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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Cynian will go with A Helping Hand

Generous d20: 6 vs 16

If it fails

Selfish d20: 9 vs 4


Cynian sees some important figures speaking in hushed tones and almost rises to listen in when his eyes meet those of a serving girl. Her face pale and eyes pleading, she comes over and begs Cynian’s assistance with ‘a delicate matter’. Without a glance back towards the gossip, he grins and says, “It would be my honor.”

Offering his arm, he asks her to direct him towards the trouble.


((Request for a summary of Genialty scores at the start of the next round please Will.))


nudge to remind Ullin that Hogarth’s card comes to him next turn we still need this turns action please!




@SleepyWill (I rolled right before @RossM picked his card. Actually, I think 1 min prior to be exact)


Oooh, sorry, thanks!



((Queasy is a redraw I believe))




Rerolls got really silly when we were doing them, and that was with a short feast, drawing only one card for most of you, and dragged out the last few rounds far to much, so since the first feast, I’ve been going to the closest card rolled - in this case, card 121 (which is identical to card 120) - you can hover over the pictures, and see that I’ve named the picture the same as the card number to check you’ve got the correct card


(Before I decide, I have a question on Queasy. If I choose it, I just miss the chance to do something this round and still get my +3 Geniality for the King of the Bean card?)


( Yes, I believe so)

(OOC stuff)

(Sorry, I spent all night debating this choice. Both are very tempting, but the writer in me wants to do some character development and pick what produces a better story. As much as I would like to see Cubeth beat up on someone with her Honor 15, +4 Geniality (Only a Fumble could beat her!) , I see an opportunity to write some emotions and feelings which I see as being more important. Sorry for the delay!)

Cubeth leaves Captain Hogarth with an air of certainty and starts to descend down the stairs back to the crowd. Then in a rush, her head becomes light and all the blood in her body seems to have evaporated into thin air. Her heart begins to race wildly and her mind races with a thousand thoughts and questions. Her hand sinks into the railing which seems to show no sign of supporting her, though it is of sound construction. The room seems to shrink and collapse in on its self and her stomach begins to turn its self into knots. She pauses for a moment towards the bottom of the stairs and realises, for the moment, she is not being called upon to be Black Shuck and seizes the moment to step away from the crowd and into an empty corridor just off the main hall into a small cloister.

The air is cool and stings her face slightly as she leans against a pillar. She sucks in the fresh air, filling her lungs and her body begins to relax. As the blood refreshes in her body, she thinks to herself: Pull yourself together! This is what you were always looking for, why are you so nervous‽ You have faced more dangerous threats than this… Though this is not happening the way you wanted, on your own terms, does it really matter? Are you that foolish to turn down this offer for something as fleeting as love?

Her back leaning against the pillar, she looks up into the night sky. The dark void fills her with a sense of emptiness and solitude, but her eye catches on a bright object in the sky Venus and she wonders Or is this a bright moment in my life where things go my way? The first year at Foxcotte has been a disaster and my fighting this year has been marginal at best. Perhaps if I do wed that will allow me to focus more…

With her heart beating normally and her stomach untwisted, she realises she cannot dwell her for more than is necessary to compose herself and quickly returns to the feast, though her mind still is full of uncertainty with thoughts clawing at the back of her mind. She straightens herself up and re-enters the hall quietly and immediately engages with a group of knights and spends the rest of the course distracting herself by committing herself to the role of Black Shuck.


Geniality does not modify honour



(Oh that is right! I forgot that! It just modifies courtly skills. Well, I am very glad I went the route that I did! I fixed my above post to reflect the above information.)


I’ll leave mine up because that skill list is useful to everyone


Round 3

As the cold meat slices in ginger sauce and roasted coney are brought out, the musicians strike up a sombre piece.


@SleepyWill Does Keeping this card (as I’m doing now) give me +1 per round, neutralizing that -1?
I mean: since I was gossiping with her and not interacting with other ladies (“Discard this card if you interact with another lady”) I thought it was obvious that I was keeping it…


By the way, need to pump up some geniality if I want to do anything by Round 5…Leddicus will draw cards.
d154: 96
d154: 147
d154: 115


Cards again for Owain
d154: 79
d154: 25

(Does the APP bonus for clothes and jewellery add into any particular skill rolls? Flirting springs to mind as an example)