meeting with the Frog knight in Cornwall, and will relay this sad news to him when he returns to Salisbury.

As for the escape of the Saxon Kings, this is dire news, especially with the rumours of men already flocking to their banners. Increased Saxon raids and pillaging are likely, and another great battle against the invaders surely looms, along with a potential great loss of life as seen at Lindsey when Octa was originally bought to heel.

On returning to Salisbury, Valens makes this news known to the Earl and the rest of the Ordo.


(This is not surprising… Very appropriate.)


Hogarth, far away, is troubled deeply by the loss of the Frog Knight. Almost as much as by the escape of Octa. He spends most of the year in cohort with Joel, looking at defending Salisbury from raiders…