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Ten Forward: Decompress

Sounds great!

My son is trans. He enjoyed that episode, in fact all of the episodes that explored non binary relationships. It meant a lot to him.

I’ve enjoyed Discovery, but I really don’t get the love for Tilly. I just find her annoying!

And I too don’t get the Control story at all - it was clearly already self-aware, and clearly winning. So what if it didn’t have the data. One thinks it’s a case of trying to have the cake, and eat it.

No trek discussion should go by without mentioning the best series (with the worst ending) - Deep Space 9. Good god, that was great!

I quote;

" If earlier iterations of Star Trek granted a utopian glow to modern humanity, Deep Space Nine revealed the price of maintaining such progress. It was darker, yet never without purpose. It was more nuanced in terms of portraying relationships between adults. DS9 used its premise of Sisko and his ragtag crew on a space station to interrogate the perils of war, the power of religion, terrorism, and the price of freedom, all while creating one of the most poignant depictions of black fatherhood that has ever appeared on television."

It did “adult” much better than Discovery has, grit with hope.


My favourite character in Discovery is Number 1.

I think all series should have a character who gets asked to do things which they’ve already anticipated and completed.

Riker was so reactionary.


Aww, I just want to take care of her like a baby bunny rabbit. (Also, I have a thing for Mary Wiseman, don’t judge me).

DS9 was great, although my 2nd favorite. TNG was my #1, although I think my view is severely tinted by sentiment. I can’t make any objective, rational argument about why I feel this way. It just came at a time in my life when I really needed it.

Enterprise had some serious issues with unnecessary sexy times (the “decontamination” scene from the very beginning), but was very Trek-y. I mean, all of the series had various levels of sexy people doing sexy things, it’s pretty much a tradition. Voyager got better when they stopped focusing on “random anomaly problems” and got to the people-stories, but sometimes it was a little dull. I think they tie for 3rd, for me personally.

The Animated Series…is weird. It’s hard for me to watch that kind of animation. It can be enjoyable, I’ve had fun catching up with it, but, I have to say, Discovery, despite everything, is still more entertaining. I know there are a lot of fans of TAS, but we never got it on TV when I was growing up. I was born too late, even for syndication, so I don’t really have the sentimental memories others do.

I cannot rank ToS in any meaningful way, at all. It’s off the board. There were some crazy-bad episodes, but I’d still marathon all of them (again).

Also, speaking of TAS, there is a new animated series that has gotten a greenlight by CBS for Nickelodeon Studios to start producing. So, um, holy s**t, I didn’t see that coming!


The best Star Trek episode ever (at least in my eyes) was Balance of Terror from the first season of the first series. Basically Enemy Below in space. Fantastic.


Oh, boy, they really like this trope. They’ve recycled this plot in various ways over the years, usually involving a nebula or gravity well of some kind (as if that makes any sense).

Still, some of my favorite episodes, and Balance is a fantastic ToS episode!

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda based the whole origin story on something sort-of similar, only with a black hole.

I’m gonna start a fight:

TOS Kirk is the coolest Trek captain.

Maybe the other captains get more elegant monologues, and get better development over time and a more nuanced and robust philosophical framework to play around in,

But Kirk would kick their asses.


All true:


I have no problem with this.

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Ok, can we discuss how terrible Riker was as a character… until you reached his episodes, which were GREAT, all of em!

Don’t ask me to name them, however, that has faded.

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I have to admit, there were no regulars I disliked in TNG (that is probably due to nostalgia). I even liked Dr. Pulaski.


Talking of regulars from TNG, I’ve just seen the trailer for Picard. All the new stuff with people kicking each other off buildings? Meh. The repeated kicking of my nostalgia gland for the original. Yes.

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I have seen nothing for Picard. I am avoiding it like the plague until there is a bit of content I can binge. He was my favorite captain and I really want to see where this is going. Until then I’m going to be a total anti-spoiler jerkface.

Then I will say nothing more.

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Just spoiler-text it, I swear I won’t click on it.