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Ten Forward: Decompress


There is so much gravity to the Star Trek franchise, I figured there should be a place to discuss it sensibly without getting all out of sorts.


Feel free to state your opinion.
Don’t be mean or argumentative.
Be polite.
Try to be well reasoned, and understand if others don’t understand you.
Sometimes you have to let a dissenting opinion go.
Try to stick to Trek.
I will have no Trek vs. Star Wars (or any other franchise) fights here.
You can be angry, just don’t be angry at another person here, we can work it out (unless you have a legitimate complaint about abusive conduct, then contact any mod/admin and it will be dealt with)

This is one of the few times I am serious about actually banning people who aren’t obvious bots/spammers/griefers/trolls.

This is a continuation from this thread (What are we watching?), where I thought, “wow, this keeps on coming up over and over again” (I am not entirely innocent, mea culpa, I’m sorry). But I thought it was distracting for the innocent people who wanted to chat about other shows and movies and stuff, not specifically Star Trek, so I made this for us to funnel off any Trekkie/Trekker discussion from that thread.

What are we watching?

@RossM walks in, straddling a chair.

Is the problem with Star Trek it’s set in the ‘real’ universe?



NO, it’s still a form of “science-fantasy,” it’s just less fantastical than others. There’s the effort to come up with techno-babble like “reversing the polarity” and (oh, god, I could go off on that for a long time, GNDN).

There’s just the ambiance that it wants to sound like hard sci-fi, feel like hard sci-fi, but is all about a humanistic ideal.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other series that have done this to various degrees, from Farscape to Stargate. But ST has always had this optimism at it core, even from TOS.

JJ Abrams kind of f–ed with trying to reboot this, horribly, and now we have another reboot that that kind of goes into the spiral that comics went into in the 90s, “grittier, edgier, but just as nonsensical. There is no timeline that can ever make this logical.”

“We will kill people, but still renew the actor’s contracts so we can write them back in again in a few episodes.”

Also: the Klingons. WHAT THE Fredacted


I do admit, I am angry about the change of tone. I am angry about the weird way they handled what is supposed to be “before” TOS (which Enterprise handled pretty handily). I’m super-angry about the Klingons.

What am I am not angry about is what people think about it.

Also, Spock is pretty awesome. All the characters, in fact, are well-written and performed.

I’m still watching it, and the bits that annoy me…I’m just going to keep on considering it as a new IP that has nothing to do with everything that’s come before.


I found the ending of the second series bizarre. You either commit to continuity, or you ignore it. You don’t retcon the premise of your own show.


I think they were trying to backpedal from the fan reaction to S1.


Pretty sure they were using it as a way to get out of CBS only wanting a prequel series, considering the original idea for the show would’ve been an anthology, telling stories set throughout the various eras of the show.


I would have loved an anthology.


Looking at the thread title, I feel this is not something you should say in a world with voice-controlled computers.




I almost changed it to Ten Forward: Lounge but it’s way to funny. Nice catch!:grin:


When Kirk took command of the Galactica and blew up the Death Star, that was great!


Has anyone played Star Trek: Frontiers and have an opinion on it?


@Boydesian next time I see you I’m going to punch you with my knuckle right in one of your biceps :rofl:


I admit, I haven’t, but I know people who have. They thought the systems used in the Fantasy Flight X-Wing content had easier set-up (all those tiles!) and had better flow, but they liked the fact that you can co-op or solo, and kind of told a better narrative, of sorts.

Sorry, all I got is second-hand knowledge, but they compared the strategy to a very different game, I’ll ask to play with them next time they set it up.


In somewhat related news: a group of friends and I are playing Star Trek Adventures. Some of us are “fans” and appreciate the shows. Others of us are “trekkies”. It’s interesting watching the natural tension between the players in the different camps; I’ve noticed that the “trekkies” are way more interested in sticking to canon than the “fans” are. I, personally, like to play out the scenes as though we were filming an episode; I go so far as to describe our establishing shots for when we come back from commercial break. For the record: I am not the ref/st/gm/dm/etc, but our ref does like players to narrate and help “tell the story” (We both prefer to play “cooperative narrative games” rather than “role playing games”)


If we ever play a game together, it would take at least a week to film one episode finish the session.


We’re also very good at following in the prior-art of the shows. Last week when we encountered a new alien race, somebody asked the ref what they looked like. This answer was, “Oh, well, humanoid but with weird foreheads” and I had him clarify that, yes, even though they were previously unknown to the Federation (because they had been hibernating for millions of years), the universal translator or whatever [hand waving] took care of the language barrier.

And in a shoot-out with some Romulans, I made a particularly good shot with my phaser and described how it caused stress and disarmed my target with: My phaser hits the styrofoam rock that the Romulan is hiding behind and causes a blinding explosion that he has to drop his disruptor in order to shield his eyes.


Oh, god, we can never meet, it would just be this for days.