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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


@SleepyWill does building fortifications require any special permission from the Earl (or maybe it’s only about major castles??).

If so, Leddicus’ aim is to build a 2-acre bailey (£10), including the Woodfrod Manor but leaving enough space to be (later on) upgraded to “Motte-and-Bailey” (IF and WHEN there will be possibilities for it).

And regarding future advances:
This £10 (spent for the bailey) can be used as a discount to the total cost of a Motte-and-Bailey (£36) = £26 which means that in the future one needs to build a fortified moat (£11) and a Tower (£15).

The (future) project is to have a “Castrum Prafecti” acting as a more dignified seat of the Pafectus Gentis Sorvioduni.



A bailey around a village isn’t a problem, but a motte would require permission

  1. Can I built the Bailey around Woodford Manor, leaving enough space for future upgrades (maybe even for future generations)?
    Later on I’ll speak with the Earl and see what he thinks about motte next years.

  2. Will the Bailey cost £10 acts as a discount for possible/future Motte & Bailey (if permisions are given?)??


Yes and yes


What’s the modifier for horse survival if living as a poor knight?



Hubris d20: 18
Rouncy d20: 1
Sumpter d20: 14
Sumpter d20: 3
Rumble d20: 4
Second Charger obtained at Linsey d20: 14

Charger from Linsey d20: 4


Maxwells rouncy never truly recovered from the sight of Wyverns and has become incredibly Skittish.

Hogarth replaces him with Nemesis a courser from his home herd. (Cost is less than £36, no difference to herd value.)

Hogarth has been impressed with Maxwell and rewards him with his own courser, better to keep up with Hogarth.

There is also the promising news that this year some very large, very black foals have been born.

(At GMs discretion Destriers can be drawn from the herd towards the end of next year…)


(When did Hogarth get a charger at Lindsey? Ullin and Balen were given one for capturing the Saxon king…)


I thought we all got one?


Nope, just those two.


Well then, my non existent charger is fine!


(I imagine someone checking the stables. No dead horse in this stall, it must be fine…)


£8 expected * 0.75 = 6 - 1 apiary upkeep = £5 + £14 funds from last year that are available now + 10s 10d - £1 brother repayment = £18 10s 10d in Idmiston

Coneygarth completion check d20: 12


Whose looking after Idmiston @Abubu?


Ryia, Vonnes twin


-3 according to 5.2


Sir Arnold’s Horse rolls

d20: 7 flash
d20: 13 sumpter
d20: 8 rouncy
d20: 19 rouncy


All fine!


-3 to horse survival rolls for poor standard of living, Owain, you’ve lost a couple of horses unless I’m mistaken, the castle herd will replace them, and Valens’ at Tisbury can easily replace a rouncy with the herds there.


Yes. A new charger (Toirneach) and sumpter (Toad) for Owain, new rouncy for Valens.