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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Sir Arnold attempts to father a child. (With his 16 year old wife, which I am sure is still a bit of an apocryphal thing.)

d20: 8


No conception.


I don’t know how apocryphal it is off hand, but if you’re finding it too icky, we can discuss an adjustment that doesn’t affect the underlying rules we play by - player by player is fine


Survival Rolls.

Alain d20: 6
Belle d20: 5

Family event, Hogarth

3d20: 16 + 14 + 14 = 44


Family Event: The Tisburys

Sir Brinley takes on a ward, a 12 year old young noble boy, not paging, as his family have been all but wiped out. You can tell us about him!

Family Event: The Choldertons

No Events


Alain survives.

Level 2 achievement unlocked. :star::star:


It’s totally at -9 then.


Brinley is keeping the previous family of young Kevan to himself; he won’t deny the boy’s lineage to those who know his history, but neither is he advertising it, which frustrates his sons no end.

Owain is more cynical. This is typical of his uncle. He would only take on a ward if he could leverage some advantage from the situation. He has effective control of the boy until he comes of age, including any of his family’s assets. By keeping his history quiet Brinley might be hoping to either pretend Kevan is more than what he is, or could be hiding Kevan from others so to take advantage of his position as guardian, perhaps to the extent of arranging a marriage to his daughter without interference.


Ullin & Lowenna
Childbirth d20: 13
Child Survival d20: 18

Cubeth & Merion
Childbirth d20: 19
Child Survival d20: 18

Family Happenings (events)
d20: 16
d20: 9
d20: 15


How old is Lowenna? That’s either double joy or double tragedy…


Sorry, this was in 489 - it’s 491 which makes her 26 :frowning:


She is 26


Sad, sad days :sob:


Tell us what happens Ullin, and how Cubeth takes to prenanacy and motherhood.

There are no other family events


(( After you’ve all completed this phase, could you post your updated family trees please ))


(Mine will be identical.)


No need then for yours


((Early tomorrow. How old is Valens’ new wife Kyra?))


Kyra is 20


2 d6 for gender and aptitude?