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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Valens pays £2 for a ceremony and prayers at Sarum for his father funeral. It isa gathering for family only, and despite Sir Brinley’s history at alienating some of his kin, everyone attends

Although he never saw eye to eye with his brother, Jiam is stony faced at his sibling’s death. He never saw eye to eye with Brinley, who could never bring himself to regard his natural born brother with anything other than disdain. Jiam makes a silent vow to look after his nephews and niece as best as he is able, just as he did at Gilmere’s grave.

Brinley had always resented the fact that his brother Gilmere and his sons had managed to get a grant of land, whilst he and his sons remained household knights at Du Plain. Whilst Valens had eventually managed to see past his father’s bias, his brother Tristan pointedly ignores Owain, some of his father’s rhetoric at the injustice of his line’s treatment still ingrained. Oswalt looks to comfort his sister Beatrice, whilst Brinley’s ward Kevan looks uncomfortable, not yet accustomed to the strangers that make up his guardian’s family.

After the funeral, Valens gathers his brothers and sisters to discuss their inheritance. Brinley had stashed a large sum of Roman coins for some future eventuality, although there is no indication of precisely what that might have been. As the eldest, Valens takes the initiative to split the treasure to the greatest benefit for the family. Valens hardly needs any extra wealth, so both his brothers receive £10 apiece, and told to use the money to upgrade their armour and warhorses so they are better equipped for knighthood. The remaining £5 is set aside as a future dowry for Beatrice.

In private, Valens is slightly furious that his father had held back such wealth. His brothers have been ill-fitted as knights, and surely this money could have been better spent when they were knighted, thus ensuring they had proper equipment befitting a knight rather than lesser armour that put their lives at risk.

Valens brings his sister and Kevan under his care. There is some joy later that year as twins are born to Valens and Kyra. Being twins, both are smaller at birth, and a decision is made that they should be directed towards a life of learning rather than knighthood. Although Valens is somewhat disappointed that his sons will not carry a weapon into battle, he is also somewhat relieved that they will be spared a fate of likely death in battle which faces most knights. Dying quietly in bed like his father is a rare death for those who carry a sword in service to their lord.

(Valens spends £2 from his savings, leaving £13.12d treasury.

Both Tristan and Oswalt will start play as ordinary knights rather than poor knights).


Hogarth event

3d20: 5 + 15 + 2 = 22


Survival roll for Belle d20: 9


Arnold childbirth table 1

d20: 18


d20: 18


Is it time for the Balen thing now?


After you tell us who in your family has an illicit love affair, and when caught, marries the object of their affection, then I suspect it is! Also Arnold has a child!


Does Cynian have the option of rolling with Indeg again? If not, he’s going to invite a peasant to his bedchamber to console him in his grief over her passing. ._.

Also, can Vonnes roll childbirth with Adwen? If it’s a whiff he’s planning on announcing it next court anyways


Sir Edric and Lady Accort - Table 1
d20: 12


Welp, had to confirm, but Lady Accort dies in her first childbirth.

Apparently 1/4 Saxon baby was too much for her amall frame

Odds male, 1-3 knightly
2d6: 5 + 5 = 10


While I’m waiting on info for remaining rolls,

Cynian Event
3d20: 13 + 10 + 17 = 40


d3: 2


Lady Emma, Cynian’s youngest half-sister has gone missing to the shock and outrage of her family. Lady Vivien spends the rest of the year going manor to manor trying to find any trace of her favorite sibling. Some say her behavior is like to end up with her disappearing as well.


Denton, Hogarths priestly Brother, has indeed been caught having an illicit affair!


Arnolds child, two dice method.

2d6: 2 + 6 = 8


Male, Non Knightly. The Child is called Austin


No, because while Cynian was in Cornwall, Lady Indeg was in Malahaut, staying with the Centurian King in Eburacum on the orders of Earl Roderick.



Random age roll for peasant
1-2 table 1
3-4 table 2
5 table 3
6 table 4
d20: 5


Cynian and table 3 peasant
d20: 17

Vonnes and Adwen (table 1 or 2 I assume?)
d20: 4


Cynian’s nameless peasant mistress has a child but dies in birth

Odds male, 1-3 knightly
2d6: 2 + 6 = 8

Vonnes and Adwen, no conception


Family/Child Events

Observed a period of mourning.

Cubeth & Merion (Both 25)
Childbirth Table 2 d20: 2
Child Survival d20: 5

Does Warion turn 1 in 493? d20: 5
(I forgot about him at aging time!)

Merrick Lustful 16 (How do I determine the mother?)
Childbirth Roll d20: 6
Child Survival d20: 1

Family Event
3d6: 2 + 1 + 3 = 6