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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


(( It sounds like Cubeth is more interested in Intrigue than her potential husband? If so, make the Intrigue check and this conversation might go somewhere! ))

Cynian, make a courtesy roll


Cynian Courtesy d20: 6 vs 14 + 8 geniality


She glances back over to the bottle of wine, gently shakes her head, and continues speaking to the Earl, “I am sorry Sir Roderick, that is not what you wanted to discuss. And I am sure that every precaution has been taken in regards to the wine and its safety. Thank you for listening to my concerns.”

“Let us discuss the topic you had Captain Hogarth speak to me about…”

(To be clear, I am resolving the card)


“Cynian, I know you well enough now, and better than you think. I have been… Oh I’m to old to mince my words among trusted company. I am a spy for the Earl, and by extension for Uther. I have been concentrating my efforts on Cornwall, but that work has finally come to an end. Cynian, I have enemies. Enemies who will hurt those I am close too to force me to do their bidding, or just for revenge. I play a dangerous game, and if you wish to be closer to me than I allow right now, you will need to accept this danger into your life.”

She holds up a hand “Anything you say now is meaningless. Think it over while you are interred in Terrabil, I have work on the continent. In the Spring, let me know your thoughts.”

(( 1/5 questions answered - but not the one you asked :wink: ))


“Cubeth” the Earl says. “I owe you an apology. Reports of Sir Gryffyn’s performance have proven the truth of the matter. I try to know every one of my men… er… knights, as well as I know my own family because that is what you are to me. I failed in my duty to you and your actions in Silchester are not only understandable, they are honourable. I know that I can’t change how you were neglected now, but I can try to prove to you that you need not avoid Salisbury any more and try to give your career the attention that it should have had from the start.”

He pauses, then “Cubeth, I have made an arrangement for you, if you will take it. This isn’t a mere gift, this is useful to Salisbury and useful to Uther as well. By accepting this marriage, you will further your own career to where it could have been by now if the truth of your potential had been nurtured, you will secure the bond between lands with a tenuous thread joining them into Logres. Cubeth, will you allow me to introduce you to Master Merion Dorset and arrange your wedding in the Autumn?”


Leddicus, as you rush to the aid of the beleagured knight, Sir Percyvallus, Sir Jarren steps in and slaps him hard on the back, causing the lodged pastry to fly out, impressing the surrounding men.

“Three cheers for the Earls new majordomo” the cry rings out and Sir Jarren’s health is drunk too. He gives Leddicus a dark glare as he moves on."


Leddicus smiles at the dark glance but he also feels like disappointed about Jarren.
Who cares who saved a man so stupid to die in this way at a feast!
Leddicus thought Jarren to be better and of higher moral quality than his father, but bad blood is bad blood…and maybe having been beaten at swordplay 3 years ago still hurts…
In Jagent Leddicus conceded defeat when he heard Jarren was the Earl’ son and he was supposed to face him in a duel, so the Roman thought that this was satisfaction enough for the man.
But from the way Jarren rushed in and that glance it looks like it is not…
“What a poor life he bears” Leddicus thinks…


She sincerely replies, “Sir Roderick, there is no need to apologize. You have a great many concerns to contend with and have to rely on the information that is reported to you by your advisers. I bear no ill will towards you in that regard.”

“As for Master Dorset…” she says with a grin and slightly blushing, “I would be delighted if you would introduce us, and Autumn is a delightful time for a wedding. I accept the arrangement.”

She secretly wonders if others had a hand in this arrangement or if this was entirely of the Earl’s design…


Are we all resolved?


I believe so:

Round 5

Uther opens the bottle of wine and pours a round for everyone. He raises a cup and bows his head, silent for a minute for each year of Madocs life. While it is not expected, many knights join in and others who do not keep their voices low in respect. If you wish to join in, skip this turn and you gain 20 glory. If you do not, let me know what you wish to do for the last turn of the feast. Leddicus, whatever you choose to do, a raspberry red faced servant approaches “Sir, a minute of your time, I owe you an apology for the seating mix up”


Hogarth, knowing the value of the wine, and how many mercenaries it could secure, declines. The resurgent Saxons are what most concerns him.

Cards 2d154: 66 + 107 = 173


Leddicus stares at the servant and smiling with stingy irony he says:

"It happens, when so many knights, more important than me, are in one single place.
I was just wondering what would have been my place, if this hassle did not happen.
I’m only the Prafectus Gentis Sorvioduni, heir of a title which, even if minor and absolutely unimportant, is older than the Kingdom of Logres itself…"

Trying to exploit the situation at least to impress Lady Delyth (Hopefully for a final Flirt Attempt with some bonus!!!) he asks the servant:

“As an amend, can you please find a more decent place where me, and this friend of mine (At this point Leddicus indicates Lady Delyth) can finally enjoy with decency the final moments of this feast in honour of the Late Prince Madoc?”


“I would need my masters permission and he refused, I’m sorry sir, I’m sorry!”

He tries to scurry away - you can if you wish interrogate him further, if you wish too, you will need to spend this turn rolling intrigue


…So this means that since this is Round 5 I either Flirt with Lady Deyleth (for which I fruitlessy tried to improve geniality for 4 rounds…) or I Interrogate, right?
Just one choice, right?

What about the servant?
Do you think that I can try to trace whom is his master after the Feast?


Correct, but of course not having a huge geniality bonus means that it is not such a penalty to do one or the other on the next day. Either way, the knights around you, many of whom are partaking in the silence are staring and whispering!


OK. How much Geniality does Leddicus have?


(( I’ll get back to you when I have that figure, the machine with that on is rendering for a while, likewise the above card roll ))


Don’t worry, I understand!


Leddicus shares Hogarth’s feelings.
He has not idea of the value of the wine (I guess you introduced it first in some solo or somewhere I did not read, even if I remember it mentioned in Londinium) but, given what he has heard, he believes what Hogarth believes.
And he also adds that, since the new Saxon conquests are Uther’s fault, Leddicus does not want to take part in this. He has also vowed at the beginning of the feast not to have toasts with Uther…he rationalized that Uther has nothing to do with his seating, but Leddicus has definitively enough of all this Uther passionate non-sense, that he does not enjoy wasting that wine that way, so he takes an excuse with himself thinking about the promise he did in Round 1.

I feel that Leddicus will try Flirt with Lady Delyth, since it’s now or never.
Leddicus’ Flirting is pretty bad (4) which means that, whatever Geniality is, even if low, it will be a much better chance now that the next day (while with Leddicus’ high Law tracing the servant’ master will be easy).

I’ve seen Pendragon 5.2 page 102 which says that, with GM approval, one gets +1 to Flirting per 1,000 Glory.
@SleepyWill , do you approve it?

Card currently holding.


(Just for clarification, I will have to draw cards this round, correct?)