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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“The longer we wait, the more they will mass. The horn is for the illusion we have other forces ready to attack further away. Go quick now Cubeth.”


This is a mess Owain. The ground is horrid, the Cornish hold every advantage. Will this ploy work? How long can I wait?


Sir Cubeth follows Sir Owains instructions to the word. She takes back 10 knights to remount, telling them to hold until she comes back unless ordered by Sir Owain. She then rides off the the camp with cloak in hand to speak with Sir Huminsferos.


Owain’s mental clock is ticking How long does it take to ride a mile, have a respectful meeting, and ride back?


When Sir Owain observes Cubeth mount her horse and make for the camp it redefines the meaning of the word haste, as she spurs her War Pony to move as fast as possible back to the camp…

Once she is back at the camp she heads straight to Sir Huminsferos to relay the message Sir Owain gave her…


You fool Owain. You should have insisted she take your courser.

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As your plan goes into effect and you hear the knights crashing through the woods around you, then, from first the South, then the North, an Irish runner comes out onto the road from paths to the South and the North, has a whispered conversation with Sir Ede and runs back from where they came.


It is 2 hours since Hogarth and Leddicus left - I’ll hold you here until they catch up.


Upon Sir Cubeth’s return, she hands Sir Owain his bear cloak and his horn which she quickly grabbed from his gear back at camp. She quietly says to the knight, “I should have taken your courser, but that would have looked suspicious to our opponent across the way. I told the knights back at camp exactly what you told me… They seem to have understood the situation and moved out quickly. Are your orders for the mounted troops the same? Or has there been a change while I was gone?”


“Damn. There’s more Irish hidden in the woods. I hoped that we could draw some of them away at least.”


What rolls/ modifiers are we looking at for attempting to cross the bridge as is, and for the horsemen going over the river?
It is extremely unlikely, but would any of the knights on the bridge know enough about what common folk do to be able to lift two of the bridge boards behind us and move them in front? 5 boards are missing, so replacing two (the second and fourth missing ones) can create a gappy bridge rather than a big hole.)


As it is, lance charges are most certainly banned unless you have 6 yards clear from the end of the bridge. I think if you are in a hostile situation, you need to make a horsemanship check to jump the gap and a fail means a roll as to whether your horse stops or fails the jump, falling into the gap. We’ll deal with what that means “live” - but my gut says a horse that stops blocks the bridge, while a horse that falls means several turns getting your horse out whilst dismounted - probably 2 or 3 and any further falls will deal damage to you and your horse if you are underneath.

You can certainly do it, but the question is, do you know enough to be able to secure those boards such that a horse can tread on them at combat speed and it doesn’t move under it’s feet. That’s not a job even any old commoner can do, so I’m saying folklore check -5, and in addition the honour penalty for dong commoners work


What about for foot over the bridge, horse through the water?


On foot over the bridge:

You move at half speed while climbing along frame, may not use shields and are at -10 to your combat rolls.

On horse through the water:

You have no height advantage to those on the bank, you move at half speed, may not charge or run, -5/+5 to those on the bank if they are “defending” - which I take to mean trying to hold their ground, and not trying to push into the river themselves.

Because the river is a natural feature, and is variable, I will be using your initial battle rolls to adjust these penalties, but above is the “base”


How wide is the gap on the bridge?


5 yards


So two or three rounds to traverse depending on movement rate.

Sorry if this is a leading question - what would be a ‘reasonable’ time to expect Hogarth and the rest to be away for, considering Owain heard the castle was a mile away?


Considering they have gone to try to negotiate access into enemy territory with an army, then the response will either be immediate - no, and they will be escorted back to the border, or a slow response - which could take days - if he decided for example to declare independence for his men from Cornwall and side with Uther, then such a negotiation is not going to be resolved in one sitting, the Earl would want assurances that Hogarth and Leddicus are not qualified to give, so think less days and more weeks!

However, he may be drawing out the time they spend there for other reasons, perhaps making them wait because he wants to demonstrate his power - perhaps he is keen on pomp and ceremony or perhaps he has more nefarious reasons for drawing out a meeting.


The sharp ‘no’ would have been done and dusted by now, yes?


Two hours is touch and go - I would say 3-4 hours is the very shortest amount of time such a meeting could be conducted, including travelling, with the proper courtesies. Any shorter is possible, but would be unusual.


Time to hold our nerves for a little while longer then…