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The Great Pendragon Campaign Part 2


This is a continuation of Play By Forum Great Pendragon Campaign:

Part One: The Great Pendragon Campaign

Ten Thousand posts! We did it!

Firstly, thank-you all so much for playing, You have been truly excellent! A game without players is no game at all, and I know that this has placed more demand on your time than any of us thought it might, has been more hard work than we knew, has opened up introspections of all of ourselves, but most of all, I hope it has been fun and entertaining, a challenge that was worthwhile.

Secondly, I would like to thank those who are reading along – some have let me know by posting, some have Pmmed me and one person has recommended me to this thread in real life as a good read. I’m so glad this is being enjoyed by those watching too. I listen to all of your feedback, I take it with equal importance to the feedback from players. You are important to me, to us, and your imput even as a non-player is just as valuable!

Thirdly, there are people who have made this possible who possibly don’t even know of the existence of the thread. Shut up and Sit down, for starters. I don’t know how you’ve created such an excellent community, but you have, it’s a true gem of a forum, and given it’s size, I can only assume that involves an unholy amount of work from yourselves and the moderators. Thankyou!

This isn’t my first forum game, I had run a microscope game on the forums that did well, and joined a few games too, but this is a game that seems to have captured people’s imaginations. I can’t take credit for that, the man who wrote and designed the game, Greg Stafford. It is his world that has led to the longevity and it is his Great Campaign, a true masterpiece, that has held us all in suspense, made us laugh, cry, shout and sigh, and has given us an escape from a world that sometimes can feel like madness!

Slushy stuff done, I did say I was making a drawing to celebrate this moment, so here:

Only open in the event of an immunity to extreme cringe

Yes, I did mention a podcast or audiobook style presentation… here it is. The first two minutes. Let us never speak of it again.


Thankyou, and let’s raise a glass to friends no longer with us, Sir Miles who is always welcome back. Sir Gale, who I understand completely and doesn’t need to explain anything. Sir Alain, our first true loss and Sir Owain, cruelly taken amid joy. Sir Beldemence, who we all worked so hard to save, but for nothing and finally, Sir Vance, still raw, and taken too soon.

The last post, from the previous thread, for continuity:

Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign
Discuss: SUSD Forum: The Great Pendragon Campaign
The Great Pendragon Campaign

Ullin’s squire Ean (15)
d20: 11


As he finally stops his horse Leddicus realises the mayhem they provoked on the savage unit of grim warriors.
Looking at his fellow knights, the roman eques raises his sword and shouts:
“Honour to you all, knights of Salisbury!”


Sir Ullin cheers back to Sir Leddicus with a mighty roar. The Roman knight’s military skill and training have led them well in this battle against the odds. There is still plenty more left to be done this day, but if it continues like this, it should prove their side to be the victors.

May our fellow knights who have fallen not have done so in vain!

Sir Ullin looks back and is relieved to see that Ean is still with him and not lost his way again.


“They did not! Their sacrifice will be the barbarians’ demise!”

As he says so Leddicus feels the weight of responsibility…Vance died obeying his orders…and such a sacrifice should not be wasted.


Leddicus is also going to thank the captain of Roman archers who helped them twice. Are they from the region?


Yes, they are from Parisii


(Why doesn’t Ullin offer them a drink?)


(Am I able to ask that? Are we still considered engaged in battle?)


You are indeed engaged, you probably couldn’t do that, and I can’t imagine they will take too kindly to being offered something that looks like blood but smells like off milk.


(I did not think so, but good to get confirmation. More than anything I would ask if they have ever seen anything like it before… Also, I think we need squire rolls from @LucaCherstich and @RossM. Let us see what new loot Much finds for Balen!)


(See if your horse wants to drink it!)


Balens damage 5d6: 3 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 20

Squire roll for Much. Vs 16 d20: 9


While we await Leddicus’ squire roll

(Scripted Event)

There is a great commotion from your right, enough that both armies pause. There is a tremendous cheer from one side or another. You peer through the alleyways, across gardens and eventually send Much up onto one of the roofs to see what is going on.

He jumps down and excitedly tells you “King Clovis has fallen, his men cluster around him and are retreating from the city!”

Much has told it right, and the rout quickly spreads, with unit after unit turning to flee the city.

Army Intensity -30


Will someone roll 3d6 -10


3d6: 1 + 2 + 4 = 7-10


(Isn’t Cadfael injured at the rear?)


Sir Ullin gawks at Much when he hears the news. “Any ideas who struck him down Much?”

Then he turns to Balen and Leddicus, “So soon? I was just getting warmed up!”

(I think Cadfael came back with Balen, and Leddicus tried to do First Aid on him)


He’s injured, but Leddicus has put him back to work I believe - @LucaCherstich can confirm!


Much shrugs “Not really, looks like maybe Roderick”