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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


Let’s go for ideal wife please!


Do I roll the random marriage roll or do you @SleepyWill


Go ahead and roll for us @RossM - obviously Cubeth can translate the roll into her desired gender if she would rather marry a gentleman. I’m going to give the roll an additional +5 thanks to the calibre of guests here.


d20: 17 +10




Earl Roderick pulls Hogarth to one side. “We need to talk about Cubeth” he says, conspiratorially.

When you are in the relative anonymity of being surrounded by strangers, he tells you

“She needs to be wed, and while she has given her sword to Silchester, she is still my vassel and I owe her. I feel I overlooked her, and took my eye off her progress, and so I only hope that I can make up for my shortcomings with a gesture. I have selected for her a fine gentleman, from one of the great families, the Praetor of Dorchester. The Gentleman in question is his eldest son, Master Meirion Dorset and though born without the aptitude of knightliness, yet still set to a fine inheritance. This really is a most splendid match for her, he is famed for his good looks and I would like you Sir Hogarth to give her the good news!”

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How would I know he is the evil one when we all have beards?


The evil one has an odd number of braids.


Eye patch.


Hogarth nods. A fine choice to unite powerful factions, and no doubt significant landholdings.

Moving through the throng he relays the missive to Cubeth, explaining how this is a great oppurtunity.


(This is just the opening gambit.)


When Sir Hogarth reaches Cubeth, she is adorned in the large black wolf hide of Black Shuck. It is a richly dark and luxurious fur, shimmering when she moves; and is made for a knight of large stature which seems to fit her perfectly. “Captain Hogarth! You seem as if you are on a mission, what is on your mind?” she says smiling and in good spirit.

She is focused and listens intently to what Hogarth has to say. As he continues to speak her face grows more serious and her smile slowly fades as her face reddens slightly. When he finishes speaking she looks the knight straight in the eye and asks, “Can you point him out to me?”


Cynian will roll, er, draw

Third is in case of duplicate

3d154: 4 + 74 + 32 = 110

Also do we gain location geniality at the beginning or end of the round? (I know I’ve asked before, I’m the worst)


(At the end)


Hogarth nods, leading Cubeth up a wide set of stairs to a more subtle observation point. Away from the crowd Hogarth talks in quieter tones. “This is a match of the highest quality. I know this is a decision of great importance, and I will not give you any council. Affairs of the heart are for you alone.”


Yep, geniality is awarded at the end of each round


(Upon a sleepy re-read, I am interpreting this as Hogarth identifying the man for her.)

Her face now is a deep scarlet and her brow is furrowed. She meekly glares while swiftly saying, “Captain Hogarth, I believe you had misunderstood me… While my cousin Ullin afforded the time to studying coats of arms and sigils, I always thought of asking who someone was to be more practical use… I could not even begin to try and spot the man you spoke of in this room. Thank you for pointing him out to me,” but her eye flicks away to a different knight in the crowd, just for a second, and back on Master Meirion Dorset as they stand on the balcony, "The match is as handsome as they say. I am very grateful Sir Roderick thinks that highly of me… Even if my father had not disappeared and I not a knight, I doubt he could have found me a better match… "

You now realise she was not frustrated or angry, she is flushed with embarrassment both at her inability in identifying the man and at the prospect of the match as she gazes, smiling, at the crowd assembled below them.

“It is sweet you think so highly of me Captain to not offer me counsel on the matter and to let me make up my own mind,” she states beaming as she looks out upon the crowd. She turns back to Hogarth, slightly more tempered now than a moment ago, and says, “But very few in this life can afford to make a choice of the heart like my cousin was. Take for example the late Cornwall’s wife. She is now a pawn and her life is totally out of her control. I know I have a say in my situation, but only a fool would reject such an offer… Of all to bring me this news, I am glad it was you.”

She now becomes more serious and proper, straightening up the wolf’s head upon her head, “Now. I have been away from my duties for too long. Tell the Earl I will speak with him about this matter in a little while… But do not let him know of my feelings on the matter entirely… I do not want to seem too eager…”


Hogarth nods, truly a knight that could help unite the kingdoms from such a position.



(Wow, this is legitimately a tough choice…)