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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Leddicus, please make a courtesy roll and if that passes, a CON check for me please


Cubeth has 18 geniality, as it is awarded at the end of the round - at the end of this round she will have substantially won the feast with 24 29 - +5 for holding silence!


Ross is referring to the name of the card he selected, politely - Help Needed, please

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Go ahead and roll out “Help needed”, once you’ve finished sniggering!


Cubeth Dancing 12 +18= 30

d20: 10+10


Tell us about how Cubeth not only wows her husband to be but drops jaws across the entire hall with her dance as the night ends and the servants start to tidy up the feast


Leddicus Law (for courtesy) 15
d20: 18

Cos 13
d20: 9


Including your +3 geniality, that is a critical, and her CON roll shall remain a mystery until Winter phase :wink:


Hogarths roll d6: 3


(((Regarding the Law Crit. Sorry I’m tired, memory does not help, and I’m not sure about it.
But, when you get more than one opportunity for a tick, it does not matter since it’s only no more than one tick for the same skill per year, right?)))


Cubeth glances over and notices Uther making to depart the hall to grieve the Prince in private. She looks to her future husband and says, “All night I have heard how the Prince enjoyed a good rowdy feast. It would be disrespectful for the final feast in his honor to end on such a somber tone…”

Merion takes Cubeth’s hand with a raised eyebrow and she gives him a reassured smile of confidence. Remembering an old dance her aunt taught her as a very small child, she quietly instructs a servant to have the musicians switch and play a particular tune appropriate for the dance. The dance is older and one she remembers is suitable for occasions like this. Luckily, his role is very simple and very much like another dance many are familiar with.

However, the dance is rather complex for the female, requiring her to use quick precision when placing her feet and as the music continues, the pace quickens. Cubeth’s movements are graceful; and many would have accused her of practicing for weeks if they had not known she took a serious wound in battle and only recently had been fit enough to be out of bed. For the moment, the two are the only ones dancing as everyone stares in awe of her flawlessly fluid technique and light-footed steps which causes an enticing atmosphere. Soon others join in and the dancing continues for a few more songs before the servants start clearing the hall signalling the end of the feast.

When they finally stop dancing she says to her future bridegroom, while looking deep into his eyes, “I may be a knight skilled in warfare, but I am just as skilled as any Lady in Logres.” She then bids him goodnight.

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Whose wife Will?


That would be the brand new wife of Sir Jarren, he was married only yesterday, but has something urgent to take care of in the servants quarters and would dearly like his wife to be looked after by his most trusted friend.


Correct, multiple ticks are exactly the same as one tick, getting more doesn’t give you any additional benefit.


Hogarth makes small talk with Lady…

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Lady Chesten is rather overwhelmed, she only met Sir Jarren yesterday, on their wedding day and today has recieved congratulations from most of the Lords of Britain, including Uther Pendragon. I suspect she find’s Hogarth a rock in the whirlwind and looks to you as someone she can rely on in the future.


Hogarth introduces Emblyn to the lady and offers her hospitality at Cholderton whenever it is needed. He keeps the conversation firmly focussed on her and her interests.

(After the feast is over, but before everyone leaves, can Hogarth post something?)


Yes of course! So long as you don’t try to take a sneaky extra turn, roleplay freely!


I will be rolling no dice!