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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


I was intimidated to build a deck for her so I put it off. Next time I run through the campaign I’ll give it a try!


You could take a look at some of the decks on arkhamdb.com and use those, or refer to them for inspiration.


You want 2 Shrivelling, 2 Rite of Seeking and 2 Pete Sylvestre, and want to upgrade those as a priority.

After that you need some money, but not much. Emergency Cache or Uncage the Soul to help get the expensive spells out.

You want something that can trigger her ability on demand: Painkillers or Forbidden Knowledge. Fearless to heal that horror so you can use the ability more.

Lastly you need an alternative way to fight in emergencies - Baseball Bat or Fire Axe.

From there you can just pick good cards or fill in for any deficiencies on your team. Delve to Deep for extra XP, Drawn to the Flame for more clue gathering, Arcane Initiate to get your spells out (maybe later Charisma to play him with Pete), Ward of Protection is just a good card. Holy Rosary on higher difficulties where even your base will + Pete won’t be enough to guarantee most tests. Lucky is always a great splash.

Then you just drawn and mulligan hard for a good spell in your starting hand. If playing as a pair it’s essential to coordinate so someone can fight and someone can get clues. She is very swingy - she’s the best fighter and clue gatherer on your team when she has charges on her spells, and awful when she doesn’t. She pairs well with a more consistent class like rogue that can easily manage the low-shroud locations and smaller enemies while Agnes saves her big hits for the harder stuff.

She’s surprisingly straight-forwards. Less sure how she would work solo.


I find Mystics are a real gamble solo. I’ve tried Agnes with the core set (back when I had only one core I think) and at times she worked amazingly well, at other times she was madly drawing cards trying to get a decent attack card (or whatever situation I was in). It’s an issue with most characters solo, but I found it a bit worse with Agnes.

Will need to try it again with two cores. With one core the card draw is too random for solo play. There’s no stalling for a round while someone covers your back!


Both of your replies makes me think we should start a sub thread with deck ideas or start passing back and forth Arkham DB decklists.

The only deckbuilding I’ve done is when I start a new campaign or a stand-alone and I try to build something on-the-fly. Had the most success with Yorick because his mechanic was the easiest for me to mess with. Get some weapons and things with discard abilities and start cycling cards. He was a ton of fun but I’ve invested enough in the game that I want to actually learn the ins and outs of many characters.


This weekend I’m going to try building a couple decks for standlones just to knock the rust off a bit but if anyone starts another forum or thread with decklists be sure to tag it in here so we can follow.


It just occurred to me I mixed up characters when responding to @deanlove. For whatever reason I was thinking about the actor character that comes in the Path to Carcosa expansion, Lola Hayes. I know she has specific text in some of the scenarios of that campaign and that’s why I screwed that up. I haven’t built much for Agnes outside of the first time I played with my first core set, but I think Agnes has a really cool mechanic to mess with. She was the character that really opened up the deckbuilding part of the game in my head since I could at least figure out how to use her to beat up little monsters.
I see what you mean @KIR by only having one core set it does limit your choices. Even after collecting all the mythos packs and expansions a majority of my decks are being built from the two core set cards.


Haha, yeah I have no clue where to even start with Lola…

Agnes needs two cores, sort of. She needs two Shrivelling and two Rite of Seeking but honestly just put the upgraded version and the base version in your deck, and treat them both as the base version until you upgrade. Eventually you’ll end up treating them both as the upgraded version. Unless you get seriously into optimising your decks, those spells are the only thing you really need two cores for.


Not even two Drawn to the Flame?! Agnes needs all the help she can get with clue finding.


Depends, solo is different. In two player we found rite of seeking to be far better and less risky. But you need another character who can clear low shroud locations to leave the hard ones to Agnes.


I’ve played Night of the Zealot - Pt 1 five times now in order to show new players the ropes. Maybe in a month I’ll finally get to go on to Pt 2.


My sympathies! I’m at the point where I dread showing new players now. NotZ is just so dull compared to the other campaigns!!! But it’s a necessary evil :persevere:


Lola is the bestest. I just love her craziness… plus, you get the extra story beats in Carcosa.

I finally introduced my Lovecraft loving sister to NotZ, we’re going straight from The Gathering into the Carcosa campaign. She’s Mark, I’m Minh. Decks built, now to play.


I have good news for you when you actually get to play other scenarios - the game only gets better from there. Good luck to you and report back your future endeavors.


Return to the Night of the Zealot actually makes it much, much better.


Post-Thanksgiving dinner (Canadian Thanksgiving AKA the original one) while my wife watched Escape to the Country I was finally able to make time for … Night of the Zealot Pt2!
it’d been a while since last played so I need to do some refreshing but apart from a couple smallish screws up e.g Who says you can’t Resign while engaged in combat (NOT ME), things went pretty well. However, it really highlighted that I need to rethink my card organization a bit. Right now I’m using a broken-token insert with one side dedicated to Investigators and the other for locations, treachery, enemies etc. It took about 20 minutes to just grab all the cards I needed for play.


Not only can you resign while engaged, it doesn’t even provoke an attack of opportunity! :open_mouth:


Played a 3P half-marathon of Path to Carcosa (everything up to and including Phantom of Truth) yesterday. I decided to play as a combat-heavy William Yorick for a change because my regular playing partner is usually in charge of the punching and shooting.

He is really fun to play! His super power is that he can play cards from the discard pile after defeating monsters which I kept doing with his teddy bears (Cherished Keepsakes) and guard dogs. Aquinnah 3 XP version is incredibly good for dealing with monsters that do a lot of damage.

Loving the madness theme of this cycle. This can only end badly.


Yorick was my favorite investigator to play until tonight. I built three decks in preparation for Arkham Nights this weekend. I built 19xp standalone decks for Yorick, Akachi, and Ursula.

I tried to step outside of what I’ve played in the past but I used William through my carcosa campaign and he was a fun deck to mess with so I brought him back out. His focus was easy for me grasp. Look for weapons, assets with discard abilities, throw a little money in there, and anything that you can bounce back and you have a fun cyclical deck to smash creatures with.

Akachi is the first Mystic I’ve built a deck for outside of Wendy and I slapped it together quick but she’s going to be solely if I end up as a third or fourth player. Mostly support cards, lots of stuff with charges. Excited to try playing it.

Ursula was the most fun I’ve had putting a deck together and testing. Fieldwork and pathfinder both aid in ursula’s movement specialty and I was gathering clues and getting lots of free actions from the get-go.

I played two-handed Rougarou stand-alone to test out Ursula and Yorick and I came within one turn of finishing it with multiple of the many ways that scenario can resolve and I had a blast. I don’t know how many rounds of the game I’ll play this weekend but I’m excited for more standalone scenarios in the future. This was a really fun way to build decks. Campaigns are great but there’s something about being creative and getting a deck together right away then putting it to the test. Either way, Ursula is definitely coming with me when I finally decide to crack into Forgotten Age.


Oddly enough I’m currently playing Yorick in a Carcosa campaign, played Ursula in a Dunwich campaign and am playing Akachi in my other Carcosa campaign!