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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Cholderton income

£6 +2 dovecote + 1 apiary = 9.

9 x 0.75 = 6.75

Newton Income £6 +2 apiary x 0.5 = £4


Juno’s needle lost on d20: 14 1 or 2


Arnold’s Cat £1 d20: 19


Hogarths construction checks.
In order moat, fish pond, enclosed well

3d20: 14 + 9 + 7 = 30

Sir Arnold’s Orchard

_looks straight at @SleepyWill _

d20: 5


Sir Arnold spends £4 to live as a poor knight.

£1 to pay for apiary.

No money on hand.


((Does the raid impact the building of improvements at Cholderton, or is that only raids as dictated by the GPC?))



Manor Income 6.75
Savings 3.5
Captain income 5
Stipend 4
Needle 2
= 21.25

Apiary 1
Dovecote 1
Ditch and rampart .5
Patron to scholar 1
Men at arms 2.5
Normal standard of living 6
Return of Stipend 4
Sheep Herd (Cursed) 5

Money on hand after costs £0.25


I checked this to, this kind of raid is immune.


(As Hogarth is a household knight temporarily, you don’t need to pay for your standard of living. Although as Emblyn is staying at Cholderton, perhaps there is still a £2 cost?)


Im returning the stipend as I’m not actually providing protection for Cholderton. I don’t have to, but I’m going to.


As the raid was from the calamity table, my interpretation is that there is no other effect other than on the fate score, as written


Are you all sorted Hogarth for this phase of Winter or do you still have outstanding economic stuff to do?


Think sorted. Purchased some more cursed sheep, nothing else going forwards.


Ryia at Idmiston
Normal Income £6
Apiary d2: 2

Coneygarth to be checked for completion

Manorial Luck d6: 4
Event d20: 19

Care d20: 14 vs Concern (My Commoners) 7
Stewardship d20: 8 vs 16


Idmiston Misfortune d20: 1 vs 19 against Stewardship 8


No misfortune at Idmiston (For once!) and that is a Meagre harvest, once Wine has been taken into account - x0.75 expected income


So…this is"Discretionary funds" right?
-1 (second squire to be paid here according to the model)
+1 (melisarium, part of discretionary funds as long as Leddicus lives).

Total: still £5 for estate

  • 20.5 treasure
  • 2.5 (part-time stipend as a Praefectus)

Grand Total = £28

Can I now spend using normal costs in estate?


Yep, you can spend it now.


I didn’t get any treasure! Where’s Leddicus getting treasure from?



I saved 8.5 from last year + I sold the so many horses that my “Cornish friends” kindly gave me as a “voluntary” gift!

(Now I understand why rolls gave Leddicus Deceitful 12 this year and not the so many good traits like Generous that he got ticks for!!!)


Stable Rolls

Folly (charger) d20: 2
Wildfire (rouncy) d20: 8
Bracken (rouncy) d20: 16
Slate (sumpter) d20: 2
Eyebright (Violette’s courser) d20: 20 -1 (Age 7)
Saker (sight hound) d20: 15 -2 (Age 8)

Tan-Droed (Friesian) d20: 9
Pandora (rouncy) d20: 9
Harlequin (rouncy) d20: 2
Anteros (sumpter) d20: 11

Tempest (charger) d20: 11
Flax (rouncy) d20: 12
Catkin (rouncy) d20: 14
Oak (sumpter) d20: 10
Ash (sumpter) d20: 5

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