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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


Those brains look… strangely delicious :yum:


Coin capsules! We got coin capsules!

So much nicer to reach in the chaos bag now.


Another convert!!! Rejoice!


So, we finished Carcosa, and are accumulating Forgotten Age before we play it.

My wife wants to go through the first three a third time, with new investigators. so far, we’ve played:

Daisy (me, clues) and Jenny (her, fighting and overall badassness)


Yorick (me, fighting) and Jim Culver (her, clues)

So we’re trying to decide what pairing to do next for maximum fun. Dawn is tempted by Lola. I want to take a break from being a kill machine. Any tips?


Those Lego investigators? The person who made up the list has put them all together on a Flickr page.

Simply amazing, and now we’re definitely doing this for our main investigators.


That is far less generic than I expected! Must be crazy expensive though. Such a shame Lego don’t make it easier to order custom pieces.


Just finished a solo run-through of Night of the Zealot, after getting the core set on sale for Black Friday… man, this game is really good.

Used Roland, like the Learn to Play guide suggested for solo players. I killed the Ghoul Priest (I didn’t even need to parley with Lita Chandler to do it, which led me to play the mission longer than expected, because I thought I had to recruit her to complete the scenario), and decided to burn my house down. Only interrogated 2 cultists in Midnight Masks, but once the remaining ones showed up in Devourer Below, I just kept drawing cards until I got my Dynamite, which helped out nicely. Still, the ritual completed, and I ended up facing Umordhoth with 4/5 horror, 8/9 damage, and Lita Chandler with all but one horror and damage as well. I saw the option to throw her to the beast, and immediately did exactly that. Poor Roland survived, but lives on as a half-mad shell of his former self.

I made a promise to not spend any more money on games until 2019, but I am really excited to start getting into the expansions; I’ve heard they’re much more interesting and innovative, and having a campaign that’s eight missions long rather than just three is inherently enticing.


So, we just ran through NOTZ with Lola and Rex.

Rex is an amazing cluever. (cloover?)

Lola was built as a Guardian/Survivor/Rogue, because Dawn misses being a Rogue. Didn’t work. Switched Rogue out for Mystic, and suddenly she’s much better. The key was to have a weapon out for each class. Now she can have a Survivor weapon in one hand, a Guardian weapon in the other, and Shriveling.

After the football game today, we’ll be starting Dunwich. And the Forgotten Age deluxe box should be here sometime this afternoon. We’ll be playing that once we’ve gotten all the mythos packs.


I’ve been soloing as Mark recently. Gosh darn it, he’s a trooper! Managed to kill the priest with a single action (machete + home front + something else I can’t remember, then discarding beat cop for a fast action). Can only imagine him going ballistic with the machete, and then the beat cop delivering the killing shot (then walking off?).

Just a shame he has to pick up so much damage to get those clues. Definitely want to try teamplay with him now.


I’ve been maintaining radio silence for a bit now but the friend I met at Arkham Nights and I finished up our Forgotten Age campaign last night. I won’t say anything specific but despite a lot of the flack it recieved for some of the new mechanics it wasn’t that bad. Definitely the type of campaign that will be better on future playthroughs when you’re not playing completely blind and can game it a bit more but I am happy we got through it.

I took an Ursula deck through and my cohort got courageous and built a really neat Calvin deck that relied on desperate cards and Yaotl to be able to use those skill cards repeatedly.


This is slightly tangential, but has anyone tried a complete mega-campaign, from the start of Night of the Zealot to the end of Forgotten Age? The end of the NotZ campaign guide says you can continue into another campaign with your traumatized, levelled-up investigator, and I’m curious how well it works. I doubt one investigator would survive through the 27 missions that now make up the main campaigns, so eventually you’d have to start fresh, but it’d be a pretty epic saga of despair (which is very Lovecraftian, anyways).


My boyfriend and I once took the characters from Night of the Zealot on through Dunwich. We didn’t go any further than that, though. It was fun, but for me I don’t know that it added anything to the game beyond playing through everything with the same other player(s).


Aww, that’s kind of underwhelming. It makes sense that there wouldn’t be a huge difference, but I had a faint hope that the upgraded cards in the decks, combined with the trauma on the investigators, would make future campaigns easier, but also more tense. Oh well!


Started Forgotten Age. I’m running and Dawn is running Finn. It’s fun!

We finished the first three campaigns running Rex and Lola. Our first try at Lola, she was a Guardian/Survivor/Rogue. Didn’t work. Replaced Rogue with Mystic. Suddenly she worked fine. So we had lots of fun.

Rex is broken.

And this is how we store our player cards:

I wanted coloured binders, but green and white was all they had for some reason.


I’ve just got three binders and have my player cards stored in release order. It works fine but there are definitely some flaws. (I keep promos/the novella cards at the very back and keep having to move them) How do you organize them once they’re in there?


So it’s one binder per class, with the big one for neutral.

At the beginning of each binder is a page for each investigator of that class. Then it’s:

0 level assets
XP assets
0 level skills
XP skills
0 level events
XP level events

The only exception is that I keep all the Emergency Caches at the front of the neutral binder, right behind Lola. I’m toying with categorizing a bit, maybe a page for allies and a page for weapons, that sort of thing.

I originally tried to keep the the XP cards in cost order, but there was too much resorting for that.

I use loose-leaf binders, so whenever one section fills up, I just insert a new pocket page.

There’s really no need to worry about release order unless you replay a campaign such that you can only use cards from the scenarios already played. We do that as we open new scenarios, but on a replay, we use the whole collection.


My box of cards is about to be outgrown!!! There’s not enough space for the next deluxe box. Think I’m gonna get Return to Dunwich when its released for the standalones… Then see how I feel after Silver Lodge. If I keep buying I could see the player cards going into their own Return to… Boxes, but I might drop out at 5 campaigns.

I will not yield to binders though!!! Haha


I’m still hemming and hawing over binders. I’m hitting a wall where the d-ring binders are more practical but are less attractive looking but non-ring binders seem more of hassle if you add new cards and could get a lot more expensive.


I bought 100 sheets of 9-pocket Ultra Pros since I’m should put my holiday time to good use. I’m thinking of putting investigator related cards into sheets and then using the core-set box for events / scenario cards. Funny enough I don’t actually have a binder for these sheets yet since I’m waffling between Office Depot grade or something fancy and over priced.


I ended 2018 and began 2019 doing the same thing–playing through a campaign of The Forgotten Age! :smile:

We played through the first half of Heart of the Elders yesterday, then finished up today and I’m proud to say we won! We needed all of the knowledge from our first failed playthrough though. This campaign is definitely harder than the previous ones. I played Finn Edwards and made lots of use of his free evade to keep enemies at bay. I was also much better at getting clues than expected (thanks to the ally combo of Dr. Milan Christopher and Lola Santiago). A shotgun-wielding Zoey Samaras and Dark Horse/Key of Ys Duke (and his sidekick Ashcan Pete) rounded out the group.

Next challenge: a marathon of Return to Dunwich Legacy. :squid: