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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


I just decided not to roll anymore for all my old horses. They are basic horses and they are part of my anonymous 50 horses of the herd which just auto-replicates.

But I guess I have to roll for my special Cornish Destrier!!
@SleepyWill I do not even know how old is it!

By the way, here is the roll.
d20: 1


The Destrier “Our Soul” is gone!!
That’s why Menadue’s men were so happy to give it to me so easily!
I just feel one of my household knights will ride a rouncy now to give me a charger …


… you have my horse condolences. :cry:


Same here!

Surprisingly this is the first winter I had not lost a horse, but I still am on an average of one horse death per year :confused:


Don’t forget, we established yesterday that your herd is £200 in value, not the £400 it would need to supply your household with a charger, 2 rouncys and a sumpter - it is providing them with a War Pony and a Sumpter each, and if one knight feels slighted - with thirty positions free, I can guarantee you he will leave your household, for example if you take his war pony for yourself!


OK. I’m confused, and surely I did not understood…maybe because I never really put mu head to understand the horse herd rules.

Estate page 92 says that my herd value is £200 (I never thought it valued 400…possibly I miss-written!)
Estate page 32 model for £50 estate says I should have 5 chargers…
…but I have substituted 1 charger with 1 destrier.
So now I have only 4 chargers!

I’ll give these 4 to my household knights while I ride a Rouncy…
…or take a charger from my brother Galerius (which maybe is more forgiving!) while I leave him guarding the estate (and maybe I promise him to do something later on for him in compensation…after all it’s because of me that he became knight 1 year ahead of time!).


Don’t forget all horses taken to Cornwall were killed, so those household knights horses (and indeed the knights themselves) need replacing.


I need time to retrieve Will’s post above…but Leddicus spent almost a day with Angaz retrieving horses, arriving at destination later than the others.


That’s true, but more importantly, Leddicus mounted at the start of the night battle, but his unit did not - hence why he started separated from them. Leddicus did not order his men to also take horses from the Cornish prisoners, and all the horses from the battle were lost. As far as I know, when Leddicus returned from the battle, he and his household had between them 1 destrier, 1 cart horse and 2 chargers. He sold the two chargers, his destrier died and now has to decide what to draw from his herd - which by vanilla can supply up to 4 war ponies (to replace the 4 lost in battle, he cannot draw to replace the horses sold), or by my houserules, he can draw £32 worth of horses without affecting the value of his herds of whichever Uther period horses he desires, and any further value drawn is deducted from the £200 value.

Regarding what horses your herds can provide - the book of knights and ladies says that a £200 herd is 5 half herds and a half herd can only provide a knight with a war pony and a sumpter. Other horse breeds like war ponies, et al are from knights and ladies and just as we have integrated that system into vanilla, so Estate has to integrate into knights and ladies, and this is one of the easiest integrations that there was, because it is directly compatible. In order to provide your knights with the full standard knight stables each, you need a £400 herd, which is where that figure came from.


That’s it!
I read “all your horses” + one was eaten and one was killed.
So I misssed only 2 horses (I do not know which horse kinds are these).

EDIT: You are right WILL!!
The Battle!!! After the Manticore!!!
I forgot that!!!

Now, sorry Will, maybe I misunderstood my situation (I should not have sold those horses maybe, since I did not realize the extent of my herd).
But what is done is done, what is sold is sold, amen.

And I’m frankly lost in the inter-correlation between estate, Book of Knighs & Ladies and Herd rules…

How many war horses (horses which can be ridden by armoured knights) in my herd now?
Tell me a number and I’ll accept it.


We don’t track horses in the herd:

You can choose vanilla, where you can draw up to 4 war ponies


You can choose my houserules, where you can draw £40 worth of horses - and of the war horses, these are:

Rouncy - £1
War Pony - £15
Courser - £10
Charger - £20

If you want more, you can pay for more by devaluing the herd. Any knight in your household not given a War Pony, Charger or Courser (family excepted) will leave your service and fine a vacancy elsewhere - it’s a renters market with so many free spaces.

You sold the horses early because you wanted to spend the money, imagining your destrier was unlikely to die, unfortunately because Dice were rolled I cannot let that be retconned.

EDIT: I got my sums wrong, you can spend £40, not £32 if you want to use my house rules


OK, so I guess not even a single charger survived and I’m without chargers, right?

In this system in how many years will my herd regenerate chargers?

So £32 it’s the maximum that I can spend?

How much of my £200 herd remain? (I mean, part of the herd was at home, off course not the chargers which are the more valuable)

In how many years my herd will regenerate enough chargers?


Estate page 32 says that 25 horses in my herd are “in training”…I mean, I know this year I have no charger.
Will it be possible that in the next few years some of these 25 will be chargers in the vanilla-estate system? (Option 1 : drawing 4 war ponies).


I give up. Do what you want Luca, I don’t care any more. I am not waking up for the 4th day in a row to have to deal with endless new rules on your horse herds. You just tell me how it goes, clearly I’m not getting it right.


Aside from those wedding already held, does any PK wish to marry this year?


Valens will go speak to the Earl about finding a new wife.


I believe Valens needs a courtesy roll?
If so, d20: 5 vs 12


Earl Roderick is delighted to arrange a marriage for Valens, one of the side effects of such a lack of knights is there is a greater than normal number of ladies of marriageable age.

Valens, firstly, what is your current glory?
Secondly, tell us your greatest deeds that you would like to remind Earl Roderick of?
Finally, do you bring a gift to the Earl?


Valens current Glory is 1793.

As for great deeds, nothing yet matches his admission into the Ordo for his part in the events of Avalon, although his time under Hogarth accompanying Prince Madoc to harry the Saxon fleet by water, including escaping the hunt after Pevensey is also mentioned.

The burden of additional taxes this year means that Valens is reluctant to bring a gift. No one can tell what the year to come may bring, and some safety net maybe required.


The Earl matches Valens with the youngest daughter of Sir Randaf. He offers his hand “Your Earl has recommended you strongly Sir, and I am inclined to agree with him. My youngest, Kyra would be delighted to meet such a fine young man as yourself”

He is willing to provide her with a dowry of £12


Valens is happy to accept. He does not know how long he will be responsible for Tisbury whilst Owain is away, and that money could be well invested into the manor.