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Thank You Gift Ideas for Loaned Games

Can we crowdsource some ideas?

I’ve been trying to think of a simple cheap-ish ($5?) way to say thanks to anyone who lends a game to the library or let’s our group play their copy while they head off in another direction etc.

Was hoping for a ‘fun surprise’ to leave in the box. Ideally gaming related but :man_shrugging:

Shouldn’t be anything perishable obviously.

I could buy some gift cards in bulk and figure I’d use anything I didn’t leave there later but what are the best ‘universal’ options especially US/CAD versatile?

Can Amazon/Apple iTunes do that? But if they’re android users…sigh

Alternatively maybe someone knows if SU&SD sells merch at the show? I’ve seen a poster but that’ll price out too high…maybe they sell stickers or pins?

That would be a way to say thanks and remind them of the con too!

All options will include a simple, iconic fun post card from one of OUR group’s hometowns (now includes LA, Orange County, & Portland) with a note of thanks, and a bit about our game —the final score and any brief, fun takeaway like a funny in-game quote or big moment etc.

Will include our forum contact info too so we can build some connections that way over time.


Stickers, or pins/badges. Or maybe some of those game box bands, that hold all 4 sides of the box down, those are really handy.

This is a really lovely idea btw, kudos to you!


Oh the game box bands would be a GREAT idea! I mean they’re obviously traveling with the box already so…yea I like it. Plus I’ve always wanted to buy some for myself so win-win right.

Anyone have experience with the bands?
—where to find good options if I only need a dozen or so and maybe in two sizes?


There will be two stores with booths on site (Imperial Hobbies and Rain City Games). Maybe reach out to them beforehand and see if they can provide something at a discounted price for this?

Imperial Hobbies: 604 273 4427 or orders(at)imperialhobbies.ca

Rain City Games: 778-373-0365 or hello(at)raincity.games

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(Large, medical rubber bands work pretty well, too… and they’re pretty inexpensive.)

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Bonus here is it’s less for me to pack. My ‘carry on’ and I I like it!

Yea I use something similar and it’s a great mention for sure! But it is less ‘elegant’ and for this purpose of ‘a simple fun TY’ I’m not sure a hospital grade band sends the right vibe :smirk:

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I plan to bring a few games for the library this year and put in a note that says, “Please write about your game in the lid!”

Last year I was legit bummed that nobody left any notes or anything in my games and…of course they didn’t because I didn’t ask and what kind of monster would write in a game that wasn’t theirs!!!

Anyway as somebody who does bring a couple games for the library, that would be the best gift I could get.


We have them but I’ve no idea where we got them from…paging @abirch123!

The problem will be the different sizes needed for different size boxes. It’s not one size fits all

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Card sleeves? I just noticed no one had mentioned it, it might be something you can work with. Customizable and inexpensive.

I’m going back to my mod hole, now.

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I like the idea of card sleeves. Dice could also work. A lot of game stores have singles selections so you could pick through those. Unless it’s changed, Rain City Games has a singles jar.

In terms of universal gift cards - Starbucks? They’re pretty ubiquitous.

I would also put everything in an envelope addressed to the game owner. Chances are, other people will be playing the game before the owner gets it back and you don’t want someone taking a gift card.

If you want to contact a local store about putting something together, I’d see about about doing that sooner rather than later. Things get really hectic in the lead-up to the Con. I can always help coordinate with Rain City Games. I’ll be staying with the store owners for SHUX so I could easily pick up an order for you. Easiest way to contact them is probably Facebook.


I’m probably all alone on an island here but I generally hate card sleeves :grimacing:

Games are meant to be played and I feel like it usually cheapens the aesthetic and feel of the cards (assuming they’re of decent quality to begin)

There’s a time and place for everything though I suppose.

Now dice (for games that have em) could be cool. Who doesn’t love dice upgrades?! Plus even if THAT game doesn’t…they own some copy that could use a cool dice right?


You could contact Andrea from adventuredice.ca about something along those lines. They will be at the show too so no need to worry about shipping or arranging pickup

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I’m with you on that island. I do have a few card sleeves, but for the most part I don’t use them either.


Ironically the ONLY sleeves I use (and LOVE) are the ones for my Fireball Island copy and mostly because they were thoughtfully customized to ADD organically to the game design aesthetic.


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There are a few different ways to go for dice, depending on which dice you want to provide. If you just want to go with d6s, you could pick up a few bricks of d6s (Chessex makes tons of different colors of these) and make little mixed bags. I think you can also get packages of just d10s, but those are less common. And if you want more variety, a Pound of Dice or rifling through a singles bin should get you what you want.

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Thanks @lubomirvaic I’m finalizing a really cool gift bag of dice with the help of AdventureDice.CA

They really are LOVELY people.

Also I can’t stop eyeing their super premium wood dice :heart_eyes:


Oh man…premium dice is an expensive rabbit hole! A fun one, but expensive.

I’ve got several sets made of gemstones, and my husband has a few metal sets (including titanium!).

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What a nice idea! Don’t know if you have seen these, but I’ve just discovered this series of collectible micro games by Chris Handy called Pack o’Game - individual games the size of a pack o’gum! I’ve found them down under for NZ$8, so about the right price for a thank you gift, and will fit in a game box. I haven’t played any yet but there are a wide variety including some dexterity and cooperative games.