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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


1d6 - Odds are Male, 1-3 is aptitude

If you would rather your own declaration that changes the probabilities of any gender having aptitude, then declare it before you roll - but gender and aptitude must be 50-50 so you might prefer:

2d6 - first die: 1-3 = male, 4-6 = female, 2nd die: 1-3 = aptitude 4-6 = no aptitude


That’s what I’ve been using.


Let us go with this 2d6 format.

Cubeth’s baby…
2d6: 3 + 5 = 8


(Ha! Go figure! This has been a rough winter!)


(He takes after his father clearly!)


(This is going to be an interesting post…)


Ullin’s child for rpg reasons…
Same rules
2d6: 1 + 5 = 6


Cynian and Indeg Age ???
Childbirth d20: 9
Survival d20: 7

Edric and Accort Age 17 table 1
Childbirth d20: 9
Survival d20: 3

Family Rolls
3d20: 5 + 15 + 19 = 39


Well 9 is no conception on every table!


(This is going to take longer to type than I thought… We may have to move on instead of waiting for it…)


No worries - Onwards then for the others, we’re through the pain of winter now, onto the good stuff:

Cynian, one of the unmarried, non-knightly men in your family gets married, tell us who and to whom!

Winter 491 Knights Training

You knights and your squire* may choose any one of the three options:

1: Gain 1d6+1 points in knightly skills (Capped at 15)

2: Gain 1 point in any skill (Capped at 20)

3: Improve an attribute, trait or passion, either raise it or lower it by 1 point. Traits are capped at 19 and passions at 20. Attributes are capped according to culture. SIZ may be increased if you are over 21 only by decreasing APP. This is accompanied by a refitting charge of your armour and the deletion of your fine clothes from your character sheets. No knight over 35 may increase STR, DEX, CON or APP.

*(If recruited by 5.2 Vanilla rules - Easy way to tell is if they have a spear expertise and a sword skill, if no, they are vanilla!)



Owain will increase his CON by 1 (now 11); hp to 26
His squire Wella will roll for skill points d6: 1 +1

Valens will roll for skill points d6: 6 +1
His squire Cubert will roll for skill points d6: 2 +1

Jiam will increase his Spear Expertise by 1 (now 19)
His squire Iona will roll for skill points d6: 6 +1


First Aid +2 (10)

Horsemanship +1 (15)
Courtesy +3 (15)
Siege +3 (5)

First Aid +3 (15)

Horsemanship +4 (10)
Battle +3 (11)


Is this new or have I been accidentally improving my squire every winter? What if we recruited using entourage? Finally, since I have his stats, is Merrick good to do training this winter?

Note: Will do training rolls after I post my short novellas…


Does your squire have spear expertise and sword? If so they could only have ben recruited by Entourage rules, and as such, their training goes like this:

Knightly Skills: Improve by 1
Tell us about any situations where you believe your squire earned a tick through the year, if I agree, they improve that skill by 1


Squires Maxwell d6: 6 +1

Rinduran d6: 5 +1

Bledros d6: 4 +1

Arnold will also take points d6: 6 +1


Lord Lovel, Cynian’s youngest sibling, finally has permission to marry the Christian beauty he converted for. There were whispers that they had already begun an elicit affair, and the family collectively breathes a sigh of relief once the ceremony was over.

(How is childbirth working for courtly kids?)


Cynian’s Family Tree
All relatives are dead except:
Cynian - - - - Lady Indeg
Legitimate children: None :^)
Bastards: Raisa, Titania, Evelynn

Siblings (assorted by age):
Vonnes - - - - Lady Adwen
Edric ------- Lady Accort
Lovel ------- Lady (???)

Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign

Hogarth raises Honour to 16

Maxwell raises first aid to 13

Balen raises Con to 19

Bledros raises horsemanship to 10

Arnold raises dagger to 14

Riduran First aid and Horsemanship both to 9


Usually when they marry, they become part of someone else’s dynasty, and removed form your family tree as an ongoing concern, remaining there in name only - if you want to track then go ahead and roll using the same rules etc but make it crystal clear that theyare no longer a part of your family - if they have knightly kids, you can’t play them*

*As if I would stop you!