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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Hogarth would joust?


(Sorry are we all in the same event or different events?)


You will all be in the same event




(Posted at @UllinBethalto’s request, with my own interjection for Jowanet)

At the end of the feast, Cubeth, full of exuberant joy, seeks out her older brother Narwar, who she has not seen or spoken to in several years, to tell him the good news. She exits the great hall and looks around the courtyard Surely, he is out here. He knew I was inside, he will be waiting to speak to me. I know he will. , she thinks to herself looking at the groups of knights still mingling about.

Where is he? He was with the King’s camp at Tintagel… Sir Percyvallus said so… He should at least be in the courtyard. she wonders as she approaches a servant, “Excuse me, could you point out which direction Sir Narwar went? I was to meet him out here after the feast, perhaps he was tired and left early. I should be able to catch up with him.” The servant shrugs and goes about there business cleaning up the feast.

Cubeth then sees a squire, she is sitting by herself, and thinks: Surely, this squire will know where my brother is!

“Squire, I am Sir Cubeth, I am looking for my brother Narwar. Have you seen him recently?”

Jowanet glances up at Cubeth “Oh… Ahh… there was an incident…”

“Where to start” the squire squirms uncomfortably “Well he started trying to get into the castle, Sir Brastius restrained him twice and warned him that the third time he would be flung into the dungeon.”

The squire pauses “Then he did it again and got flung into the dungeon”

Cubeth starts to speak, but Jowanet forgets himself for a moment and shhushs her “That’s not all… he managed to get out somehow, and… well… he was dressed as a commoner, and acting like one too, he was serving one of the foreign knights. I tried to intervene, but he kept acting like a commoner, shrinking away from me. It was him without a doubt, right down to the bruise in the shape of Brastius’ sovereign ring after his last attempt to get into the castle. He’s left with that knight, off to Cambria, to the place we got the wine from absolutely maddened!”

Cubeth is stunned. She grasps for words and struggles to hold back the tears welling in her eyes. She had been so happy just a little while ago and now she is in the depths of despair. For some reason, she feels she could have prevented this, perhaps, if she would have stayed in Salisbury or made an effort to speak with him sooner. But it does not change the fact her brother has vanished into the wilds, just like their father.


((If Cubeth is willing or brave enough to talk about Narwar’s madness, she’s going to be serving alongside another who disappeared in such a fashion…))


(Cubeth still Will? Would she be on the Salisbury team?)


(If we do go hunting, can Owain bring along his sight hound?)


(Can Hogarth bring De?)


(Can Cynian bring his A game?)


Leddicus is for Sword & Shield.


Cynian is floored by Narwar’s disappearance. He had hoped to talk with his friend regarding the wine, but now sees he misjudged the situation. He had thought he could get him through this darkness with words of comfort and support, but that was naive. He had shown all of the signs of a knight on the brink and Cynian had missed it. He hadn’t quite believed she had been turned into wine, that he would find her on the run somewhere, the wine a cruel trick by an angry sorceress. Narwar now paid the price for his apathy and Cynian is overcome with guilt. As soon as he is able, he vows to get to the bottom of this and bring Narwar home where he belongs.


(Narwar is the one who is missing…)


Yes please and yes Salisbury. you are still organised by your unit that your fought for!


That’s a funny way of saying De is bringing Hogarth, but no - it’s PC’s and only PC’s in the event they decide on!

He has been recently, at least from a roleplaying point of view! And an Indeg point of view!

So far, I think your votes are (Backup choices in brackets):

Hogarth: Hunting (Joust)
Leddicus: Sword
Owain: Sword (Hunting)
Cubeth: No vote cast yet


(Rats… I am the deciding vote???)


Well, it’s not strict, others have time to change their minds!


(My big question is, does Cynian tell Cubeth what he knows? For if I remember correctly, Narwar did not tell Ullin and Cubeth had not talked to Narwar since he found the wine; so, both of those characters are only operating on the information that Jowanet has given them. @SleepyWill does Jowanet tell Cubeth more details than what happened that night? Does she give Cubeth any possessions left behind by Narwar in his madness? That information can be sent via PM if you prefer!)


Jowanet says nothing else, and Narwar’s madness occurred in the dungeon, so Castle Sarum, eventually, sends his possessions to Ullin.


First Choice of event

  • Sword and Shield
  • A Hunt
  • The Joust

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Second Choice of Event

  • Sword and Shield
  • A Hunt
  • The Joust

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