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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(Hope she likes bad boys! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


(((The charm of a “Horse/Cart/Destrier/good Cornish clothing” stealer !!!)))


Correct, your role is a very solemn part of the ceremony - you could try to join in with the silence, and if you’re lucky the cards will be compatable with that!

Leddicus, yes to the +1 per 1000 glory, absolutely!


No matter the politics, or personal views of the people involved, this is a funeral feast, and common decency demands that due respect is paid to the dead Prince.

Owain will raise his cup to the air, take a small sip, pour a measure to the ground and leave the rest on the table. He will stand in silence for a while, mentally giving a prayer of thanks to God for his and his family’s wellbeing and safety.

However, Owain did not really know Madoc, and it feels false to observe the sustained silence Uther maintains. Owain will look to try and find a likely individual who might be able to recommend him the service of an engineer, specifically one with knowledge of castle building. Sir Elad is an obvious choice, but he also looks to see if Waltheof is present alongside his father as part of the Huntingdon contingent. With Robyn’s death, family ties by marriage are now gone, but not forgotten. Perhaps someone from beyond Salisbury’s bounds may bring a different perspective on matters, which could be worth seeking out.

(I’m guessing Intrigue? Also, what happened to Robyn’s baby? Was it born before Lindsey? If so, there’s real family ties as Owain will be the child’s uncle)


(66 is help needed. Not the most glamorous.)


Sir Robyn’s baby was born before Lindsey yes, just! Maybe going on campaign so soon after the birth was why she was off her game and got herself killed.

Your geniality is 3


(OK, I have a question about the cards that say “(All Players)” w/ the “Mandatory” on the bottom. In the case of ‘More Food’ if you had Indulgent 16+, Indulgent automatically wins? Just wanting to make sure I am reading that correct.)


Also, Cubeth has to take cards.

d154: 75
d154: 81



If Hogarth’s Indulgent is 16+, he would have to play More Food above other choices unless he has a higher mandatory score on a different card or a draw


As the servant leaves everybody waits for Leddicus vengeful wrath.
But he just smiles and turns to Lady Delyth.
"Even servants ignore me! So, milady, it looks like you wanted this while big feast speaking not with the King’s best, but with a forgotten man, seated in the floor among dogs and squires…why did you do that? "
Leddicus Flirting 4 + 3 Geniality + 4 Glory = 11
d20: 8


She smiles and loops her arm through yours “The man sitting on the floor is by far the most interesting man in the entire hall, else he would not be seated so! I see you’ve finally taken my hint, Sir Leddicus!”


So much has changed in Leddicus’attitude to life in the last few years…he has endured enough disappointments that the discipline in which he was brought up, starts to get more relaxed.

Leddicus will try to discretely leave the feast with her or find a discreet place, trying to avoid chaperones or similar…after all he knows the place, and Woodford is not far.


Owain rolling Intrigue
d20: 16 vs 14 (5 +9 Geniality?)

(Do passes in these alternative interactions to cards get ticks?)


Yes! Sorry, yep if you pass a roll, you get a tick at a feast.

It seems to Owain that engineers have short violent careers, given their role in shoring up a castle under siege has been responsible for the death of any he tries to track down through his contacts.


So any success at a feast counts as a Crit?


Help needed please!


Really? Or only if a card says so?
Leddicus failed his cards but succeded in gossip (Law) in Round 2 and Flirting now in Round 5, but no Crit.
Are these Ticks or not?


((Yes, a ticks in Law and Flirting))


Sir Roderick takes Cubeth over to where Merion Dorset is standing, talking with a small group of individuals. Along the way she discreetly straightens herself up and lightly pinches at her cheeks while thinking to herself: …Only if I had some more warning… I could have been a bit more presentable. After all, you can only make one first impression on someone…

Cubeth has a slightly awkward feeling while they make the final approach to her future husband as she can only imagine the sight of the Earl presenting him with a black she-wolf. But she reflects on the potential symbolism and genuinely smiles feeling much more confident. Thinking to herself: He is as handsome as they say… Much more so up close, but not too handsome… If they are too pretty, they are the object of desire of many and are easily tempted to wander. Perhaps, if he is ever tempted by another, this image will help remind him that in this marriage strays get hunted down by the wolf!

The Earl begins the introductions, she keeps her head down slightly, demurely, so the wolf head cowl partially obscures her face. As her name is spoken by Sir Roderick, she pulls back the cowl and the braid of hair which was tucked underneath is shook free, falling over her shoulder gracefully. She bears an alluring and provocative smile towards Master Dorset and her eyes show a nonthreatening strength and conviction to demonstrate her approval of the arrangement; however, she tries to see if there is an indication of hesitation or reluctance on his part…

Only a few brief words are able to be shared before the final events of the feast unfold. Uther prepares to open the bottle of wine and she has to excuse herself to perform her part in the ceremony. She tells Master Dorset she would like to speak with him afterward.

She plays her part in the ceremony and the wine is poured. She is mildly concerned as a cup is passed to her, but she pushes them to the back of her mind. She feels slightly out of place standing in silence with these other knights, as her cousin Ullin knew Madoc much better than her. Yet she stands in silence not just because of the role she has played this evening as Black Shuck, but because she respected the Prince as a brave and wise soldier. She also stands with a feeling of regret as she was injured rushing to Madoc’s aid and unable to stop Gorlois from landing the lethal blow.

After holding her cup in silence for the allotted time, she swiftly drinks it in one drought, a family tradition for funeral toasts. While setting her cup down, a servant comes forward to collect the wolf skin and she is relieved of her duties as Black Shuck. Though it several hampered her freedom for the evening, she feels she will miss wearing the fur cloak. She makes her way back to Merion Dorset holds out her hand and brazenly states, “Funerals are a celebration of the life lived by the departed. We should spend the rest of the evening dancing together to honor the memory of the Prince.”

(Then dice roll for Dancing 12 +? Genialty… How much does she have? Edit: I think she has 22 she has 18‽)


If this is still required, PM me exactly what you need help with

In feasts if you do not draw a card, or game but gossip, flirt or indulge then a success earns you a crit to the tested stat.