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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Family events are against d20…


Was this question in or out of character? :rofl:


Well, it appears it does not matter!

According to the new tables, this would be an aging roll for Merion correct?

Ooops, Thanks! Sorry, keep on getting pulled away… Long Story
3d20: 19 + 11 + 20 = 50


Ahhh… Thanks dice roller! (Maybe? I have no idea what this translates to…)

Kids die on a 1 or 2 like horses, right? I cannot remember… I am blaming the cold meds…

Possibly both… He has been very busy during his visit at Foxcotte…

Separate note: I will get an updated family tree to you ASAP. I am going to try using a different software to make it easier/faster to modify in the future…


(I realised that I failed to take account of Owain’s poor knight standard of living in stable and child rolls (-3 to the rolls). Whilst it has no impact for Morvan, Owain’s sumpter Toad and Violette’s courser are also no longer healthy any more. Having damaged Tisbury’s future income irreparably by the logging already, Owain is reluctant to also damage the future of the manor’s horse herd. With the extra squire he cannot be without replacements for both warhorse and sumpter. Therefore Owain will ride a War Pony (Ruck) and take Belan the sumpter with no impact on Tisbury’s herd.)


Ullin’s cousin has an illicit love affair. Or at least that’s the rumor


I think we proved by the game rules that it’s the age he will turn in the coming year so I think he turns 2 this winter, because he will actually turn 2 in the next year sometime…

If his brother isn’t called Waluigion, I will be most disappointed. But then… isn’t that always the way.

How old is Una? If she is of age, she has an illicit affair (proved true) with the Earl’s son’s private tutor.

If you take the ‘Yes, I want my children to die’ option, otherwise, if you roll a 1 on the d20, then you roll again, if you roll a 1-5 on this next roll, they die.

Speaking of which, I’ve found a long missing rule!! Adults can bear children up to the age of 40 - obviously Lady Indeg was fae-touched to break this limit!

Are we all ready to dip back into roleplay again as you head to Earl Roderick’s court, and who (if any) heads to Royal Court (In Silchester, the king’s first journey from Tintagel since the battle)

(Going to Rodericks court, and playing the next year will be Sir Merrick, Sir Owain, Sir Balen and Sir Ryia)


(Hah, I was going to ask for Owain to attend Roderick’s court anyway since he has a gift for the Earl.)


It only makes sense to me to have the characters who go to court be the characters on the next years adventures, it lets me launch all sorts of surprises on the characters from court, and sudden news updates, and then they head off with that news first hand


Oh sorry, poor wording. The question was for the roll as to if he survived. He was born last winter phase. He does turn 1 this next year since last winter (this year) he was 0.

I need to rework and add data to the family tree. Sadly I did not get a chance last night as I planned. I do not think she is of age yet… But, so we do not miss out on the situation I think this is something that is up Sebiree’s alley as her predetermined trait I labelled her ages ago was she is famously Trusting

OK, after the family tree, I am going to find the Flowchart I had printed off and circled the options on and I am going to post a digital copy with my knight info! I think for this year for this situation I am going to do the (Roll d20 and on a ‘1’ then roll again and on a 1-5 he dies).

I swear this cold is taxing my brain beyond belief! :sneezing_face:

On a side note… I do not think I ever rolled Merrick’s distinctive feature. What are the dice for that again?


Distinctive features are a d6 and a d20


(Ooo, I didn’t know if I’d ever get to play Ryia. Exciting times)


Merric’s distinctive feature is…

d6: 3
d20: 3


Does Cubeth’s husband die?
d20: 5
if needed
d6: 6


Sorry to clog things up, but it costs £1 per 1,000 glory to go to Royal Court, correct? If so, my knights are going to pass. Ullin because, well, he just was on trial; and Cubeth thinks her responsibilities at Terrabil are too important to leave, though she would find it nice to visit Silchester again…

Oh, this is going to be a treat! :smiling_imp:

I am ready whenever everyone else is!


Balen is always ready.


Merric has a sneering facial expression!

Earl Roderick’s Court Easter Court, 493

As the cold of Winter gives way to the buds of Spring, the Easter court is an upbeat affair. With the end of Lent, the Christians are once again allowed to eat eggs, and one of the chicken’s beak is painted golden and it is let loose in Sarum, and the pages hunt across the town to find it.

Any of you with children of paging age may make a hunting check vs their knightly parent’s skill, on a Critical, your child wins one of the hunts, and will start their career with an additional +10 glory.

Once the feast and the celebrations are over, the serious business of court will begin, every knight may make a request of his Lord, with particular emphasis on finding a wife, having children and family. Young Robert, the Earl’s son at only 8 years old is graduating to squire for his father and so Roderick is in a fine mood, laughing raucously as his son struggles with his duties that a 15 year old would find difficult, but young Robert seems not to mind, puffing out his chest and bragging about his promotion at such a young age.

Before that though, the feast, but do remember, as fun as the cards can be, this is your chance to pin your ears to the ground and gossip and play at intrigue - which can bring advantage in the year to come!

Let’s roll for seating vs APP, don’t forget to include your fine clothes and jewellery!

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(The suit from the trial has now lost 50% value correct, so is worth £5 now?)


Correct, unless you have Juno’s needle, then it has devalued to £7.10s (+8 - rounding works mathematically in 99% of cases)


(This is perfect!)

Merrick as a household knight, probably has a set of fine clothes valued at £1? If not, I can just roll against his APP of 10. I know he does not have any jewelry.