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The Deep Forest PBF

I will Start a project

A few monsters, after remembering the troubles caused by humans, both long ago and more recently, decided to do a symbolic burning of the shrine they left behind, both as a way to remember our enemies, and to “cleanse” the mine of their presence.

Jackanapes is in charge of gathering wood for the fire, and the Nuuc!h have to put everything in place. The burning will happen next week.


@whistle_pig is up. Your card is The 5 of Spring. Please consult The Oracle and let us know what you choose (or I can copy/paste both choices in the discussion if that’s easier).

5 of Spring: A younger monster is brought to adulthood through an ancient ceremony. Who performs the rites required for the transition?

One (some? all? It’s impossible to tell) of the Nuuc!h has/have reached what passes for the age of majority in their species. It/they have requested that Jackanapes perform the ancient rites, which are scheduled for the same time as the burning of the shrine.

@Cokho what happens when the shrine is burned?


The shrine is built, everyone gather around. The Jackanapes officiate, and it is a very somber speech. He says thing like

" >’’><fr–!^¨$£¤µ[||]~"

and so on and so forth. It is about remebering the flow of life: things come in and go out, good and less good. But times always almost prevail; and small become big, kids become adult, Nuuc!h become Nuuc!h.
But with the pyre outdoor warming the soft evening air of Spring, with the joy of welcoming the Nuuc!h into himself, the solemnities quickly make way to a joyous feast, with laughter and dance. It is good to be home again.


For my action, we need to agree on something:

The fire has drawn the attention of something in the forest. After the flames die down to embers, the monsters sense a presence in the trees. Some of the monsters say they caught sight of a pair of eyes, lurking at the edge of the firelight. The more down-to-earth monsters note that there are plenty of harmless animals in the forest; the more nervous monsters are not reassured…

What should we do (if anything) about the presence in the forest?


The Nuuc!h seem interested in the idea of a newcomer. Perhaps that’s apprehension? Who can tell. We’ve no reason to feel threatened as of yet, it wasn’t too long ago that we were the eyes humans saw in the woods…


In the fading twilight, the Tommies perch just outside the mine’s entrance, tails flicking. They say nothing, but sniff intently at the air.


“!!”!"# $$%[email protected]%// –. ^^~=b #* Bb&]{{&*)(!!""',.,"

Translation: “I will watch from here. I will welcome them if they are kind, but all should hide if dangerous, I will attack if threatened.”


Antax stays silent, but after hearing about the new sets of eyes, produces another good batch of nectar, more than what was needed.


Various pieces of the Choula’k return to their digging. It seems that they don’t entirely agree on whether they are making a new room or an escape route.


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OK, the next card is for @lovvbar.

It is the 3 of Spring.

(I think this is one of the most interesting Spring cards in Forest). You can consult The Oracle and paste your choice, and how you will handle it, or I can copy/paste your choices here if it’s better for you, and you can take it from there.

3 of Spring:
Someone discovers a trove of ritual items hidden from the humans. What are they? Add them to the map.

The human’s glass boxes have been found. Monsters of all types have discussed the ritualistic nature of these items. Light was seen shining from them, onto the faces of the humans, leaving them transfixed - these were critical in the lives of humans. There are many in this cache, the residents are nervous about these boxes, though no one has been able to get them to light up. All of them are different, and yet the same. The smooth glass finish on the front reflects like a black mirror. What were these to the humans? Why were they so crucial? Why is the light gone now?

They have been placed on an altar, and folks tend to give it a wide berth.

**For my action - I would like to uncover something old. **
No one has noticed yet, but one of the boxes … has light coming from it.


@brian, you have uncovered the 7 of Spring.

As always, you can copy/paste your choice from The Oracle here when you make your decision, or I can copy/paste the whole reading in the discussion if it’s more convenient for you.

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Rainwater has filled the old quarry into a lake, filled with nothing but algal blooms and a fetid stink. On warm, sunny days, its smell drifts into the mine, causing even the sweet springs to taste sour.

Start a project: One piece of Choula’k begins digging a tunnel to connect one of the mine’s springs to the quarry lake to introduce glittering cave snails to devour the stinking algae. This project will take 4 weeks to complete.


I have drawn the 6 of Spring.

You see a bad omen. What is it?

A shooting star makes its mark on the night sky. This is normally good luck, but it breaks apart into several pieces, as everyone/everything who is outside can see.

Start a project
Jackanapes is taking the pit-pony to cautiously check on our eyeballs.

(I believe it should be only one week, will be resolved next turn, unless anyone thinks it should take longer if he needs to suss out the situation).


Since there has been no issue with the last project timing, I will draw the card for @Cokho.

Your card is The 10 of Spring.

Consult The Oracle and paste your choice here, or I can paste them both if you need me to, and you can choose.

My card

What materials are needed to upkeep and maintain the lairs within the community? Are any of those materials difficult to get or hard to find?

So far, we’ve not been very clear as to what is Antax substenance, and why we need its (her? his?) nectar. The thing is, we really love this nectar, and even if we maybe could go without it, we’ve never had, and absolutly do not want to.
What Antax needs though, is very difficult to obtain, we used to grab purple berries, but the bush where they grew was cut off when the humans made the quarry. So now, we grab different sort of berries, but it is obvious Antax is not well. We need to find a purple berries bush soon!

I would like to see what @MinuteWalt has to say about his project of checking out the eyeballs before I take my action !


Jackanapes approached cautiously, but our pony just meandered in, unafraid (or just perhaps unaware). The eyeballs hugged her, and they all went back to the tree. Apparently, they are the eyes of a smaller, young creature, and we are learning to communicate.

(I turned down the week in Choula’k’s project if you need to draw on the map for your card or action, as long as I was doodling anyway, @Cokho, so you don’t have to)


My next action will be to agree on something:

Since we’re beginning to live with the pony, a few monsters have decided that we should name her, and in so doing give her a place in the community.
The tommies speak first:

"Names are not in our culture, we are what we are. We think she should be “Pony”.

@whistle_pig, what do you think?


Antax hasn’t seen the pony since it returned to the surface. She watched it labour for the humans, and suffer under their ownership. She thinks that if the pony is to have a name, it should be allowed to choose it’s own.