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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


House rule proposal.

Will NEVER rolls weather.




Hogarth received £4 for his stipend.

Balen waives receiving a stipend and pays for his own £5 upkeep.


Balen gets 5 glory for this act


You wait until he does That other thing we discussed that earns glory.


Maintenance of improvements is £2.
Valens will let his raconteur go, so no maintenance.
Without his wife, to stay at an ordinary standard of living is £4.
Valens treasury was £8.10s.12d.
That will reduce to £7.10s.12d.
He will pay £2 for a funeral for his wife, leaving his treasury at £5.10s.12d

Check on successful building of rampart & moat d20: 20


Misfortune rolls
Hogarth d6: 3
d20: 4

Arnold d6: 2
d20: 8




((@SleepyWill Did we agree last winter that stipends are an allowance and must be spent or lost?))


@Scribbs you look like you’re having your traditional winter phase.


(Actually I have never started it so badly. It is usually the family and stable rolls that are miserable!)


We did!


Hogarth, maybe aware that there is no knight at Cholderton, the men of the Hood raid - roll 1d6 +1 and add that to fate please as the blighters took everything they could easily carry off, brandishing crossbows!


This is the first year there have been serious problems with the manor at Tisbury.

Valens’ wife Tamara catches some horrid wasting flux. Valens barely manages to keep everything running whilst caring for his wife in her last days. The work on the rampart and ditch is a step to much, and it is neglected as a consequence. Valens pays for his wife to be buried at Sarum with a generous sum to the church for prayers and the service.

Owain as Constable of the Tower at Terribal. Do I need to roll anything, do I just take the £4 stipend, and can Violette still roll to improve her distaff.


Did my men at arms mitigate this in any way?


Lol, you’re getting ahead of me! Firstly, you were actually there for part of the year, roll 1d4 - roll a 1 and you were actually there and able to mitigate the damage!


d4: 3


(this is the part of the thread where we all decided to use the word mitigate.)


Please roll Hogarth’s siege skill


Not Emblyns? (10 is better than 4)

Rolling as instructed

d20: 12