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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Those cards are both so tempting for Hogarth!


I’ve got 7 geniality? (Or is it 8?)

Let’s go for may we Dance?


(Owain is rooting for you!)


(Perhaps it is this mysterious stranger who knows nothing about my dancing.)


I am surprised the dice roller didn’t make you do all theses things at once!


(There’s no consequences for a fail or even a fumble - a safe environment for Hogarth to practice dancing rounds)


And fail or fumble all 3 at the same time!


you have 7 geniality, go ahead and roll!


The Armello listens to Owain. "I know Sir Menadue very well indeed, he won’t mind me telling you but I know but he has something serious on his mind. I will absolutely ensure he is looked after as best we can, but a friend as yourself can meet needs of a knight that a druid cannot.

Lady Indeg gives Cynian a withering glare “The Earl will most certainly excuse me”. Roderick nods meekly.

“And why have you waited this long young man?” (Go ahead and roll flirt if that’s what you want, but with all that’s passed between you, I suspect she is already well aware of your interest in her - might I instead suggest you take advantage of the feast to try to learn the answer to one of her marriage condition questions?)


…and then there is the young lady, asking Hogarth for a dance. Immediately his eyes flick to Emblyn, panic in his eyes. Her own expression is one of confusion, and then a shrug. She’s got no plan.

Although as Hogarth takes the first step, she does rally enough to exchange a few coins with another of the waiting ladies…


Dancing 1 +7 geniality = 8

d20: 19


How old are Hogarth’s children?


5 and 1


Sir Myfanwy has been asking about how receptive Hogarth might be to bring their two families together with a promise between their two children entering paging service, but after… whatever that was… she didn’t mention an arrangement.


Hogarth bows stiffly, his wound still bothering him.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees Emblyn smile reassuringly, whilst placing several silver coins into her money purse.


“That maybe true, but likewise I cannot help Menadue with matters spiritual, especially as I am very ignorant in even the basic principles of his faith.”

Owain takes care to guide the Armello past Hogarth’s ‘zone of control’ with a wry grin; Hogarth dances like he is attempting to maneuver a unit on the battlefield, taking ground and unwilling to retreat, trying to meld the movements to his will rather than just flowing with the music.


(Cubeth, finally , resolving the “Ideal Wife” card.)

Cubeth passes by the preparations for the wine, on her way to speak with Earl Roderick, and pauses briefly for a moment. She looks at the bottle and a pestering thought from earlier in the evening creeps forward to the forefront of her consciousness. She tries to shake it from her mind and moves on to the Earl.

When she reaches Sir Roderick, she bows and says, “Captain Hogarth says you wish to speak with me? However, before we discuss that topic, can I speak with you of an urgent matter which has been bothering me this evening? I would have come forward to you sooner, but my obligations with the feast have prevented me from doing so, and I am certain the question I have has been taken into consideration… But, my mind would be more at ease if I had confirmation from someone of a higher station and greater knowledge of the subject…”


d20: 5 vs intrigue 7


“Might this be about the wine that you’ve been giving the side-eye too all day?”


Cubeth, trying to not make a scene, quietly says to the Earl, “Yes… It is troubling me a bit. Something does not seem quite right… The snowstorm last winter, it seemed to come out of thin air… Like it was conjured. And the Duke… When he was battling the Prince, the rage in his eyes… Granted he was once an honorable man… in the end, Cornwall seemed… changed… I am concerned the wine could either have been poisoned or cursed to get revenge against the Pendragon from the grave if the Duke fell in battle… I know this might be nonsense and probably my imagination, but to hear from you it was inspected properly would put my mind at ease… Surely the King had his top people, the Armello, or even Merlin to look over the bottle to ensure it had not been compromised since it was taken…”


Cynian’s eyes soften as the corners of his mouth twitch upwards in a playful grin.

“Apologies my Lady, the people of the realm requesting my assistance came between us. Fear not, for valiant Cynian, Master of Court, navigated the turgid waters to return to your side.”

The look of combined exasperation and embarrassment he received is the perfect opportunity to steer the two of them to a more secluded part of the feast. When they are relatively alone, his smile wavers a bit.

“Lady Indeg, back when I, uh, proposed, you said a lot of things. Most of them are fair, but I don’t understand one thing. Why did you say you would ruin my and my children’s lives? You know that could never happen right?”