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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


“On foot, let’s claim this bridge.” Owain orders to those around him. “But do not step onto Cornish land.”

He calls to the Cornish “I cannot let you impede our duty in such a way unopposed.” He dismounts and goes forward.


Cynian lowers his bow and draws his sword, advancing with the rest. His mind whirs with emotion as he contemplates the repercussions of their leaders being held for ransom, or worse. Prince Madoc and King Uther are counting on them to succeed here.

Loyalty (Lord) d20: 16 vs 15



But things feel hopeless. How can they possibly prevent them from taking apart this bridge? How can they rescue Sir Hogarth and Sir Leddicus when they are being held surrounded by enemies. And how can Sir Owain believe he would fire without permission? Cynian marches forward with the rest but his troubled mind spills outwards and distracts him in the melee to come.


Fine by me! Though I would argue that their 40 days duty means they do have to obey Hogarth as designated unit leader

In which case, they have advanced to watch the situation along with the 20 chosen knights. They however are concentrating on securing a beachhead on the Dorset side of the river, so any knights having to cross through the water will be protected from the moment they set foot on land from hurled javelins or in position to intercept pursuers

Cubeth's thoughts for Non-Players and Will...

Or you can pretend I am not here… Great… I offered an olive branch earlier and he chose to piss on it by telling off my squire, now he just ignores logic and reason choosing honor and death…

She rubs her eyes, “So we waste the blades of Earl Roderick and the Pendragon on a tiny bridge in Cornwall… We could have at least tried my plan.” She says under her breath.

She looks over at Cynian while still mounted thinking to herself: His heart is not in this fight either. Just following orders and going through the motions… I fear this action will cost us dearly… She shakes her head, dismounts her horse, and grabs a spear from her squire with her sword at her side, “Well… Could be worse, could grow old on garrison duty…”


Well…in theory. That’s feudalism and interpretation (see Loyalty/homage) is that they must give 40 days…To Me…which I give to the Earl…which he gives to the King!
That’s the trouble of historical feudalism VS the solid military organization of the Romans.
Every relationship is personal.
More than one King lost a battle because of his vassals and the whole chain of loyalties…
But for those 4 knights…do as you wish. The others need to play, let them go, if you want so!

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So, there is the halfway point of the bridge, halfway across the river, where the knight stopped you before - then there is the edge of where the Irish have removed the treadboards, say 3/4 of the way across, and if you wanted to clamber along the frame of the bridge, you can get to the edge of the river or further along, above the land to the edge of the bridge.


What’s done is done, but further dismantling can be prevented. Owain will halt at the edge of the intact part of the bridge.


As you move forward, the Irish scramble back and Sir Ede blows the horn that Sir Ilcathen gave him. You hear the sounds of dogs barking and men donning armour and mounting horses somewhere close by.

The 3 knights beside Sir Ede also mount their horses and the Irish are making for their weapons.


“You fear to face us in a fair fight Sir Ede?” Owain points to broken bridge in front of him.


“When you arrive with near 30 knights against us four then I struggle to understand how you feel the fates are being unkind to your situation. My orders were to stop you crossing the border. If your orders are to cross the border, then cross if you think you can. I’m sorry that Cornish intellect and intelligence is seen as an unfair advantage, maybe if you send your women over, we will send them back carrying bright and intelligent young knights and in the future you won’t face such a deficit in ability!”


(( Couldn’t help myself - it is Uthers era so, I’m going with it! ))


“What of our knights on your land already? You act to trap them when they rode to your Earl in good faith to request passage. What of their safe conduct?”


“We will respect hospitality Sir, they are our guests and will be treated with the respect due any guest of Cornish lands.”


((OOC:something which I did not realize at the beginning… I guess Owain should have seen that the castle is 1 mile away or even more if it is not visible from the bridge…so I feel he can count the required time for going, speaking and going back))


“Then we shall await here above the boundary between our lands until they are returned.”

Owain speaks softly to Cubeth “We lack the coin to buy the Irish. Sir Ede has made it clear that we will not be able to enter Cornwall unopposed. Only word from his Earl will prevent a fight. I hope to stall them until Hogarth arrives back with confirmation whether swords will be required. I would prefer the bridge to be mostly intact when he arrives.”


When Lady Indeg first tried to get player knights interested in her cause, she did quite specifically mention that the new Cornish castles were hidden from the border!


And this means even more time and distance just to reach the castle!


(I think it was initially said to be an hour away? One hour had passed when the Cornish started to break the bridge, so there may be a little wait yet…)


I’ve changed that somewhat - but no spoilers!