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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


I suspect there would be, and even if there wasn’t, there’s enough of a Arkham Horror fan population in Vancouver that it could be arranged a few days before or after Shux, if people were in town and interested.


Played ‘A Phantom of Truth’ last week. My buddy and I have only one thing to say: Fuck Paris.

We managed to advance the agenda super quick and were terrified by the reveal of "Survive three nights while this unstoppable killing machine comes sprinting at you. SIXTEEN TURNS? What? How? We ded! I hate Paris!
Well, as it turns out, we spent three nights running in circles like headless chickens using all our cards to dodge and hinder the monsters and barely survived the last night. (Each of us had like three monsters in his face). At the end we didn’t kill a single monster os we had the organist, it that follows, the man in the pallid mask and a bunch of leathery horrors stalking us.
In conclusion:

That scenario was amazing, can’t wait to play tonight!


And we finished Carcosa:

The second to last scenario was ‘fine’

We bounced around the french coast, grabbing clues and evading monsters. But for the whole time it felt kinda like ‘buisness as usual’. Not a lot of great new ideas in this scenario. But we managed to comfortably open the path to Carcose (down below) and went to confront Hastur himself!

And the finale was backbreaking. :smiley:

Turns out, when an actress and her shaman friend go to the REALM OF MADNESS to confront the KING OF MADNESS they get utterly destroyed. We lost the last game so hard, there wasn’t even any wiggle room. Well, at least the world has a new king now,

Then we cracked open the new campaign (why are there motherf__king snakes in my motherf__king jungle?)
I grabbed Ursula, because she looks superfun to play and my buddy went with Leo to start an entourage of people to sacrifice to the jungle.
Scenario 1:

Ho boy, the preparation for the expedition left us already afraid. 14 ‘supply points’ to buy stuff and 23 supply points worth of stuff in the shop. We went with a few rations, a map, a compass, some rope and a canteen.
During the scenario we were happy, because my map and my compass helped significantly in exploring this shithole of a jungle. (so many snakes) We made friends with some natives and found the ruins we were looking for.
And then came the interlude…
Long story short we now have FIVE traumas shared between ourselves and are both poisoned. This is going to be fun. o_O


Finally finished Dunwich, so I can ask for Carcosa for Christmas.

Good god, it was good!

Note: Started on normal, but removed the - 4 and one - 3 when my copilot started getting bored when we failed at everything.


I still haven’t started The Forgotten Age but the friend who finished Carcosa with me and I played through Return to Night of the Zealot. It was fine. I don’t really have a ton of feelings about it. Originally, I had assumed they were adding a scenario or two to expand it so when it showed up and it was just some replacement cards I was a little let down but that’s my own fault for not reading closely. The box is a little big but I am in love with the dividers as I haven’t invested in the fancy boxes I’ve seen in this forum previously.

@MrJackdaw , you’re gonna love Carcosa. It is different enough from Dunwich to really remind you why you love the game.

@Eule my favorite scenario was the Pallid Mask. I love the way the map unfolds.

PS - I JUST SAW THE RETURN TO DUNWICH BOX. I just want the damn box and dividers. No shame.


I’m generally not into accessories or component upgrades (I intentionally buy versions of games that don’t have wooden resources, etc.) but I really like the look of these boxes and dividers, and the extra content is nice.

I’m stalled in my Carcosa campaign (just completed Echoes of the Past) due to various RL things, but I’m going to start a new Dunwich campaign this weekend with Ursula Downs, Jim Culver and Jenny Barnes. I really enjoy the 3P/4P game.


I can’t recommend coin capsules highly enough! It really feels a lot more pleasing and jumble up much faster.

I think I might get the return to box just for the standalone scenarios and Night of the Zealot. I think my box can hold 4 full cycles, but the standalones really get in the way!

(Go on, start the slippery slope!)

PS Anyone with the first Return to box: do the extra cards complicate set up? It seems like it’s going to be a lot more fiddly with bits in one version but not used in the other. Don’t want to over complicate things.


I didn’t have a problem with it; just follow the instructions step by step. If you want to switch back and forth between the two versions it might take a little time, but if you decide you only want to do the expanded version, then you’d probably only do the set up once.


I second this - it doesn’t really over complicate things.

This is my Return to box. I outfitted it with foamcore as I found it a little oversized. It holds all of Zealot, Dunwich and side quests.


I played a 3P marathon of the entire Dunwich Legacy campaign yesterday. Big props to my friend who hosted, fed us, and battled through debilitating allergies and a horrific bout of hours-long hiccups to save the world!

I played Ursula Downs, the extremely mobile clue gatherer. She had pretty much no way to fight at all (although an impressive ability to evade monsters), leaving the fighting to Jenny Barnes and her guns, and Jim Culver, who was fairly balanced between investigation and fighting.

We used an app instead of a token bag. I generally prefer not to do this when it means not doing fun things like rolling dice or drawing tokens out of a bag, but it really saved time and provided more randomness.

Seekers are my favorite class, but Survivors are fun too just because they’re so wacky. I had so much fun with my Ashcan Pete Dark Horse deck. I want to try Yorick next just because he seems like he’d require a very different approach to deck construction. A friend printed out a set of the core set player cards for me so I can proxy whenever I need that second copy of a card, so no limitations anymore on building decks.

We had the full range of highs and lows in our campaign, with situations that were seemingly under control going south rapidly, and many narrow escapes where it seemed at least one of us would be defeated for sure.

Perhaps we can do a Carcosa campaign marathon (in a few months)!


Did you feel burn out at all?! That’s a lot of Arkham.


Nope! My poor friend with allergies was fighting to keep going at the end (it was also pretty late for him) but his stubbornness carried him through.

I’m actually looking at building a deck for William Yorick today so definitely not burnt out! :skull:


Just found out that I have been playing the whole game wrong!

E. G. As Ashcan I used Duke and the baseball bat at the same time… In my defence it made sense thematically.


Oh yeah, that’s a pretty pervasive thing! And also makes certain scenarios like Where Doom Awaits awful for many investigators


I can not imagine sitting down and playing 8 scenarios in a row but it does sound like fun on paper. Yorick was the character I played through Carcosa with and I loved building his deck. I’m not super great at deckbuilding but his card cycling is a lot of fun to play around with and was really easy for me to get my head around what would be effective cards when it came time to upgrade.

Also coin capsules were a fantastic investment for me. Can not recommend them enough for people upgrading their game. I also bought the FFG tentacles bag for my chaos bag but it has turned out to be really crappy quality. A little hole developed in the bottom after only a few uses. I stitched that up real quick but now the fake velvet stuff on the outside has started to flake off.


We went from noon to around 10:30 PM, but we stopped twice for lunch and dinner breaks. I think that’s pretty good time for a 3P game, about the same length as the 6P TI4 games I’ve played. :laughing:

I haven’t had any wear on my tokens so far. I do use a Mike Wazowski mug instead of a bag!



Hey Arkham LCG pals! I realize many of you (possibly all of you) are far away but I splurged and got myself an Akrham Nights ticket! It’ll be my first real gaming event, which is weird considering how long I’ve been interested and invested in the hobby. I’m flying solo but if anyone else on the board is going I’d love to meet up with you and play a scenario or two! It’s a shot in the dark but I hope to see some of you there.


“Oooo!” Thinks I, sounds interesting!"

Goes to website, hears what’s happening…

“I have to go!”

Looks at address…

“Ah, bugger”

Welp, it’d cost me far too much to get there. Enjoy though! And… Write a report - I’ll live vicariously if it’s all I can get! :smiley:


I will be reporting all I can. If I could send you all the swag bag I would, hahahaha. It blows my mind that something as prominent as FFG is located near me in the American Midwest but for once that works to my advantage!


Just going to pass on a hint someone passed on to me - if you’re playing Carcosa, have someone play as Agnes Baker. It’s not guaranteed but actually resulted in one of the coolest interactions I’ve seen in a board game.