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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


The Silver Twilight thing always seemed like the crappiest element of the original Arkham… not sure why it has such a hold on Fantasy Flight, it turns up everywhere!


A couple of very satisfying play throughs of The Pallid Mask and Black Stars Rise last night in my 2P Akachi and Mark Harrigan campaign. This is my “stumble around in the dark” campaign; Harrigan started with the FFG starter deck and Akachi is the main clue-getter, to give you an idea of how non-optimal it is. We’re playing on easy to compensate, and it made for a couple of extremely tense scenarios that we won just under the wire.

Non-specific spoilers follow: I was down to needing to succeed on two investigations for the last two actions (would have lost on doom at the next mythos phase). I was using Rite of Seeking, which was nerve-wracking given that drawing any of the non-numeric tokens other than the Elder Sign would have meant that I had to end my turn immediately and wouldn’t get to do the second one. I succeeded on both and there was much rejoicing!

Very keen to play Dim Carcosa next! I’ve played through once with my (much more competent) 3P campaign, but given how much bumbling we’ve done so far with the 2P campaign, I’m sure it will be a very exciting and agonizing scenario.

I have a preliminary Sefina deck for The Forgotten Age. Will probably run her through Return to Night of the Zealot when I’m done with my 2P campaign so I don’t have to swap a bunch of Mystic cards in and out.


I still think they’re saving the big guns for when the fatigue sets in. I guess this will probably be their last cycle where they can coast on theme before sales drop off. Surprised they went for something so pedestrian next, but looking forward to it. Don’t really want an Eldritch Horror with every campaign in a different country.


Of course, I say that then they drop The Witch House as the first Mythos pack! Of! Brown Jenkin!


At long, long last, I have finally finished Night of the Zealot.

RIP Lita. Maybe you shouldn’t poke old ones with a stick and the come running to running to Rolly to bail you out. Also I probably would have finished earlier tonight if I didn’t spend a frustrating hour looking for the Masked Hunter card which I forgot was in the Agenda section. Doh.


I finished my 2P Akachi and Mark Harrigan campaign of Path to Carcosa a couple of weeks ago. Due to some really crappy treacheries at the start of the game, we lost the scenario and the campaign. Carcosa merged with our world and Hastur rules over everything. Oops.

I did a solo play through of Return to Night of the Zealot with my Sefina deck and wasn’t that happy with it. She seemed slow to get up to speed. Then I played through a campaign of Dunwich Legacy two-handed solo with a Sefina and Minh Thi Phan deck and that was more fun. And since I’m building Sefina to play in a 4P campaign, it makes more sense to play her multi-player for testing.

That said, I’m mostly convinced that she is going to die in The Forgotten Age, so I should also have a back up deck ready. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to make a Finn Edwards deck and test with Path to Carcosa. We’re going to have two guardians, so I think I’ll pair him with Zoey.

Sefina is so much fun, though. I’m seriously spoiled by that starting 13 card draw now.


Yeah I am a big fan of “Funky Cold” Sefina. Lots of fun.


Sefina “Andromeda” Rousseau. :grin: I love her back story too, as well as the idea that her magic comes from her painting.


I inadvertantly put this in the older dead AH thread. Here goes:

We finished Carcosa (Daisy and Jenny) with a victory!

Instead of plunging into buying the next cycle, we decided to take a break for a couple of weeks and run through the first three campaigns again, this time with different investigators and decisions.

Dawn went with a mystic, Jim Culver, and built him to find clues. I went with William Yorick to tank.

Weird, yes. We got our butts handed to us first time out, learning the new classes. Rebuilt, tried again, did better. But we (barely) won NIght of the Zealot. Big difference is we didn’t throw Lita to the monster this time.

Stuck with those two for Carcosa. We’ve done 1B, then 1A, which is opposite from before. In the club, I decided to cheat. “What’s the worst that can happen?” I said.

So, don’t ask that in this game. Yikes!

Dawn finally listened to me and put Shriveling in her deck, and no more dying!

As we continue, we will be trying to make different choices, just for the story. We’ve still got our campaign log from last time, so that’ll be easier.

Found these in my granddaughters’ toy box. Which should we use as Yorick going forward?


Oh god, taken my pimping of Arkham too far now… Photos to follow


A local game store by me hosted the invocation event yesterday and only one other person showed up. This was fine because we both got to play the gen con scenario but he had brought LEGO mini figures for each investigator and even some creatures and it was my favorite thing I’ve seen someone do as an upgrade for arkham.

(I built a Mark Harrigan deck and didn’t account for being dinged in sanity and I died way earlier than I should have)


It looks like the Invocation events are suffering this year from only releasing one of the double bill scenarios. Seems a bit pointless getting a ‘free’ scenario early when you have you buy again at retail to get the other one. Massive shame.


Yeah I’m lucky enough to get to have played them both but they were in the opposite order. Honestly they work fine on their own so I’m not too upset but it was a bit disorganized. The scenarios run a little longer, it feels, so I’m assuming a lot of it had more to do with what it would be like to schedule both. Eh. Hindsight I guess. For me I just want more events to get players together that wouldn’t otherwise have met one another.


Lego, definitely lego.


Speaking of Lego, someone on BGG did this.

He posted a couple of completed minifigs, the Daisy and Jenny were amazing.


Dear god, I wonder how much they would cost to order from LEGO?


It’s nigh impossible to order individual parts from Lego. Best bet is aftermarket at a place like Bricklink.

I had Jenny and Daisy in my cart at one point, and it was about $35 US. You have to be careful, a lot of the suppliers have minimum purchases, etc. And international shipping will eat you up. Took me about an hour or so to get no minimum US suppliers for all mine.

We switched investigators, and I realised we’d go broke trying to get all possible minifigs. We may go back to Daisy/Jenny (our favourites) after Christmas.


It’s finally arrived!

Got some colour coded card holders for the investigator cards, and a custom mat with a map of Arkham.

The mat ended up being quite expensive, but I bought it late at night when my willpower was weakest. Design from Momo Monster on Etsy, printed by Patriot Games.
There are set out places for the scenario cards, but I chose a design without player areas since that looked quite cluttered. A lot of mats I had seen looked quite busy for placing cards on top of, so really happy that this is more of a washed out design. The detail is pretty amazing. The lettering is really clear:

The card holders are held by rubber bands - without these, the bases sometimes drop out when picked up! It suggests gluing them together, but I’m a bit concerned that cards would slot in but be difficult to get out again (getting the leafs to sit at the right angles while setting would be a hassle). The band’s do a great job, so Ill be on the look out for coloured small bands to be more fitting.

(One word of caution for the card holders from Customeeple: most of these were fine, but the red and colourless stands came with leafs that were too thick to fit the bases. The red base was broken in fitting! Requested replacement, but these were exactly the same. But I realised I only need a max of 4, so I have 4 sets of functional leaves, and 6 bases (7 now, since I have an extra neutral base - could come in handy eventually?).)


Fun playmat!

I’ve been using the investigator tokens from Eldritch Horror and they’ve been working well.


lovely mat!

We use a 3x3 black mat (with stars) we built a gaming table around. You can see it here, with the pimped out tokens we got from Top Shelf Gamer.

Just has some cards laying around, getting ready for the next scenario.

clockwise order: doom, clues, horror, health, supplies. All resin, except the clues, which are metal.

I’m toying with going for coloured matte sleeves for the investigators.