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Tell me your Vacation Hotspots!


We are contemplating taking a family vacation next month, but are unsure of where to go.

The initial thoughts are flying somewhere relative cheap and warm with lots to do with young kids. Maybe Florida, but our kids are a bit young to appreciate theme parks and are scared of rides. We were also kicking around the idea of Vegas, mostly for cheap hotels and flights.

Where do you vacation? Any recommendations or tips? Any must see, must do attractions?


I am categorically a bad vacationer. My ideal vacation involves going somewhere with nice weather, sitting on a beach or patio and drinking beer.

That said:

  • My wife’s family is from Wisconsin and we typically try to go up there once a year during the summer. When it’s 1-billion degrees Fahrenheit in most of the country in June, July and August, it’s typically a beautiful 72-80 F there. And this is true for a good portion of the Great Lakes region, I think. But if you, like me, dream of sitting on a patio or next to a lake (Or ocean, but that’s not applicable in, specifically, Wisconsin) drinking a delicious beer… there are worse places to do that than Wisconsin.
  • Similar vibe: Colorado. My wife and I both have several friends and relatives living in and around Denver/Boulder, so we try to go out there once a year when we are able. Same thing, though, sitting on patios drinking beer. Though for me, part of why I love Colorado (and the rocky mountains in general) is taking a slow drive along windy mountain roads (but I find that relaxing; some people find it nerve wracking).

So… that’s what we do without leaving the country. Internationally, we’re prone to travel to Mexico, sit on a beach at an all-inclusive resort and drink cerveza.

P.S. We haven’t done any of this in a couple of years due to the tiny human that has filled our hearts with love and our heads with aches for the last 14 months


Vegas is . . interesting, and has a lot of great food and entertainment shows. Pity about all the gambling. But even wandering around looking at the weird stuff (animatronic statues, chocolate fountains etc) is interesting.

More importantly you can use it as a starting point to go explore the Grand Canyon, which is totally amazing. Extra points if you can fit in Death Valley too.


Just got back from Disney in Florida. It was awesome, but expensive. I recommend it if you can afford it, especially if you can stay in one of the resorts.

I’ve been all over this state, and there’s a lot of stuff to do here.

We have a Legoland, which isn’t really expensive and has a lot of stuff for younger kids. You can walk from the hotel to the park, and the elevators in the hotel…if you don’t already know, I won’t ruin it. Yeah, that’s my favorite for young kids.

There’s lots of other stuff, but besides museums, other theme parks, minor amusing tourist traps, and our vast national park lands (beaches, forests, Everglades, islands) if you don’t want to go camping, go for Legoland if you’re coming to Florida.

(EDIT: also let me know if you do decide on FL, our families may be able to do a meetup! An unofficial SHUX Gulf Coast. Except with normal people :stuck_out_tongue:.)


I went to the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota a couple of years ago… Surprisingly entertaining.


My wife has her heart set on Harry Potter World (Land?), but she wants to wait a couple years once our kids have read some of the books.


It’s super fun @twispby! But be a kid there while your kids are somewhere else. (Oh, hello, our thread of Nerdy Dates!)

@pillbox Oh, heck! I missed you. I live in Sarasota. I grew up with Ringling and everything that comes with that.

The next time it’s “a couple of years ago,” talk to me first! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure where you’re from, but the Oregon Coast is a beautiful place to stay and just be while enjoying the ocean.

We went to Yachats last October and may be going back in April for a bit of a longer stay.

There’s something about going to sleep with the sound of the ocean coming through the window.


Iceland. It’s just straight up awesome, and not hard to get to from the East Coast.


At the end of the month, I’m going camping at Alexander Springs here in Florida.

For anyone who’s never been to a Florida aquifer spring, they are both literally and figuratively the best “hotspot” for when the sun is blazing. The aquifer springs are crystal clear and cold as ice. It’s like swimming in liquid diamond.

In most aquifer springs, there’s what they call a “blue hole;” a big, deep, depression where the water flows out. Swimming over them always gives me a bit of vertigo, I feel like I’m flying. Also, unlike most lakes and rivers, the water at the source is perfectly bottle-pure and drinkable. At Alexander Springs, you can even go underwater spelunking (not for amateurs, you need training and a good plan).

Just watch out for water moccasins and alligators, etc. And the occasional biker hippie.


Seoul is nice. Cheap good food, short flight, no scams/haggling/hassle, and plenty of no-common-language gesturing, which I consider almost essential for that vacation feel.


Near my old stomping grounds, fairly close to home, and a paradise for a Kiplingphile like me.



My hometown! :sunglasses: :+1:t3: :kr: