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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


I think I have everything, here are my tentative totals for glory. I had a couple of questions on some things, but just want to get some info down since I have a free moment.

Starting Glory- 3779
+40 Adventures
+48 Traits&Passions
+100 Chivalry Bonus
+30 Estate Holder
+6 Conspicuous Expenditure
+5?? Joust Arena Completion (1 time bonus, not sure if it is 5 or 10 glory.)
Final Glory= 4008
Glory Bonus: +1 CON Now at CON 16

Starting Glory- 2317
+973 Adventures
+50 Traits&Passions
+100 Chivalry Bonus
+30 Estate Holder
+5 Conspicuous Expenditure
? Improvements
Final Glory= 3475
Glory Bonus: +1 CON Now at CON 13

Starting Glory= 1132
+48 Traits&Passions
Final Glory=1180


I make her glory this year to be 67?

Passions over 16+: Hate Saxons19
Traits over 16+: Generous 16, Merciful 16, Valorous 16


I had them originally listed as 15 + 1 during character creation so that might have caused the confusion


Aha, so you do - carry on!


(As an aside, I find it very interesting from a role play perspective that her and Edric rolled so high in that hatred while Cynian and Vonnes rolled essentially bare minimum)


(You should see Merrick’s! Saxons, what Saxons?)


(I am not going to lie… After that dice roll, I spent most of the night scouring the rules to see if there was something missed to keep me from writing this; but alas, I came up with nothing. I am putting a disclaimer here: The content of the clicky contains extremely emotional content! If this is something you are not interested in, please read the TL;DR. There is no gore, but the feelings are very raw and at times dark. The parts I think which could really bother people I am going to blur in the clicky.)

The Loss of Lowenna.

At Cubeth’s wedding, it was apparent Ullin’s wife Lowenna was with child. When they presented her with the fur cloak, Cubeth shot Ullin a knowing look and smirk, while congratulating them, thinking to herself: Ahhh, I heard he stayed behind to lead several patrols around Salisbury in the Earls absence… But he sure knew how to keep busy while not on patrol or garrison duty! During the wedding feast, she on occasion turned her attention to them while they talked and lightly danced on the day thinking to herself: What it must be like to marry for love… It is something one can acquire after some time… But it would have been nice to have started with it… She sadly smiles, very briefly, and shakes the gloom away before anyone can notice.

Though well along with child, Ullin felt it very important both Lowenna and he were both there to support Cubeth on her wedding day. Especially after the strange and disturbing disappearance of her brother Narwar. Lowenna was the picture of perfect health, her pregnancy had been flawless. She had not been hindered in her normal activities in any way, though she had started to delegate tasks rather early on to help make a seamless transition to when she would be eventually put into seclusion and unable to perform her normal tasks. Even after the return from Cornwall, she was in good health and only suffering from very mild fatigue from traveling. Nothing more than any Lady suffers from a trip that far.

Several months past after the return to Burcombe from Terrabil, Lowenna eventually stopped performing her tasks, in accordance with the midwife’s instructions, and went into labor almost exactly when it was predicted. She was perfectly fit and healthy when her pains began early that morning, but soon after things took a drastic turn. Ullin waited patiently in the main hall of the stone manor house Earl Roderick had built for them. He could hear Lowenna’s screams of anguish echo off the masonry and he felt for the first time in his life absolutely powerless to do anything. Only a few weeks before had he given the orders to the workers on the estate to start planning to build fortifications. He had plans to protect all he was hoping to add to the land his forebears built upon in Salisbury and in this moment his fears of losing what he cared most about were seeming to become reality.

Dark thoughts soon crept into his mind as he agonized over the cries of pain encircling him: This is an enemy I cannot defend her against… I cannot protect her… Only powers greater than I can help her now, and I must have faith she and the child will survive this. He tightly held the small box she first gave him, now eyes welling up and thinking even darker thoughts: If I had not given this to Sir Balen back in Bayeaux… I could have used its original contents if the worst were to happen… He opens the box and looks at the vial that currently resides in it and thinks back to the cave. His head spins with various outcomes of what he could have done differently, what if he would have chosen differently, why he did what he did…

He closes the box, She would not want me to give this to her… I can now only pray these horrific cries are normal… He sees a woman leave the private chamber at the far end of the hall and rush outside briefly to come back in with a hand full of herbs. He glares at her, wondering what was going on, as the screams continue to penetrate him burning his mind and soul with empathetic pain. He then continues to stare at the closed box in his hands, his mind swimming.

When it was obvious things were not normal, Ullin called for his squire Ean. He instructed him to take the three fastest horses and ride to Tisbury to see if the pagan priestess, the Armello, was still in residence at the standing stone there. If she was, Ean is to politely request for her to come to Burcombe.

Finally, many hours later after nearly a full day of labor, the screams of pain suddenly stop. Ullin bolts up from his seat and puts the box in his pocket. He looks across the room and hopes to hear the cry of a child, but he hears nothing… Then after what seems like an eternity, he finally hears it. Soft sobbing coming from the far end of the hall trickling through the door from the small room. She lost the child… he thinks to himself.

Instinctively, he quickly covers the hall making his way to the door on the far side. As he makes every step, he feels an intensifying desire to tell her it is OK and to comfort her. He feels relief that her suffering was over, and took solace in the fact that now was a time to heal. His hand presses against the door to the room and he pushes it open, later regretting he ever did. Before opening the door, his wife was alive and most likely their child was dead; but alas, to his horror, once he opened the door he discovered that both Lowenna and their son had died. Though at a passing glance he could tell the boy would have never been able to be a knight; if he would have survived, it would have been a small consolation. He heads straight to his wife and holds her still body in his arms. He fells the desolation in his soul and falls into a state of isolated dolor. He brushes her hair back and sees in her eyes her spirit has left and has passed on to the realm of her forebears. He thinks to grab the vial from the box in his pocket, and it takes every ounce of strength in his body to not reach for it. He does succeed in this one task, he leaves it there not knowing what it is or what it would do to her.

The midwife explains what happened, he kneels holding Lowenna nodding, pretending to be listening to what she is saying but only thinking of the pain she had to endure before finally getting peace, She was in pain for so long… At least on the battlefield, death can be merciful and come quickly… His mind for a moment flashes to Sir Berenie.

He asks everyone in the room to leave him and his family, his grief is deeply chiseled on his face and is clearly inconsolable. When the room clears, he openly weeps sorrowful tears, he wonders what could have been done differently, and how he could have prevented this fate from happening.

The world is thrown into turmoil, Ullin is heartbroken and despondent shaken by the greatest loss he has ever experienced…

TL;DR: Lowenna up until labor had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, her death was painful and drawn out, Ullin is torn with potentially having something which might save her, but knows she would not approve. He chooses not to use it, not knowing what would happen if he did.

The birth of Cubeth's Child.

As the remains of the wedding are packed up and carted away, Merion and Cubeth set up residence at Terrabil until her obligations there are fulfilled. In the early days of being newly wed, Cubeth finds the change in routine to be refreshing, yet tedious. Merion is a bit more demonstrative than she expected. Though it is an adjustment for her, she finds it a little endearing especially since he is ‘easy on the eyes’ compared to most of the men she has encountered.

A little more than a month and a fortnight after the wedding, while engaged in sword training with Sir Owain, she becomes violently ill and vomits on her opponent’s boots. She profusely apologizes to the knight, blaming the food and drink from the night before on her sudden illness. She goes about her day thinking nothing more of it. However, this was not to be her only bout of sudden illness, as every morning she would wake with a horrible feeling in her stomach and become sick. After a few weeks of this prolonged feeling, she was sent to chirurgery and was informed she was with child.

Cubeth, knowing full well it was a very real possibility, initially thought the sudden and complete halt of her training was a preposterous idea. She instead relented to two conditions, she would no longer participate in riding exercises and would forgo contact combat training. Instead she, reluctantly, would focus her attention on other areas and, if she must, engage in solo weapons training. She very much wanted to keep her daily routine as normal as possible… given the circumstances… but she found it very hard to as time progressed. Eventually, she would have to forgo training in her armor as her belly began to grow and frequent trips to make water impeded her sessions. Gradually, the burden of carrying the child was putting a strain on her bones. Her knees and ankles ached and she was more irritable than she could ever remember. She still fought on, determined not to let her condition prevent her from performing her duties and being useful around the castle. Though she never heard about this, Nico made a nice bit of coin as some of the Salisbury squires placed bets on how long she would go before resigning to her condition and stop her training regimen. Nico knows her well and knew she would go until something would convince her enough was enough.

Just past the middle of the winter, a messenger arrived at Terrabil bearing woeful news. Just a week before, Lowenna, Ullin’s wife, died giving birth to their son. The boy did not live. The news shocked Cubeth and put her into a panic. What have I been doing? she thought to herself, What am I trying to prove? Lowenna was perfectly healthy at my wedding and did not seem to suffer or show any indications of the issues I have been having… Has my stubbornness caused me to be blind and am I inflicting harm on myself, or my child? What if I am putting my life at risk? In the evening Cubeth sits in silent contemplation and decides to be more realistic with her pregnancy and her abilities. She voices her concerns to Sir Owain, though she insists she must be allowed to do something to help with the running of the castle.

More time passes and eventually, the day arrives. Cubeth’s labor was very short, but the most excruciating and exquisite pain she had ever endured. The child is presented to her and she looks at him saying, “He looks just like his father. We shall call him Warion…” Though she smiles when he is handed over to her she thinks to herself: He has too much of his father in him… He will never be strong enough to be a knight… She will hide the disappointment from others, but deep inside it will eat at her as she wonders if her extended training caused to the child to be weaker or if it was just random chance.

She will never speak it freely, but she will admit to herself the pain of childbirth must be the most agonizing sense which could be experienced; and because of this, female knights are truly superior to their male counterparts, as they will never have a chance to feel “true pain”.

TL;DR: Cubeth pukes on Owain’s boots, realizes her limitations in spite of her stubbornness, and secretly is disappointed to have a son who will never grow up to be a knight… She names the child Warion.

(My normal end of the Winter wrap-up! Yay!)

With the death of his wife, Ullin slips into a deep depression. In the hopes of not losing his sanity, he focuses himself and sets his mind to reflect on the past in the hopes of bettering himself. In the end, he picks apart some instances which he found himself wanting and this self reflection yields in some insight to how to better present himself to others and some errors he had made in some previous battles. His squire assists him with the analysis of his previous battles and learns quite a bit about leadership and formations on the battlefield, and in his spare time improves his riding skills.

Cubeth, after hearing of Lowenna’s passing, shifts her training from physical efforts to mental. She was rather embarrassed by her lack of hunting knowledge and felt rather useless during the hunt. She will request to speak with Sir Owain and Sir Cynian to speak on hunting techniques and methods, if they are available to do so. Her squire, Nico, improves his riding skills significantly under her guidance, granted she at the time was unable to ride herself. He also learns some new ways to stab people with his dagger…


Owain rarely holds back in his regular sword drills with Cubeth, and when she vomits on his boots, he uses the distraction to kick her legs from under her, leaving her face up in the mud. He taps his sword against her neck "As a tactical ploy that needs some work. Perhaps aim for the eyes next time?" He offers a hand and hauls her back to her feet, calling a halt to the drills and hollering at his squire to clean his boots. Wella glares daggers at Cubeth.

When Cubeth’s pregnancy is confirmed, he gives her the space to decide what she is capable of duty wise, and is happy to find less rigorous physical tasks for her to undertake. "Strength at arms is only one skill set that a knight must practice if they are to serve." Cubeth therefore becomes more involved in the garrison and castle administration, and dealing with guests and the associated social activities.

Whilst Hogarth is still recovering from his wound, Owain will pay a visit. "It is unusual to see you hurting after a rash decision, rather than being the one in bed myself. I spoke with Max, and apparently you sounded your horn for aid, but I did not come. I apologise for that; I mistook your horn for those of my own hunt."

Owain hands Hogarth a new horn, fitted with bands of silver, and carved with hunting scenes. “This one has a deeper note than usual. Hopefully it will carry further and be more distinctive as ‘Hogarth’s call’. Hopefully this means that I will not fail to hear you sound for aid again. In return, please try not to put me in a situation where I have to tell your good wife that you have been killed by doing something incredibly stupid.”

With a lot of garrison duty spent minding the castle, Owain finally has the time to concentrate on his physical regime. Wounds suffered at Lindsey and Terrabil have left him easily fatigued, but a thorough training schedule over winter results in an improvement to his conditioning, although Owain is aware he is still not as fit as he was before his bout of madness.

He spends many an evening in discussion with Friar Budic, learning more about the Irish, and talking about matters of faith. Seeing so much death on the battlefields of the last two years has Owain wondering on his own mortality and the nature of God’s will.


@SleepyWill, I just wanted to let you know I updated the Glory Bonus for Ullin and Cubeth. Both are +1 CON.

Ullin, upon inner reflection after the death of Lowenna, has fortified himself and found an inner strength which was not there before.

Cubeth, after bearing her child, has become more resilient to pain than she had previously.


EXT Cholderton.

(2 Commoners are hiding behind a barrel.)

“In Gods name Warrik keep your head down! They’ve got crossbows!”

“Unholy things Brand, where’s Sir Hogarth? Shouldn’t he be stopping this?”

“He’s at Castle Terrabil, haven’t you heard?”

“If it’s so terrible, why isn’t he here?”

“I don’t bloody know! Let’s try and get inside the rampart…”


(Wasn’t that one of your horses?)


(It’s a double use name. Search ‘blimey’ for confirmation.)


(I was just wondering if the imaginery horses was catching - after all, there’s odd things 'neath the ground at Cholderton…)


Sir Balen stares out over Salisbury…

The year has been uneventful, his course through life stalled.

What does he feel as he runs up and down the steps of Sarum in his now familiar winter training regime?

Then there is the money, the treasure long accumulated. What does it do, but weigh him down? What should a knight be doing at his age.

Eventually he summons scribes and artisans. There must be something he can do to change his lot in life…


Sir Arnold reflects on a poor year. The ground remains hard and unforgiving, his new orchard several years from maturity. Even the bees are lethargic.

As he frets, the nervous habit he began in London continues. The blade he flicks through his hands moves faster and faster…

With the news of the raid on Cholderton Sir Arnold takes it on himself to help patrol the manor of his cousin during the winter months, searching for how the men of the good are travelling.

Things seem very wrong to him. He sees enemies even amongst the knights of Salisbury itself.


And to steal something…

Sir Hogarth lay in the bath. It felt too good just to lie back, soak the old bones, let some of the weariness slip away… This body… a patchwork of scars. Once he could recall where each one came from, but now… just too many… And there were the ones you couldn’t see — the twists and sprains and fractures. A body that had been tortured, forced to the limit of its endurance too many times. Still a good machine but — getting on…

And what of Hogarth the man? How has leadership changed him? The responsibility has not dimmed his belief in what is right even as his attitude has hardened. Was Emblyn correct? Should he delegate more…
What was Sir Elad so happy about when he confided in him?
More than ever before Hogarth believes his personal code will show him the way forward…

Hogarths sense of honour will guide him true…



(In which we continue the adventures of our knights in Cornwall, holding Terrabil castle - though Sir Ullin will be present as it seems he has business with the Armello of the Tor Worshippers, and Sir Leddicus has be requested to provide Lady Ellen with advice year long in Sarum to help her dispense justice, while Earl Roderick is in Tintagel, a courtier to Uther Pendragon.)

The winter has been hard for many of you, for different reasons, and Terrabil is a bleak place. The locals fear it, rumours are abound among the peasantry that the spirit of the Duke roams the battlefield, angrily seeking vengeance, and their services are hard to retain at the castle, only under threat will they remain.

Your position, a stones throw from the Royal Court and Tintagel means that you attended royal court and the King was generous. Lady Ygraine is now pregnant, and due to give birth in the summer, exactly forty weeks from the night of the Siege of Terrabil.

The gossip is that Ygraine is the canniest woman in the kingdom, marrying Uther is - depending on who you speak to - either the end of a long campaign by this unknown woman to beguile her way to the top or a prisoner to a lustful Pendragon. A much darker rumour is that Duke Gorlois visited her the night he was killed, and the baby is in fact his own. Mostly, no matter which rumour is believed, people just blame Merlin.

Prince Madoc is missed by all, and many hope that some young thing will find her way to Tintagel, bearing a baby the spitting image of the Prince as he was known to take company from time to time “There is a Pendragon heir out there, you mark my words” people whisper in trusted company. Those truly in the know say that the heir is born to a lady who lives in Forest Sauvage, and the tyke already bears the Pendragon bushy eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Uther arranged for the eldest of Ygraine’s daughters to marry. King Lot travelled this year to Tintagel where he wed Margawse and King Nentres of Garloth wed Elaine. This bound the Pendragon line to the most powerful king in the North, Lot rules Lothian a kingdom almost the equal of Logres and Nentres has always been Uther’s right hand man, also a king of the North, though his kingdom is modest, and usually not drawn on the maps.

You were not invited to the weddings, once again, Tintagel is a small castle, and the King can barely fit his own household within, let alone a second and third royal house.

Summer comes and your visits to Tintagel come to a close to allow the castle to prepare for a royal birth, the land is at peace and the Cornish it seems have accepted the loss of their Duke, and the current political situation. Queen Ygraine’s birth goes well, and a fanfare announces the birth of a Pendragon heir, a baby boy, not yet named. The Armello of the Tor worshippers is the first religious dignitary to pay her respects, helped a great deal by the location of her temple on Bodmin Moor. She remains in the castle, one of the few invited for more than a few hours. You will likely be invited to drink the baby’s health in the winter, though Leddicus arrives briefly in the early Autumn with Lady Elaine.

You are not there however to greet him, as you are on your 40 days alongside Ullin who journeyed down to meet the Armello. Cubeth remains in Terrabil in your absence, and your patrol takes you deep into Bodmin Moor, which is where we shall join you at the start of this year’s adventure.

Will you please tell us, how has the year been for you each, what do you make of the political events of the summer. How are you enjoying the peace. Do you believe that the spirit of Gorlois haunts your new home?

EDIT: I removed some of the posts below, temporarily, to ensure the knights and myself had to rely on memory. They have been returned now, with some PM’s added to show what happened later.

Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign

Owain wills the time at Terribal to pass swiftly. The Earl did him a great honour in assigning him to be Constable of the Tower, but the place leaves him ill at ease; the ghost of Gorlois is ever oppressive. The presence of his family and Cynian’s children in the castle blunts the edge of his fear, as does the wails of Cubeth’s new baby - nothing grounds the mind in the here and now like the squalls of a newborn.

He tries to distract himself with almost constant drilling, hoping physical tiredness will also calm the mind. Any excuse to ride out from the castle is taken, be it hunting for food, riding patrol or going to speak with Cornish knights at their manors. Nevertheless, Owain is keen to return to Salisbury and to be away from the desolate moors.

The news of a male heir for Uther is a cause for celebration, and he gathers the garrison to break open some of the good wine in the castle cellar to drink to the boy’s health. The marriage of Uther’s step-daughters to the northern Kings shows his political canny. With defeat of Gorlois and subsuming of Cornwall, a true born male heir, and new allies secured, Logres is arguably in a stronger position than any time since Owain was knighted.

In some ways this is just as well - the invasion of the Saxons in the south last year shows the threat to the land is only ever growing. The disputes between the British can only ever weaken them against those that would drive them from their land. Surely Uther must face some of the invaders in pitched battle again some before more boats arrive and they consolidate their holdings.

And there is one other thing that itches the back of his mind. It is 492, when the Armello predicted certain dire events will occur…


I almost forgot; Owain keeps a close handle on what Madoc’s smith is developing, and is happy to trial any part piece of equipment as it is produced.


(( Remind me of the funding that the smith and the monk have, I’ll let you know what you’re testing this year! ))