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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2




(That would almost have done it with the ditch and rampart!)


Yes, you could have rolled Emblyns, but a fail nonetheless, your men at arms do not manage to mitigate decrease the damage




Adding d6: 5 +1 to fate


Come on!!! Dice roller! Why are you in such a bad mood!


What is Sir Arnold’s punishment?


The raid came from a misfortune roll, not a campaign event, so no property destruction occurred, the misfortune event is explicit about the effects it has


Just the stipend, and all wives in Terrabil may improve their distaff, they work just as hard!


Things don’t get much better for Sir Arnold in Newton I’m afraid, pestilence has struck his manor, +5 to his fate score as well!


Rolling for an increase to Violette’s distaff
d20: 5 vs 15



Hogarth concern 12 - 6 for being away +3 for love landlord = 9 d20: 14

Arnold concern 9 d20: 14


Cholderton vs fate 24 19 +6 raid -1 bees
d20: 10

Emblyn distaff 15 d20: 3

Newton 19 + 5 -1 bees = 23 d20: 8

Stewardship of Ebril 2 d20: 1


With the wine penalty, both Cholderton and Newton have a bad harvest, x0.5 anticipated income


Emblyn gentlewoman bonus…


Brings it up to a Meagre, x0.75


Hogarths Apiary d2: 1

Arnold’s Apairy d2: 2


Owain’s Treasury was £17.0s.6d.
Gain £1 from Violette’s spinning wheel
£1 spent on Cubeth’s wedding gift
£2.10s on Friar Budic’s maintenance
£1 extra donation to the friar’s church
£1 to hire an engineer.
£7 sent to restart the moat, ditch and rampart at Tisbury

Leaves it at £5.10s.6d with £4 stipend to be spent in 492

End of this stage for me


Ebril increases stewardship to 3

Emblyns distaff increase vs 15 d20: 10


Another year better than meagre.

Are there more people at Cholderton?

d20: 14 vs 5

Check census vs 15 d20: 15