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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“If you are speaking about “Hogarth” I may know something about the previous Roman owner of the cursed villa, since my uncle is Sir Falx, in Londinium and he taught me about Iustinianus but I can also introduce you to my friend Sir Hogarth, if you like.”


(((who is she? Does Leddicus know anything?)))


…but only if you call him by his right name, milady!


Round 2

With her role of prestige giving her access to the assorted royalty of the hall, Cubeth is a striking Black Shuck! The second course is brought out, after the first of Roast baby Swanand Madoc’s emblem in jelly this course is Loach in cold green sauce, and Capon pastries and chips.

Let me know how you spend your turns - Leddicus, it sounds like you wish to gossip to find out who this young lady is, or perhaps flirt?


Hogarth cards

2d154: 29 + 151 = 180


Let speak and see who is this girl (rich or poor, virtuous or troublesome, married or not etc…).
Flirting is not among Leddicus strengths, therefore he will proceed only if she is worth of or interesting.
So…I guess it’s gossip, no drawing cards and Law roll?
(A 5th fumble now would be awesome!).


Correct, let’s see you make a roll and have something good happen for once!


Leddicus Law 15 +/- modifiers which I do not know if any.
d20: 1


Owain will draw cards again
d154: 36
d154: 34


You currently have a geniality of +2, but that is easily a success so, you discover through conversation that she is the eldest daughter of Baron Llyr, an important man in the court of Caer Beris.


Sounds like good money…unfortunately Leddicus flirting skill is not great. Maybe he will try to build some geniality




(((((I know you are all very chivalric and concerned about honor and maybe even romance…but Leddicus is becoming less and less so! Roman matter-of-factness! ))))


Friar Búdic , a Christian monk of the Kingdom of Cornwall approaches Owain with a determined look in his eye.

“I hear” he starts “that you seek men with knowledge of the Irish! I travelled the length and breadth of the Emerald Isle, if you like, and so long as you mean their peoples no harm, I would be delighted to join your entourage and advise you on their ways.”

(( You can hire Brother Búdic if you still hold his card at the end of the feast ))


Christian Virtue.
“This is indeed a fortuneous meeting brother. I am to spend next year as the Constable of the Tower for Terrabil Castle in Cornwall. Before I departed, I was going to seek someone to join me there to keep a record of various matters during my posting. I don’t suppose you would be interested? I would be extremely interested to hear your thoughts and learn about the Irish from you."


Whose unmarried?


(Would there be a reduction in the usual hire fee if Owain can keep hold of the card?)


(Leddicus, Cynian, Cubeth)


Just Rolling something…

d3: 2


Cubeth (Well… because she has to…)
d154: 120
d154: 71