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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Kyra is a girl very used to hard work, with strong arms and a cheerful demeanour, she takes instantly to Valens. She has a wicked half smile which her twin brother, Sir Myarth shares, and she is fiercely protective of him.


A simple ceremony is attended by immediate family, before Valens takes his new wife back to Tisbury. First order of business is to sort out last year’s failed attempt to create a flooded ditch and rampart, a task that he is sure Kyra will relish.


Ullin and Cubeth being married, and Merrick not created yet; I do not think there is anymore marriages this year for my knights.


Hogarth is happily married, so is Arnold.

Balen wont be getting married…

Quite yet.


For the Earl’s gift in exchange for a suitable bride Edric knew he needed something spectacular not just because of his wish to wed, but the life debt he owes Roderick for even knighting the half-Saxon in the first place.

He visits both Ryia and Vonnes for ideas and when he returns, he sets out to find a blacksmith and a goldsmith to help him.

(Base sword price is 75d. These adjustments are based on vanilla pricing and my own discretion so feel free to adjust what I’m doing!

(75d x 4 (for a gold plated pommel that is weighted correctly. This is based on the conversion of normal earring price to gold being x16. In this case only the pommel is being adjusted and only to gild it)) + 240d for ???) x3 for exquisite and beautiful craftsmanship = 1620d = 6.75£ + 3.25£ (to place a large precious stone into the end of the pommel. I don’t know stone pricing so pick the most bang for Edric’s buck please!)

Once the sword is complete, he will take it to be blessed by the bishop (in a meeting set up by Vonnes in which he pays his 1£ stipend for the service) and will present the Earl with “The Heart of Salisbury”. When he hands it over he says something quietly to the Earl before returning to Du Pont to await news of the Earl’s match.


Similar questions to Edric:

What is your current glory,
What deeds do you think the Earl will remember you by
Make a courtesty roll please!

I can tell you now, The Heart of Salisbury is a magnificent gift, the heart shaped garnet’s imperfections are taken advantage of to make the heart look like a rough map of Salisbury is within it, and goes a long way to endearing Edric to the entire of Salisbury court!


Didn’t Edric get a match last year? Did he refuse it?


Edric’s glory is 1971

He will talk about his achievements against the waterleapers with the rest of the Ordo Four, as well as his service in the Ordo to better Salisbury.

Edric’s devotion to Earl Roderick is legendary and in the days leading up to his scheduled appointment, he practices his what he plans to say with an almost feverish intensity. (Loyalty (Lord) check?)


Marrying a more prestigious wife is far more for Edric’s benefit than it is the Earls, so no to the passion roll

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O h y e a h.

Huh, we never did anything with that so I’m going to take that as things didn’t work out


Courtesy d20: 12 vs 10


Edric, the Earl matches you this year with Lady Accort, a tall woman who lost both her parents early - her father was a household knight in the Royal court of Somerset. She has a welcoming air and her short hair was a practical measure for her work in Wylye hospital.

She comes with a dowry of £10


(Sounds like someone with a high chriurgery! Always useful!)


Alright then, onwards I think -

Family rolls

Good luck all you lovely newlyweds!

If you are trying for a child (or have lustful of 16+) then we are moving on to using the rules here:



Onwards with Winter… (What about if your wife is Lustful 16+?)

Family & Child Rolls

Owain & Violette
d20: 5 for Childbirth
d20: 17 for Child Survival

d20: 16 for Morvan’s survival to Age 3

Valens & Tamara (RIP)
d20: 7 for Childbirth
d20: 14 for Child Survival

Family Events

d20: 11
d20: 18
d20: 4


Likewise, mandatory roll!


That’s no children for Owain & Violette (Table 2; Age 26, three children born, so effective age 29) or Valens & Tamara (Table 1; Age 24)


Are these rolls modified by Sir Arnold living as a poor knight?


or is it just the survival roll?


Just child survival, ( -3 ) and don’t forget to keep a track of this on your sheet, it’s cumulative year on year