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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Yep, sorry a simple oversight, you have 2 geniality not 1


Do not worry!!
It’s just that being so lowly seated any point counts!!


(Cubeth will be resolving An Ideal Husband card this round.)


Hogarth round 3.

Hogarth seeks out Admiral Gwenwynwyn, thanking him for the information he gave him this year about Salisbury knights conspiring with Fae. Whilst talking about this years Saxon raids and other news he reveals the real reason for their conversation.

“Truth he told Admiral, I wish to be educated. Twice in my life I have been dragged almost to my death spluttering in foul waters. My wound this year has only exacerbated things. I fear I would not be able to keep my head above water.”

He gestures around.

Somewhere in Salisbury you must know of a retired boat captain or competent tutor who would be able to teach me how to swim?”

Courtesy 12 +6 geniality +5 for family connection = 23 d20: 6




You are skipping this round as a result of last rounds card - you will not be dealt that card, and will instead be dealt it next round.

“I do! I have just the man… well, lady, as it happens. Will that be acceptable?”

Also skipping this turn!


(Well, there’s really only one choice for Owain. To the dancing!)

d20: 12 vs 15 +5 geniality


Hogarth snorts.

“Emblyn has been telling me what to do for years, De was pulling my backside away from certain death even before that. The best tutor will always be the best tutor.


I’m tempted to do Passion and try to raise something…but what about this?

Does Geniality adds to Indulgent?


((Geniality only adds to Courtly Skills, not traits or passions))


I’m not interested in “Tired”
Rationality would suggest “Passion” in order to raise Leddicus’ Loyalty Passion…
But I’m tempted to spice up life for all of us, and choose “More Drink” which affects everybody…

Let the dice Choose!!!

1-3 = Leddicus Chooses Passion
4-6 = Leddicus chooses More Drink

d6: 5


Wine for everybody!!!


(Does it impact those missing the round I wonder?)


Hogarth vs indulgent 6 d20: 9


OK…Leddicus’ life is becoming more crazy…
I guess that he entered the Feast with the aim of understanding who hates him…but maybe now he is more interested in Flirting with the girl so, who knows, some wine may help!
Let hope to be indulgent!

Leddicus Indulgent 7 (I kind of remember there were modifiers on this roll in Boof of the Feasts, but I do not remember which).

d20: 13


Owain rolling Indulgent
d20: 8 vs 8


All of this for nothing!!


Not for you!


(Oh that’s not good! That’s the monk gone too!)


Well…it depends on the roll!

@SleepyWill has access to Book of Feasts, I guess, and I kind of remember being Drunk to give bonuses to some rolls (and maluses to others…).

Sorry Owain! I hoped to help Leddicus flirting, but it look like this had consequence on others!


It says all players, so let’s be wicked and say yes (After-all, the Ullin dynasty surely must make a habit of being roaring drunk whilst meeting their potential spouses for the first time!)!

There are indeed:

Starting with the -2 for the feast lasing 5 rounds or more (This feast is a 5 round feast) so the serving girls hide some away to ensure you do not run out! Then there is the question of what is being drunk - something I haven’t specified, but had in mind - this is Madoc’s funeral, and Madoc did not enjoy wine but ale, bitter and stout. Total modifiers, -2.

This changes some of your results somewhat:

Hogarth, still a fail, you remain sober
Leddicus likewise still a fail and still you are sober!
Owain, your Critical success now becomes a fail and you are also sober, and you haven’t lost the admiration of Friar Búdic, on the contrary, you have impressed the monk with your temperance.