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Ten Forward: Decompress


Don’t have time for that just now, I’m busy watching Picard and Chewbacca land their Raptor on Klendathu. Boomer and Starbuck are flying overwatch in the Rocinante.


Are you trying intentionally to get banned? AGAIN?




I was waiting for when Loki was going to pop that in here.


Having some trouble finding people (and to be fair, time) to play Star Trek: Ascendancy


That must have been uncomfortable and odd to watch…

I don’t understand the anger people have about series deviating from what you want/expect. I can understand not liking it but being angry that someone chose to tell a story you didn’t like seems a bit odd to me. I’m a big Star Wars fan and I don’t like the prequels. Am I angry about it? No - its a story that Lucas wanted to tell and he told it. I don’t have to like it. Although I still watch them if they come on tv…

I am a fan of Trek too - I’ve watched most of all the series (I think I’m short of a few Deep Space Nines etc) and I see that Discovery is different but I don’t understand people being angry about it.

There are bigger things to be angry.

This is not an attack on people who ARE angry - just that I don’t understand it.

(Although if someone can explain why they still needed to go through the wormhole - which was an attempt to stop Control getting the info - when Control was destroyed, that would be helpful)


Same. The last Trek series was almost 15 years ago. Everything else is even older than that. It’d be weird (and probably quite bad) if the show were trying to be stylistically similar to older series.

And things looking different/being seemingly more advanced (and a lot of the “advanced” tech is shown as being removed as the series goes on) is again understandable because we can do better these days. The Enterprise set has many many little details that mark it out as the same ship from TOS, but it’s built to look like the kind of spaceship we expect in a modern TV show.

Klingons look different because we can do impressive prosthetic makeup now - the same way TNG decided they could do better than shoe polish and racism.

There are two different instances of Control being destroyed. They destroyed the physical aspect that was controlling Leland, but the Federation later destroyed the actual full system, once Discovery and the data were gone.

I think if they hadn’t left, Control would have kept trying to get the data and you’d just end up with an endless cycle of it seemingly being destroyed, but it’s replicated itself and comes back, etc. Because computers!

And even if it’s not fully gone, post Discovery leaving, there’s nothing for it to go after, so it’s not a problem any more.


But couldn’t the mopping up have been done anyway, without going through the wormhole?My main thought for the reason was the stupid timetraveller paradox of 'She had to go through the wormhole so she could send the 7th signal as they’ve already established that 7 signals were sent and if the 7th wasn’t sent then none of this could happen etc etc etc ad infinitum

Anyway, I quite enjoyed Spock being a bit of a dick at the beginning. I think I prefer him with the beard


Control wouldn’t allow itself to be “mopped up” if the data were still available. Or it would at least be a lot more complicated.

And yeh, after a series of beardy Spock, it was very weird to see him at the end.


Also, is it heresy to say I’d quite happily watch a series of the further adventures of Captain Pike (I thought he was a really good Captain!) and of Michelle Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou - Terran Georgiou was a lot of fun.

Some of the lines by Commander Nhan in the finale were some of the worst lines EVER. I enter “Yum Yum” as exhibit A…


Yes! Definitely my favourite part of the series.

And she was still on the Discovery when it went through the wormhole, so I assume we’ll get more of her.


Beardy Spock. Oh, yiss! Moar, please!

I’m angry because it messes up something I grew up with every Thursday eating spaghetti (it was spaghetti day) watching one of the only sci-fi shows on TV that promoted discovery, wonder, and exploration (and yes, fist fighting lizardmen and seducing hawt green aliens).

But TNG, Voyager, DS9, Enterprise, even the cartoon, all were about those ideals. Discovery, wonder, and exploration.

Discovery doesn’t actuality do much real discovery, "to seek out new life and new civilizations". That’s the tagline.

Awww, ok, they found a trans-dimensional tardigrade and a vaguely fungus-spore-like network through time and space. Which is great! It makes absolutely no sense, but it’s fine!

But it’s about as Trek as Space Balls is about Star Wars. The creators said they’d keep it true to the series, and to the timeline, and they stomped all over their promises.

Having advanced costuming and makeup techniques does not excuse turning Klingons into large albino mole crickets. They didn’t turn Andorians into The Tick!

I’m treating Discovery like a “new” franchise, but “The Orville”, for now, is my current Trek, the one that lives up to Roddenberry’s oringal vision (and, yes I know, Gene Roddenberry was a bit of a flake).

(But yes, please, moar beardy Spock, he’s awesome)


Star Trek, for me was always a program about a bright, optimistic future with a bunch of brainy people figuring out how to keep the future bright and optimistic, sometimes breaking the rules in doing so.

I feel this latest program went too dark and pessimistic and action over thinking. I watched the first series, and I will watch more… some time. I’m sure.

I couldn’t get on with Orville’s comedy, but I’ve been told it gets better. I’ll be far more likely to watch that next I think.

Snigger! I quite like the design of them, they should have made them their own species though, and kept klingons as, well, klingons.

EDIT: Also, I hate the over-explaination of everything. We don’t need an episode dedicated to explaining how stealth ships works with Klingon honour, they are aliens, it would be bloody weird if their sense of honour exactly matched humans anyway.


I 100% do not trust any opinion that ends with support for something involving Seth MacFarlane.


Seth MacFarlane funded Cosmos, at first all by himself. I have problems with him, but not insurmountable ones.

He used his gigantic pile of money from The Family Guy to make it into a thing, he bankrolled it because the original Cosmos with Carl Sagan was a huge influence on his life.


Theory: You are. Captain Pike never escaped the ‘zoo’, every episode since the pilot are all his fantasies being provided by the aliens.


Like the Tommy Westphall Universe

It all makes sense, now!


I was surprised too. I haven’t liked anything else he’s appeared in.

I get the feeling that he said to Fox “hey, I’ll make a Trek comedy show, here’s the pilot” and then quietly dumped ⅔ of the comedy for the rest of season 1 - which was about right for me. I really don’t enjoy the vast majority of comedy. In script and visual style it’s a lot like Next Generation with the serial numbers filed off.


Nailed it!

And I’m fine with riding it since there’s nothing else available.
(I assumed you were analogizing about a vehicle and not a gun)

(EDIT: Yeah, it’s like riding a Vespa when you wanted a Harley, but it’s still better than walking)


Extra EDIT, or rather, comment: I’m glad they lost the crappy comedy The Orville started with.

I’m OK that it can still be silly, and so-called “adult”, but it’s actually explored some real human issues that are hard to work out in real life. They’ve gone where few TV shows have gone before. It doen’t always end up where I’m comfortable with, but I think that’s kind of the point. The humor takes a bit of that commentary edge off, just like the blatant sci-fi nonsense took the edge off of the Trek social commentaries.