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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


As the feast ends and the collected Nobility begins to depart, Hogarth sits with a full tankard, beckoning Sir De over, and those Salisbury knights who want to join them.

He starts in little more than a whisper, drink gripped firmly in his hand.
“For Sir Frasans and Sir Huminferos, lost fighting the cursed Manticore.”
He pauses. “For Robyn, Berenie and Elad. For the Diafol. For all those who fell at Linsey.”
He sighs deeply. “For Vance and all those left buried in foreign fields.”
But his voice strengthens. “For those who died with great glory, like the Savior of Somerset Beldemence! For those who died for want of armour, like Sir Grantham. For those who expected honour,we remember Sir Alain. For those who die at the hands of those they sought to protect we honour Sir Jory.”
“We honour the fallen. Whether mighty Prince or fresh esquire. We honour them with our actions and we must never forget their sacrifices.”
He raises the tankard high. “So say we all!”


Owain will match that toast, clunking his drinking horn against Hogarth’s tankard.
“So say we all!”


(Cubeth invited to this gathering?) ( You may have to lasso her because she is on cloud 9!)


Of course!


Cynian returns to his seat more subdued than when he left. He wants nothing to do with the wine and will avoid drinking it while he deals with whatever cards he draws.

2d154: 131 + 60 = 191

“So say we all,” he says tossing back his mead after listening to Sir Hogarth’s speech. While he doesn’t stay silent the entire time, he does have a moment of silence for Prince Madoc as well. He watched the man die and it is the least he can do to pay his respects to his King and Prince.

(Not trying to double-dip, it’s just what Cynian would have done)


After she bids goodnight to her betrothed, she sees a gathering of Salisbury knights encircling Sir Hogarth. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she takes a full ale from a servant, now disappointed, who was clearing it from a nearby table.

She quietly listens to Sir Hogarth’s speech. Many of the names she knew as a squire and she slightly tears up at the mention of Sir Beldemence, the Hero of the Avalon Marshes. It is at that moment she realizes the Prince was not the first knight she failed to aid in battle and resigns, sadly, to the fact he may not be the last.

When Captain Hogarth finishes, she raises her mug and responds, “To the glorious fallen,” and drains the mug in one swift draught.



In his contemplation Cynian overhears someone talking behind him slightly louder than the hushed tones around him. He listens in while he picks at the remains of his plate.

Intrigue d20: 2 vs 3 + 9 Geniality


Nice :slight_smile: Tick to intrigue and you hear the following conversation

“I’ve been speaking with a survivor of Preston”
“Really? We haven’t heard from any yet.”
“No, I’ll tell you why, the savages sacrificed every man woman and child they could to Wotan”

a moment of silence

“The war god…”


The feast then is over. Cubeth, King of the Bean netted you 15 geniality points alone so of course you won, but worth pointing out that even without those 15 points, you still would have won the feast.

Unfortunately Uther opened the wine and as such, any knight who holds a manor or estate in Logres will find that their taxes rise sharply in order to replace the value that had already started to have been spent. Whatever your winter result, it will be deducted 1 category, and this will remain affecting your manor indefinitely, unless through adventure you manage to overcome this.

Any passions relating to the wine may now be removed, if that passion was or has at any time been Amor, then your character is with immediate effect handed over to me, they have experienced Madness, cast off their clothes and run away from civilisation.

The king does not dismiss you, and hospitality binds you to follow him to Tintagel, though you find yourself camping on the outskirts once more. Even though the Royal foreign parties mostly return home, there is little room in the castle for you, and so you experience the wedding of Uther to Lady Ygraine from a distance.

There is however an impromptu knightly competition organised at Uther’s request, and the events are: Sword and Shield on foot, The Joust and A hunt for the great beast of Bodmin Moor (Best prey wins, as judged by Duke Ulfius if the beast itself is not caught - the beast is not the manticore you found on Dartmoor). Each event takes place simultaneously, and entrants are grouped by County, thus Salisbury enter as one. Elad will not join you as he is to judge the Sword and Shield, but Roderick will.

You may (optionally) choose to enter one event, and because of the mystical effect of fate, all player knights (who enter) will find themselves the only Salisbury knights who choose that event and all chose the same event!

Sword and shield on foot will be fought as a skirmish league where you will fight against each other entrant once, and the best overall wins.

The joust will be a knock out tournament with points awarded to each knight individually, and the county with the highest score overall wins.

The hunt will be a regular hunt, each county is allocated a specific region of Bodmin and Ulfius will declare the winner, second and third place.

This event takes place in late summer, all wounds are healed.

Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign
Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign

Owain would pick Sword and Shield by preference.
Hunting a second choice.


(Did you include the +5 glory from my round 2 card? Also I vote hunting!)


Sorry, not in the total - that brings you to 116 Glory


(I have this sense of dread that this is going to destroy my coneygarth before it’s finished. What am I going to do with all these rabbits I purchased if they don’t have a place to live?)


Those of you on book of the manor, whose knights have been sequestered to Terrabil and think their manor may be vulnerable may want to roll up a new knight to move in to it, and focus that knight on stewardship to give yourself the best possible chance.


((OOOO, it’s time for Vonnes’ twin!))


((A question for the Winter Phase - what is the Distaff skill of Valens’ wife, Tamara?))



2 things

  1. Again, I do not know anything about this wine and why it should influence us but, If King says “taxes”, that Leddicus ubderstands even too well!
    What about estate? Are these new taxes like famines, etc… which mostly influence commoners and Estate economy remain stable?

  2. The day after the feast: can Leddicus make that Law roll to investigate who is this servant’s master who denied Leddicus a seat?

  1. Estate is at -1 economic level, same as the manor, I don’t think this will affect you yet as you were at the minimum level anyway but you will need to improve twice to get your first improvement.

  2. Yes please, make a law check to get your investigation started


Leddicus LAW 15
d20: 11