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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Sir Ecco sips his drink “I like living down in the hills Leddicus, I don’t want to go back to living near Sarum, it’s too… urban for my tastes. And I like living in a castle, your lands are open, vulnerable. Tell me why I should move away from protecting Salisbury’s borders to live in one of your manors instead?”


Since Ebble is farther from the Sarum market, which off course give you the best wine and commodities!

By the way, if Ecco is not just a landless, mercenary knight but the “official” household knight of somebody else in Salisbury, Leddicus will not ask him.
He is protecting Salisbury’s borders (Leddicus loyalty passions will never permit him to do such a thing) and furthermore Leddicus has already too many enemies…making another landlord knight his enemy by stealing his household knight, it’s not something that he wants to do…


Well, from the castles knights come and go, and of course, there is always knights on garrison duty, they don’t rely on their household - but there are no mercenary vavaseurs as such in Salisbury any more - Sir Angaz aside who’s passion has sent him hunting the Questing Beast - so he’s not in the market to become a household knight


Cadfael and Galerius will become knights at the age of 20 instead of 21!
Courtesy of the Earl who allows it !

Leddicus will find a new squire (having lost Cadfael).
I’ll make stats for them when I have time (hopefully soon, but definitively must be done before next muster).

In the meanwhile let keep on playing Leddicus.



Will, can you think the weather roll rules as well? Sometimes we’ve rolled a flat 3d6 and sometimes there’s a modifier, (I’m not talking about last years early snow)


Ignore me. It’s always been 3d6 +5


If we are all done with ages:

Economic Circumstances, part 1: Stipends

Those knights who are household knights, you may take your stipends now:

Should the weather where you are stationed be 20+ then your stipend is 10s, if it is less than 20 then it is £1. Those of you in Terrabil can quadruple your stipend thanks to the proximity of the king’s generosity!

Cornwall Weather : 3d6: 4 + 3 + 1 = 8 +5
Salisbury Weather: 3d6: 4 + 6 + 4 = 14 +5


Economic Circumstances Part 2: Book of the Estate

Leddicus, after all your expenses, your income is £5

Ullin, after all your expenses, your income is £3


Economic Circumstances Part 3: Book of the Manor

Tisbury, Idmiston, Foxcotte and Cholderton, you’re up!

A1: Start with your normal income
A2: Add any investment income
A3: This is your Anticipated Income

B1: Roll on the Manorial Luck table and resolve that roll
B2: Salisbury Weather Roll = 19.
B3a: Adjust your Concern(My Commoners) if you have reason too
B3b: Sum your Concern(My Commoners) subtract your commoners Hate(Landlord) or add your commoners Love(Landlord).
If the result is 0, or lower then you automatically fail the next step but roll anyway in case you fumble.
B3c: Roll against the number produced from B3b, on a Critical, deduct 10 from your fate, on a Pass, Deduct 5. On a fail, neither add or deduct anything and on a fumble, add 5 to your fate. The number produced is your Misfortune.

C: Make your stewardship roll, opposed by a roll against your misfortune. The results of this dictate a multiplier to your Anticipated Income. This is your Manor’s Income.

D - At any point in part D, if you have had 5 years in a row without having a final income that is worse than meagre, then roll against the current population in 100s If you succeed then you have more adults than you thought. Next you can send your steward to take a census - roll as if checking for experience against your manors population. A roll over the population means you have discovered an extra 100 people living on your manor. If you pass both rolls, then ask me what your options are for dealing with your extra peasants!

D1: If you’re short of funds, you can try to make some Emergency Income. You can squeeze the peasants, log your woodlands, mortgage your manor, visit a pawnbroker, borrow money from a player knight, borrow money from family or borrow money from an NPC or borrow money from a moneylender.

D2: Set aside money for next years Living Expenses: for ordinary standard of living, this is £6 for a knight with one squire and a wife (an additional £1 per extra squire) or £5 for a single knight with a squire and a steward, and £4 for a knight with no wife, one squire and no steward. You can reduce or increase how much you spend to improve or reduce your chances in stable/family rolls, earn some glory and a variety of other effects
D3: Add your income to your treasury
D4: Pay for next years construction of improvements

E1: Check to see if the peasants have spontaneously repaired any destroyed structures
E2: Check to see if this years constructions complete successfully.
E3: If eligible, check for population growth
E4: Check to see if peasants without work have voluntarily cleared a field


Valens at Tisbury

Anticipated Income
Normal Income £6
Fish Pond d2: 2
Apiary d2: 2

Rampart, ditch and moat to be checked for completion.

Manorial Luck d6: 3
If needed, Event Roll d20: 18

Care d20: 17 vs Concern (My Commoners) (6)
Stewardship d20: 1 vs 12 (Tamara’s Distaff)


A member of Valens’ retinue dies, which I believe is only at this time his squire and Tisbury’s steward?


Weather roll for Salisbury is 19
Misfortune d20: 6 vs 19 opposed by 1


Squire, wife or raconteur


d3: 1

1: Wife
2: Squire
3: Raconteur


(Explains the terrible Stewardship roll I guess…)


My condolences. :frowning: As established, you still get a child birth roll.


You say terrible, still counts as a pass against Valens’ stewardship, so there’s that


A meagre harvest x3/4 expected income, but somehow, I feel that’s a secondary concern


Anticipated Income was £10, so £7.10s income. Has this been further reduced by the drinking of the wine?


Ah, yes of course, it went down to bad - hard times in Logres - that then is £5 income x0.5.

The King’s taxes at Tisbury were £2.10s to help pay for the replacement knights needed across the country