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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


First day of Arkham nights 2018 down and I spent the whole time playing the new scenario “The Night’s Usurper” and they ran the Labyrinths of Lunacy epic multiplayer scenario. Had an absolute blast and met some really nice people. Matt Newman even walked up to me and the person I was playing Usurper with and signed our playmats. The only deck I used was my Yorick deck for both scenarios. I managed to die early in Labyrinths from a detail my group missed in the act card but it was fun, regardless.

I am going to branch out and try the new edition of arkham horror and some mansions of madness tomorrow but this was the most fun I’ve had playing AH:The card game.


Labyrinths of Lunacy was the highlight of SHUX for me!


So what’s the Arkham Nights experience like?

Asmodee have just announced the first ever Arkham Nights UK next month (short notice!). They’re holding it in Huddersfield, a short train journey from Manchester, so I should be able to go. I imagine it’s going to be smaller than the main event (only ~200 capacity venue), but could be interesting. Would love to finally play epic LoL, and might as well check out 3rd edition for the hotness.


I had a fantastic time. Met some other players which is huge for me since I’ve tried to get friends into the LCG with middling success. The first day I played the new scenario and did LoL and the next day I met a couple people and played a round of mansions with them followed by trying the new edition of arkham horror. It’s a totally different game than second edition I think it’s way better. Even if you go just to meet some players of one of the arkham files games it’s worth it just to have the opportunity to play with new people.


Good god, this looks interesting!



(The bots don’t think that is a sentence. It is most definitely a sentence)


I’m excited to hear how it goes down for you overseas folks! At the very least it gets you in a room with a pile of people who all want to play the game you do and reminded me what I love about the card game. It was worth the ticket price for that, but the swag was cool, too.


@Kir And according to the site they have sold out… https://www.iqgaming.co.uk/arkham-horror-2018

I thought it was going to be really expensive - a ten spot was all they were asking.

My own fault for taking my time.



Yeah, I’m not happy. Lots of people asked them when tickets would go on sale, their response was “soon, be patient”. They put tickets up unannounced and it sells out before I even see it! Blaaah :frowning: I get that it’s short notice, but they could have pre-announced when tickets would go on sale.


Well, we’ll have our own Arkham Night with Blackjack and Hookers… (Please get the reference!)


BOOOO they pulled something similar in the US but at least they actually posted the link to tickets and gave us a price. However, ours fit more people and also was a lot more expensive. $70 here and we got the same swag bag, it looks like.


Yeah, it’s a bargain for the freebies - the Mythos pack is worth 50% more than the ticket price on its own! I was expecting £20-30, I wouldn’t even be supposed if it was £40-50 (though I’d bunk at those prices). But this looks like it won’t have any panels and the like, more of a store preview event with the goodie bag. I guess the panels and flying the big guys in are what costs the big money.

Tbh, my concern with the low price and no day ticket is it’s too tempting for someone to just go on one day. For £10 I would definitely go the first day and see how I feel as to whether to go on the Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see how Sunday attendance compares to Saturday.


Agreed - I even reckon some people will just turn up for an hour or two, just for the goodie bag. I also wonder how much of this will just turn up on ebay the day after.


So we’re four scenarios into Carcosa. One of them was the first real horror so far in the game, very glad our granddaughter wasn’t around for that. (She likes to be in charge of tokens.)

Dunwich was a blast. The Express was so tense! I was Daisy, and died about 2/3 of the way through. Dawn played Jenny, and just romped the rest of the way.

We’re doing Daisy/Jenny in Carcosa. I think that combo may be unfair to the game. Once we finish Forgotten Age, we’re going to go back and run through the whole thing again, making different choices.

I’m curiously attracted to Ashcan Pete for the next go around, and Dawn is fascinated by Lola. We’ll likely play those two, but it depends on what we find in FA. The mixing and matching of investigators lends this game a surprising amount of replayability.


Just seen the announcement for the next campaign!!! Oh man!!! Think it might be my last full campaign so excited to see what they do with it.


I played an Ashcan Pete Dark Horse deck for a solo play of the Dunwich campaign and it was so much fun!!! I think everyone is fascinated by Lola, but so far I don’t think anyone (on arkhamdb) has come up with anything particularly good or unique. I’m going to be playing Sefina next as she has an interesting ability and you can make effective decks.


Sefina really interests me. I really want to find a Rogue to love. I’ve played as Jenny and it was fun and all, but felt like I was using her resources to buy my way out of playing the game. She just soars over most things when she’s properly set up. Sefina seems to have more risk/reward to her.


I have never built a Sefina deck but the person I played the new scenario with at arkham nights played her opposite to my William Yorick deck. She had many fun tricks up her sleeve and carried a majority of the scenario with me punching stuff whenever I could.


I’ll have Rex in the party (third investigator TBD) so I’m going to concentrate more on fighting and evasion.


I told Dawn this. She paused, then said, “Sounds like a challenge!”

She’s never done any sort of deckbuilding before. I’m so proud of her confidence.

Starting the Carcosa cycle, she wanted to be Jenny. I told her, go through all the binders (I have the player cards in binders, one for each class and neutral). Pick out two of every card you want.

She ended up with, I think, 38 cards. Then it was just a matter of editing, something she’s quite familiar with. Having done Dunwich as Jenny helped her, I think.

I just got access to the Mystic card Quantum Flux. Given how much I plow through my deck, this was a no-brainer. Two in every Daisy deck from now on.