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I’ve only been to a handful of game/pop culture conventions - BGG Spring, a few Emerald City Comicons, a few Go Play NWs, a few PAXs. And they were good cons; I had fun, I played games, I met new folks. Though by the end of those I was fully ready to go home.

By contrast, I am incredibly sad to be leaving SHUX. After 3.5 days of gaming as much as possible, I am a little hoarse and more than a little harried, but not even close to wanting it to be over. Not only did I have a tremendous amount of fun and discovered lots of new wonderful games, I also made some really great new friends.

Quinns, Paul, Matt… I can’t tell you how thankful I am to you for putting together such a wonderful community and such a wonderful convention. After a year and a half of watching my game group wither away to nothing and being continually disappointed in local board game meetups, I can’t tell you how much I needed this; this is definitely one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

And to everyone I gamed with this weekend, thank you for being such wonderful people to game with! Feel free to get in contact with me on BGG, Instagram, or Reddit (same username). Hope to see you and even more new friends next year!

(And if you’re on the Amtrak 519 right now and want to keep the gaming going, send me a PM!)


Good to meet you fella. Thanks for being part of the rowdiest, most epic, most ridiculously lost (by me) game of Inis that I’ve ever played.


Fully agree with Zelbinian, first time at shux for me and met a ton of amazingly friendly and fun people to sit down and play some games with, and to HarlemMimeSchool above, thank you for a great game of Brass Birmingham, feel free to text me anytime you need a player at your table,

Thanks to everyone for being fantastic people this weekend,


I echo the above. That was a incredibly fun 3 days and I want to thank the organizers, special guests and volunteers for doing a stellar job.

I also want to thank all the people I gamed with (and against) for displaying great competitive spirit and sportsmanship.

Highlight of the con: sitting at the Council table last night matching wits against a philosopher, an author, a transplanted Brit, an accessibility manager, an Irishman and a David. Had no clue what I was doing, lost the game (sorry team), but an indelible memory was made.

My only (tiny) regret is not getting a game of Sol!

  • Gerard
    (also called G. and a few times Gerry during the con)


Not much to add…spot on @Zelbinian. I would also like to say thanks so much for bringing and teaching Sol: Last Days of a Star–what a great game! I still expect the remaining stock to start depleting thanks to your organizing Sol games.

The only bad thing about SHUX for me was that it had to end!


This was my first ever con of any kind and I was a little apprehensive that it would be a waste of money since I’d only end up wandering around the show floor before just heading home.
Instead I felt apart of something great with community that blew my mind with how enthusiastic they were. I was trying and enjoying games that I probably wouldn’t have given a second thought to if I saw it on a shelf.
I can’t express my appreciation for all those involved in putting this event on.


I bought a copy of Sol literally as I was playing a learning game. In my opinion at least, it’s /that/ good.

It’s a decent blind buy option is I guess what I’m trying to add. I suspect it’s going to have a long life owing to the variety of mod cards it has, but it’s strongly/uniquely flavored, so you might not want to play it every single games night.


I didn’t know it was your first con! I’m glad you had fun and that I got to meet you. Groups A, B and C will never forget our fallen comrade, Jenny. :swimming_woman: :coffin: :cry:


I’ve been to a bunch for work doing work stuff but this was my first ‘I actually want to be here instead of just doing the bare minimum in order to get a paid trip someplace on the offices dime’ convention for me.


@HarlemMimeSchool Thanks for hosting that game, it was indeed epic and I thought the way it ended was a perfect cap to the style of game we had all played :joy: I may be biased though…

@Zelbinian I totally agree with everything you have said - it was such a pleasure to meet you and all the other Shuxers. It’s been really special. I have the same user name on Instagram too so I shall follow you now!


@wibuck I think we demoed Heroes of Terrinoth! Did it seem to you that the guy doing the demo was hard of hearing and didn’t really listen when he could hear us? :laughing:


Oh hey, yeah! I couldn’t tell if we got lucky or if the game is too much on the easy side for my tastes…

Totally agree though, I know I have a tendency to mumble but I was needing to shout. I don’t think he understood when we understood a mechanic…

Still, good to meet you :slight_smile:


We got some lucky rolls, but that definitely seems like an introductory scenario. I have Warhammer Quest: ACG and it’s more challenging than what we played.

You were totally comprehensible. Maybe the guy was worn out from doing demos. :woman_shrugging:

It was fun playing with you! Hope to see you at SHUX next year!


What huh did someone say Warhammer Quest?


The Adventure Card Game, not the original. Sorry to disappoint!


Yeah that was the one I was thinking of; I heard good things about it, picked up the core set and a couple weeks later FFG announced they no longer had the license…
And so it sat in the gaming credenza.


Another big “Thank you” to the SU&SD crew and everyone who worked to make this convention happen. It was great being able to get together with a bunch of fellow board game enthusiasts and just have fun over the course of a weekend.

It was also great meeting the few of you I managed to encounter face to face! Sadly I didn’t get much gaming done with others (only three people, actually), but it is nice to at least have a face to go with a name!

Sadly, I doubt I will make it to SHUX next year, but the year after will hopefully happen.