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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Leddicus sends a servant to retrieve more drink for the hall, and he returns with three casks of a Porter brewed in Cirencester. It is hearty and rich and delicious but filling so many knights find themselves nursing their first or second mug, not wanting to stop drinking it, but unable to drink too quickly.


After leading the dance, Owain was a little parched, and something more drinkable may have been quaffed a little too quickly. However, the heavy porter requires a more relaxed approach.


Cynian indulgent d20: 18 vs 10 - 2


Hogarth is too busy talking about gender equality and front crawl to partake in the porter.


Cynian is still wrangling a currently unknown drunken knight and is trying to avoid drinking a certain alcoholic beverage anyways.


Cubeth Indulgence 7-2=5
d20: 6


(Ohhh, sooo close!)


Mingling and upholding her role as Black Shuck, Cubeth soon realises she was out in the cloister longer than she thought as roasted coney has been out for a while and had gotten cold, evidenced by the hardened fat at the bottom of the trays of picked over carcasses.

Beginning to make her way around the room in the direction of Earl Roderick, she is abruptly stopped by a group of knights laden with mugs of rich, dark ale and promptly has a mug thrust into her hand. She momentarily stares down into the mug of black liquor and her stomach starts to tie back into knots as she has a moment to think of her current situation and forthcoming conversation with Sir Roderick.

The knights in question want to have a drink in honor of the Prince as one of his favorite ales is being served. Knowing her responsibilities of the evening, but not feeling entirely in the mood for it in her current state, she obliges to the men discovering they had traveled with the Prince for a time. She takes the surprisingly small mug and drinks it rather quickly in one large drought, to much applause from those around her.

When she sets the mug down, she is grateful she had taken the fresh air, as that allowed her a time away from drink enough to let her stomach settle. If she had not, she either would have been sick from drinking the heavy bitter ale or possibly roaring drunk. That would have been quite the sight! She thinks to herself But there are plenty of men and women who meet their future spouse completely drunk! She begs the knights to forgive her for she has to leave them at present, as she was asked to speak with Earl Roderick about an important matter. Before she leaves though, the knights give her another small mug of ale. She thanks them and goes on her way moving through the crowd. She is careful to only take small sips from the mug and then eventually gives the rest to a knight who is searching for one last mug of the ale.

If I need to edit any of this, let me know Will.


(( Looks all good to me ))

I think we’re ready for

Round 4

Haslet and Pullet are served alongside a light ale much to everyone’s relief, Uther steps down from the Dias to oversee preparations of the huge bottle of wine.

Let me know what you wish to do!


(Who was the knight Cynian assisted? Card says he’ll remember it so I’m just curious. Also I’m assuming Lady Indeg is around somewhere?)


Hogarth goes carding

2d154: 80 + 108 = 188


Cards are a lot of fun, but Owain will go and ask the Armello whether she cares for a dance.

His purpose is two fold. Firstly, he will be publically seen with someone who is known to be opposed to Merlin, whilst the dance with give him a chance to have a relatively private word within the crowded hall.



Cynian helped Sir Siwan, bodyguard to King Gorre, and yes, Lady Indeg is in Earl Roderick’s retinue, though none of you are aware of her role with him and are surprised to see her in his retinue. This is the first time they have displayed any sort of professional association.


Flirting Owain, is very specifically communicating a romantic interest in another, so to answer your question form much earlier, no improvements to APP or any associated bonuses don’t help! If you get tongue tied, you get tongue tied no matter how good you look! Your APP comes into play after a successful flirt “Oh, Sir Owain is interested in me… well he is good looking…” - Anyway - If that’s what you want with the Armello, go right on ahead, and have fun! Otherwise, I suspect it’s a plain old intrigue or courtesy roll depending on what else you want to speak with her about, but do go ahead and make that Dancing roll, for fun, flavour and you never know, perhaps a bonus to whichever roll you go for!


(((@SleepyWill I’m planning these last 2 rounds.
Do you think that (given Leddicus’ prafectus role and connections in the local hundred and high Law score) investigation on who missed Leddicus place to be possible after the Feast?
I’m asking since flirting is not Leddicus’ strength and either I focus now on improving geniality (cards!) for a last round attempt or I forget about the lady and focus on gossip about the guilty of ignoring Leddicus))).


You can definitely investigate, I’m not convinced your Hundred contacts are going to be of great help - being so close to Sarum castle, they are Earl Roderick himself and the Bishop, but who needs connections when the law allows you to enact justice on any commoners of the land!


OK! Trusting into high Law (for investigation after the Feast) in Round 4 I’ll try to improve Leddicus’ geniality for a hopeful last 5th round flirt attempt.
Leddicus cards for last round.

d154: 70
d154: 45
d154: 49


Owain rolling
d20: 7 vs 23 Dancing (15 +8 Geniality)
d20: 13 vs 18 Courtesy (10 +8 Geniality)

Owain has a request to ask the Armello.

“You may have not heard the news yet, but I am to be posted in Cornwall at Castle Terrabil for at least the next year. I can tell by the number of standing stones in the surrounding area that there are sites that are important to your faith; you are more than welcome to come and visit. I would ask a favour, if I may? I worry about a friend of mine, Sir Menadue. He is a Cornish knight, and was extremely close to Duke Gorlois. Now his Lord is dead, I fear for his health, that he may slowly fade away. In his mind he undoubtedly believes he has failed his Lord. He is a Tor Worshipper, and I was wondering whether you or one of your order could perhaps visit him and offer him some support?”



Cynian will FLIRT.

Eyeing her from afar, Cynian is a little taken aback to see Lady Indeg sitting with Earl Roderick’s retinue. They had never spoken of such an arrangement, but he isn’t really surprised. Getting her to speak of anything is a lesson in humility.

Rising from his chair, he approaches the Earl to whom he bows. “Earl Roderick could I please ask to borrow Lady Indeg for a short while? I assure you I will return her whole.”


Leddicus’ philosophy in this feast’s “Maximum Riskk/Maximum failure” so let go with Emergency to see who among Uther’s notables is going to be choked because of Leddicus!

First Aid 8
d20: 17